What Non-weight Compliments are you receiving?

(Carl Keller) #21

I think that when carb eaters hear the word keto, it’s a threat to their WOE because they can’t imagine life without pizza, bread, nachos etc, so they try to discredit the keto WOE by saying it’s not healthy or it’s dangerous. 96% of the time, they are not interested in understanding the science behind keto, because they simply don’t want to change.

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TBF, a lot of people here don’t either. It’s not easy, and it takes time to get your head around even if you really want to.

(John) #23

This may have some merit. Sometimes significant weight loss in a short period is due to an illness (like cancer) and people don’t want to bring it up. Also, in modern corporate America, if you say anything to someone else about their appearance (especially if they are of a different gender) it can be considered harassment of some sort, so people have also learned to avoid what used to be considered common pleasantries because they may or may not offend some people.

(Manda) #24

You do look very young!

(Manda) #25

No one has said anything to me because I’ve not seen anyone lol. You’re not alone in the hermiting. But I see my skin smoother and clearer. It’s not blotchy and blue anymore either.

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #26

Guys are coming up to me in the gym to tell me how jacked I’m getting. I still look small in the mirror haha.


I’ve been told I have more life spirit.

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(Mike W.) #29

“What’s your secret, man? Where can I score some?” :joy:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #30

NW things:
I have been told I look decades younger than my age.

My hairdresser gushes over me every time I am there, she is so thankful I told her about lchf and IFing. She and her husband have lost weight and feel years younger.

I was giving encouragement to someone at the fitness center recently and someone cut in and said, “What can you possibly know about how to lose weight, you don’t have a weight problem.”

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Not a very bright person, clearly, but take it :slight_smile:

(Bunny) #32

My NSV’s are my skin in a strange kind of way; peeps wonder what I’m putting on my skin? I don’t put anything on my skin (bone broth?)!

It’s my “low sugar diet*,” I never introduce myself at first as keto…lol

*Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are proteins or lipids that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugars!


@Short224 For what it’s worth, this ^ is true for me. I have never ever commented on someone’s weight just because it seems rude. I might say something about how they look good but not as some kind of code for size.

(Jennibc) #34

Twice in the past month I’ve been mistaken for at least 10 years younger than I am - a woman I was chatting with on a plane with a couple of weeks ago, told me she was pretty sure she was old enough to be my mother. I asked her how old she was and she said, 62 and I let her know she would have needed to birth me at 10. She was stunned. Considering when I was 40 people were asking me if I were my 5 year old son’s grandmother, this is quite the shift.

I have gotten multiple compliments on my hair. For instance, usually I have it in a ponytail on my jog but today since it was freezing I didn’t. As I jogged by another woman stopped me and said, “That is some head of hair you’ve got!” All sorts of people recently have been asking what I am doing. I do absolutely nothing other than wash, condition and dry. I don’t even color.

(Jennibc) #35

Do you have a lot left to go? It’s amazing to me that when we are large, people just see us as ‘large’ and a change doesn’t register until we have lost a substantial amount of weight. I had been slowing taking off over the years and I’d taken off about 70 pounds when a neighbor pulled up along side me and rolled down her window as I was doing my daily jog, “Looks like you are losing some weight!” I replied, “Yep, really slowly for about the last six years.” But seriously, it took 70 pounds for someone to notice a change. My really close friends knew I’d been dropping but it wasn’t until about that 70 pound mark that I was getting compliments about it, things like “wow, you look amazing!” even though I had about 50 until I reached my goal and about 40 until I was in acceptable BMI territory again.

(Mike W.) #36

About 50 lbs according to BMI.

(Irian) #37

I still do wish that back in high school we hadn’t complimented a fellow student quite so much after she came back from the summer holidays having lost a significant amount of weight … that was a serious eating disorder she nearly killed herself - she was hospitalized before Christmas the same year and took many years to recover.
So I am still cautious with the compliments and more curious as to how people have been doing it … once I have a sense it’s not a starvation thing, I am more than happy to compliment people :slight_smile:

(Scarlett Hyde) #38

I’ve been told that my hair looks a lot more healthier and shinier. My hair was always a tangled mess, you would leave it alone for 20min max and all the strands of hair would tangle together, my poor mother was exhausted of brushing again and again, I had very dry hair, I think that was the problem. Also I had a sh*t load of dandruff which I completely forgot about until my mum suddenly turned to me and goes, “Hey, you don’t have dandruff anymore, and an itchy scalp, you used to have that before keto didn’t you?” I completely forgot about that.