What is the longest fast that you've completed?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #61

A theory on this is that if your water consumption is making your stomach expand, that could cause a rise in insulin, and push down glucose. Given you’re on day 37, you may be fat-adapted, but the time required varies, and can be longer for some folks, so you might not be fully there.

So assuming both insulin rise, and lack of full fat-adaptation, it would not surprise me for hunger to increase.


Interesting…thanks for the insight! I’ll try smaller sips of water instead of chugging a litre at a time :joy:


I’m going to start a 7 day fast. Starting tonight. Water, coffee, tea…and nothing added. Here I go…!!!

(Samuel) #64

How much water would you be having daily? Also going to try a 7 Day fast starting this Sunday, atm having about 3 ltrs daily. :+1:

(chris.coote) #65

100 hour. Planned to break at that point for 3hr of holiday driving :stuck_out_tongue:

(David Richardson) #66

I’ve been doing Keto about 8 months. I started fasting at about 2 months in with a 24hr fast at least once a month for about 3 months. After getting used to that now I do a 5 day water fast once a month and at least one 24hr fast as well. The longest water fast I’ve ever done is 8 days and I broke the fast with steak. :blush::blush:


I don’t measure volume of water I’m drinking. I just drink lots of glasses all day long.

(Patty W) #68

I’m on day 7 of my 1st fast right now. Once this week I added 1 T. MCT to some green tea; & another time I used 2 T total heavy cream for 3 cups of black tea. It probably satiated hunger a little, & it did seem than my blood ketones were higher at next measurement; did not raise my BG or slow weight loss. However, if I did that multiple times or daily, it might be a different story.

(Reenie) #69

Im on my first 24 hr fast. I daily practice 18:6 and find this works for me most days. It really is mind over matter I think because I felt a bit panicked when my stomach growled. I was actually thinking of not going through with it and eating something. Instead I hopped on my treadmill and walked till I had my 10000 steps. I just finished reading Jason Fung/Jimmy Moores book on fasting which gave me the confidence to continue. I was one of those people who seriously believed fasting was dangerous! Sheesh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(gmoehlenhoff) #70

102 hours in. Riding this wave, where it takes me

(Adam L) #71

Easing into extended fasting just finished my longest - 34 hours, not long I know but at the end of it I had blood glucose of 4.3mmol/L (80mg/dl) which equals the lowest reading I have ever had as a T2D for over 5 years. Ketones also measured 4.3 which is almost double my previous highest ever measurement - I am stoked! Doing this length of fast after 12 days of zero carb has turned out absolutely awesome.

Carnivore/Zero Carb January 2017!
(Jeff Ryan) #72

When you guys fast, what work do you guys do?

I’m a personal trainer and I’m pretty active with my clients. My longest fast was only one day then I wouldn’t think I would go well afterwards with all the physical things I do with clients.

(Alex Dipego) #73

The leaner you are the shorter your fasts will be purely do to activity and low access to BF.

(Jeff Ryan) #74

Make sense. Ever since I lost a heap of weight my fast gotten shorter.

(Dean) #75

how did it turn out for you? made it 46 hours yesterday but had to end it, i got to light headed and jittery. next time i will cut down on coffee on day 2

(bambiying2) #76

It worked out well. I went from Monday night until lunch on Saturday. The only thing I took other than water the whole time was one magnesium and one potassium tablet on Tuesday night. Otherwise, just water. I never felt shaky or got a headache. My only problem was that I thought about eating the whole time. I really wanted to eat…I wasn’t hungry…I just wanted food.

(Dean) #77

thats awesome


I didn’t know that, that gives perspective to his recommendations around fasting.

(Jeff Ryan) #79

So coffee as well makes you jittery. I find I can fast alot smoother without coffee.

Here is an article saying caffeine can boost your metabolism depending on body fat percentage.

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #80

Anyone tried Criu Bru instead of Coffee?