What Non-weight Compliments are you receiving?


Last night this hermit went to a party. This is week 7 for me.

Nobody commented on my weight, which is what I thought I would get. Instead I got: What conditioner do you use, your hair is so shiny. Your skin looks amazing (I have had acne since I was a fetus).

My close friend she she was proud that I grew up and got some adult fingernails (instead of chewed cuticles and nails.) I told her they’re too hard to chew now.

And someone told me my eyes look so bright and healthy.

Well, darn it, I was humbly elated. I guess I didn’t notice those other things because all I was thinking about was the shape of my body.

Anyway, what non-weight compliments have you guys received?


I have been told I look much younger than I did a year ago

(Jay Patten) #3

I have grown out my hair and beard and people at work have really taken note. I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments. Also, the nurse at my doctors office about s*$t herself when my cholesterol came back at a total of 160 & triglycerides at 81.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

That I am starting to look great, my hair and nails are growing really well, that I have a glow, that they can 'definitely see that I’ve been in the gym"

My partner is quite openly proud of me and compliments me daily, which makes me realise that when he wasn’t doing that, he wasn’t very attracted to me, lol, glad i’ve turned that around!

(Carolyn aka stokies) #5

I have been guessed my age is 27 (spoiler: I’m 42)… Healthier hair. My ability to sustain focus even longer than previously (at work and school). I notice I am tolerating new materials in diffcult subjects better than I thought, per my peers in my cohort…

Someone really liked my ‘dress’ which was actually a larger sized shirt that falls so long now they thought it a dress LOL…

(Mike W.) #6

None. No one even noticed (said anything) when I lost almost 30# in 5 months.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #7


(Carl Keller) #8

Last week, a buddy said I’ve been so nice to everyone lately… but he liked me better when I was an asshole. So… I’ve been trying to be more of an asshole toward him this week.

A few nights ago, he was texting back and forth with his wife and laid his phone on the coffee table and went to the bathroom. So I picked it up and typed “Hon, I think I am gay.” :stuck_out_tongue:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #9

Yeah, that should do it :slight_smile:

(Troy) #10

This basically!

And The occasional back-handed compliment

Weight related I guess …but Like “ you must shop in the boys clothing section now “:roll_eyes:

Or…” look at those veins on ur arms that’s gross looking”:rage:

See…the NSV “I see VEINS people” thread

(Carl Keller) #11

If you gain 50 pounds nobody blinks an eye. If you tell them you are doing keto… they freak out.

(Mike W.) #12

No Joke! “You’ll be killing yourself! That’s not healthy!”

(Alex ) #13

I dont get many, but I havent really seen anyone to be honest of late! been a hermit…

A few people have mentioned my positivity over the last couple of weeks and how I seem to be in a much better place and much more confident in stature. Family are saying a lot of things about my being less snappy too, which I put down to abstaining from alcohol in all honesty (as well as me being happier in general about my weight loss from doing keto)

I’ve been relying on a lot of support this year from the online community (ironically more so than my actual real physical friends?!) primarily due to distance, i get a lot of nice comments from that pool of people about me being positive!

(John) #14

No comments from anyone really, other than my wife who is quite aware of what I am doing, and she is just generally supportive and says I am doing great and that she is proud of me.

Even though I have lost a decent amount, numerically, I’m really just down to what I weighed a few years ago so nothing dramatic visually. Another 40 pounds or so and people will probably notice, but otherwise I am still in the range people are used to.

(Pan Dulce) #15

This! I’m thankful for Internet friends, especially when it comes to life changes that “real physical friends” might not be able to grok right away. Some of my oldest friendships are online. (Yep, I realize this reply is a little off topic from the original post, sorry!)

(Alex ) #16

Completely agree @pandulce , I would have been lost, and not learned any of the basics these last few years were it not for people I’ve befriended online, i always try to make an effort to say thanks as well and share the love a bit when due!

(Short224) #17

I am in the same boat 30 pounds not a single person has said a darn thing it’s super frustrating to me .

(Mike W.) #18

Maybe there is such a stigma around mentioning someone’s weight, good or bad, that no one says anything.

(Daisy) #19

The first few weeks I got a lot of compliments on my hair. Otherwise nothing. But I compliment myself every day now because I can go longer than 2 hours without eating and ripping people’s heads off from being hangry. So maybe no one has a chance to compliment me because I’m too busy complimenting myself. :joy::joy:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #20

Yes, this is just bizarre.

Hermitism is truly awesome. #internetFTW!

Not ironic, really - this is a self-selecting group. Also, friendship isn’t about “in-person” it’s about minds.

And FWIW, I compliment my wife every day on how well she’s doing in terms of body comp. Down 14kg since the start of August, by next week she will probably be under 80kg for the first time in over a decade. Damn good for a 42yo woman.