What is the longest fast that you've completed?

(ds) #101

6 days. It was interesting. And boring. Kidding.

(KCKO, KCFO) #102

Dr Seyfried say that has to be a water only fast. It is supposed to be a cancer preventative. Water only isn’t a fun fast.

I am working my way upwards to a week fast. So far my longest is 86.5 hrs. Starting another one after 3 days of feasting/eating. I hope to go beyond that 86.5 hrs. but it is a holiday and life can happen. I want to skip the broth this time if possible. I have cut back on it each time I have fasted. Coffee with coconut oil seems to be my biggest friend. Green tea helps as well

(Andrea E.) #103

I just came off a 46 1/2 hour fast. I had a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil and some water. Would really love to do a 7 day water only fast.

(Nathanael Schulte) #104

I’ve done 5 days, water only and quite a few of 7 or more days of just coffee & heavy cream, and those feel almost the same. I would generally drop 10lbs during those fasts

As for the long term fasts, I’m sure we’ve all heard of the guy who went 382 days with no issues. I also remember reading this book, written around 1900 by a doctor who used fasting for all sorts of things, including weight loss. He detailed several folks who just fasted til the weight was gone, whether that was 30, 60 or 100 days. You can get this book for free: it’s in the public domain.



Completed a 5 Day Fast previously, and more recently, completed my first 10 Day Fast (black coffee, water, decaf green tea only). Other than the Day 2 into a bit of Day 3 hunger waiting for the ghrelin production to subside, it was pretty smooth sailing. Goal was to get my GKI into the cancer-fighting range of sub 1.0, which I was able to do during both durations, and certainly for a longer stretch during the 10 Day. If I can figure out how to export my GKI graph from Headsuphealth, I’ll try to post that as well.


Water triggered hunger for me when I first started with IF. Only lasted a week. No problem now.

(Sonia A.) #107

My longest fast was 13 days. It was water only, without salt, because I didn’t know then how much better I’d feel with added salt. But it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health (healing T2D). It was before keto. After I’m fat adapted, I’ll probably do another extended fast. It’ll be easier.


Anyone here read Eat, Stop, Eat by Brad Pilon? I’ve heard about this book on several occasions but for some reason it seems to be very difficult to purchase online. Seems bizarre to me, unless it’s one of those boycott Amazon things?


I read it a few years ago. I didn’t have any problem purchasing it from his website. Was $10 and I see it is currently $10.

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I’ll dust off my digital archive and see if I can find a copy to send you. I don’t think Brad would really care. Bought it way back in 2008/2009 though so I dunno if I’ll actually still have backups from then.

(Carpe salata!) #111

I checked his site online - bradpilon.com

Looks interesting, but he seems to be in the ‘a calorie is a calorie’ camp rather than the ketogenic diet as we know it.

(Blaine Bilocerkowec) #112

My longest water fast with electrolytes is 133 hours, my longest dry fast is 60 hours so far. My Queen and myself are in the home stretch of 72 days of 72 hour fasts with the goal of losing 72 lbs. Bout a week to go. Might try to run out a 7 day wet fast to finish off.

(Zu) #113

I have done a 30 day fast, a 28 day fast, dozens of 3-10 days fasts both wet and dry, I have just finished a 14 day fast and 6 years of intermittent fasting every other day. I have broken my fasts on all sorts of things. Tiny drops of salt or lemon over long periods of time works best. Cucumbers are a good low carb first food option. and avocado is a nice way to get back into fats as well as turmeric bulletproofs


So that was a while ago, I just saw this post. :slight_smile: How did that 7 day fast go?

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Since my original reply in this thread I have done a couple of 4.5 day fasts. That seems to be my limit. I am at goal weight and I am doing them for HGH and autophagy, not weight loss, but to help maintain what I have lost.

(Charndra Pile) #116

I’ve done a 7 day fast. It wasn’t a strict water fast - I ate a small amount most days (like tasting food for dinner etc), so perhaps a Very Very low calorie fast, less than the 50 calories said to break a fast.

What happened? I reset some of my hormones. For the ladies in your mid forties who are experiencing long periods - my 18 month long period ended a couple of days after that fast, and have now re-set to normal. From one or two days off a month to panicking that I was pregnant!

My gynaecologist was really interested. I’d been waiting for an appointment since April, even had it moved forward from end of October to the end of July after a visit to Emergency I was losing so much blood (my blood level was 3, is now at 105).

Very thrilled.

My insulin resistance? Still a frigging disaster. I’m joining the Human Carnivore Trial for the low insulin, utter simplicity of a traditional high fat diet. I did this in January, and a lot generally due to my incessant loss of iron, but need MORE to combat this insulin resistance. I understand a two week fast would really help, but that is my next psychological barrier (as the week long fast was!)

As I enjoy participating in science (pretty much), I’m using this as another chance to re-set those hormones. I know it worked for some, I know it can work for the rest, especially as I’ll be intermittent fasting (as usual) and feasting / fasting cycling in there as well.

Happy Fasting, everyone!

(Charndra Pile) #117

Hi Bettyvee,
YES! When I am really out of sorts hunger-signal-wise (You know what I mean!) ANYTHING passing my lips triggers my insulin.

On those days, I dry fast until 16-18 hours when my insulin does a big drop, and that seems to do the trick. I’ll then drink some water, salt and ACV and do the same the next day. Then, I am past that horrible ‘peck, peck, peck’ feeling.

Technically a soft-dry fast, as I still shower and wash hands and teeth as needed.

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What is turmeric BPC? (I know what BPC is)

Alternate Day Fasting turned ZC...back to fasting
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Hi, I’m new here - joined primarily to see how people are breaking their extended fasts while still staying in ketosis.

I’m on day 46 of a Fung style modified fast. ( A little heavy cream in coffee once a day and a couple of cups bullion with added Himalayan salt). I also take my regular supplements which include a high quality whole food multi-vitamin, Coq10, Fish oil, and magnesium. Also take an electrolyte supplement and phosphorous drops a couple of times a week. Current plan is to go to day 80 (providing I continue to feel well) and then reassess.

I started out already in ketosis and with about 70 pounds of excess fat. Starting weight was 194 lbs. height 5’5" with a small frame. Current weight is 166 lbs., so I still have a good 40-45 lbs of fat reserves on board.

I’d love to hear how others have done with fast of 4 weeks or more. . .

Here’s to ketosis, fasting and better health!

(Zu) #120

Lol sorry I meant turmeric latte,
Turmeric, cinnamon, butter, coconut oil, optional sweeter cream or milk… Hot water.

My mistake but it’s sooo good! And extremely healthy