What is going on with fluid draining out of my body?

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #41

I’m glad to know that you have sorted out what the problem was. I had much more dire things in mind, and am very glad to know none of them were true. :+1:

(Omar) #42

You have been great

I will come back in few days to this thread

(Omar) #43

You always come to the rescue.

I benefit from reading your posts. Some times I reply some times I don’t. I am sure there are many members who may not reply and there are so many visitors who benefit as well.

Do not underestimate the added value you are contributing.


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You are most welcome, and I hope you are feeling right as rain in no time.


What does your Dr say?

(Omar) #46

The first doctor I visited 2 months ago said keep an eye on vitamin D

The second doctor I visited 2 days ago said it has nothing to do with diet. He think I am stressed.

(Allie) #47

Doctors most often say this because they have no training or understanding of how diet affects literally everything.

(Edith) #48

How are you feeling?

(Omar) #49

never felt better after quitting dairy and other calcium and vitamin D rich foods.

Muscle pain/joint pain gone
feeling tired all the time is gone
feeling very sleepy after eating gone
frequent thirst and urination is gone. This was terrible not type II frequency.
blurry vision is gone
mode swing is gone
less hungry now

This vitamin D toxicity is a serious business.

Doctors tell me that blurry vision is because of being type II. I explained that my BG is low and my a1c is 4.9 but they insist that my blurry vision is because of being type II

Thanks for asking

(Omar) #50

Why I insisted on staying on High calcium rich food?
I was for too long on consuming two of the highest calcium rich foods almonds and dairy (cheese, and aged yoghurt). They are convenient being single and traveling frequently. I can stuff such food in my backpack

Why I insisted on elevating my vitamin D?
Media. Medical news and youtubers. Which is good for people with low vitamin D. But I did not know that high is toxic. and I never monitored it. One doctor told me to be carful, but I ignored him as I usually do.:grinning:

Why it took me too long to find that vitamin D can be toxic?
I don’t know :grinning:

(Edith) #51

I am glad to hear you are feeling so much better! I am wondering: do you think you might also have an intolerance or allergy to dairy, and that may have been contributing to some of your symptoms?

(Omar) #52


I thought about that and I am not eliminating that possibility.

I am talking possibilities are high when both calcium and vitamin D are on high limit, and symptoms are text book copy of hypercalcemia

Also we had no other food when I was child except goat/camel milk. But todays dairy are processed in a factory and many additives added. Dairy that contain a2 casein protean which goat and camels don’t have. So it is possible that dairy is the culprit and not hypercalcemia .

(Omar) #53

Few days back I consumed 5 full spoons of Tahina (grounded sesme).

All symptoms came back.

When I checked the calcium contents of tahina I found it higher than dairy and higher than almonds.

So I immediately stoped it and within a day all symptoms went away 80% and within 2 days all symptoms completely gone.

I am still not eliminating a bad parathyroid or dairy intolerance but at least It is clear that food with high calcium contents must be avoided which may not be the root cause but a supporting cause.

I will address the parathyroid in few months to avoid issue with my medical insurance.

(Robin) #54

Good job on studying your body’s response and reaction.

(Omar) #55

Thank you Robin

I am not usually good at finding the cause of health issues. I hope I am right this time and I feel like I got it right.

(Jane) #56

You can get your vitamin D levels tested as long as you can convince a doctor to order it. Or just cut back and see your symptoms go away. Glad you got some relief!

(Omar) #57

The local labs will sell any test without a physician description.

But the insurance will not pay.


Vit D3 may be preferential in maintaining immune system health, especially in northern hemisphere countries with limited yearly sunlight- so supplements may be beneficial, even advised during those winter periods. Same for southern hemisphere, yet diiferent times of year.

I certainly take them. But I only take the minimum dose, and trust the sun and the body to look after the rest. Thanks for reminding me to stop taking them now it’s summer…not that I see much summer weather over here yet.

(Jane) #59

No, insurance won’t cover it.

My doc orders it if I ask and at least I get the negotiated discount through my insurance company which is considerably cheaper than ordering myself. $75 in the US and I think I pay $20-$30 when going through my insurance even though they don’t cover it.

Not sure what country you live in, so YMMV

(Omar) #60

Here in Saudi Arabia, I can get medical service for free from the government and I can get it also free by the insurance with limited frequency. My son business insurance covers him and his parents,

But I start to develop phobia from hospital crowds and waiting time.

A friend of mine has a lab and he offered to run vitamin D and calcium for free and without a prescription but his lab is 3.5 hours driving one way. But any lab here will test without prescription if they get the money.

As long as I feel fine, I try to avoid hospitals and just enjoy my time and hobbies.