What is going on with fluid draining out of my body?

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Good day

Few weeks back I posted a topic about being extremely thirsty and extreme frequency going to bathroom. I felt confused so I asked the moderator to delete the thread until I can describe the situation better.

This extreme fluid draining off my body started about 8 months ago, and kept getting worse ever then.

At the time my diet was mainly meat, eggs and cheese. I think much more protein than fat.

So I switched diet last week to nuts (mainly almond) table spoon of goat ghee and tea spoon (7 grams) of honey. Twice a day. Obviously this is not a sustainable diet, but I was willing to do anything to stop this draining of fluids. Whenever I feel hungry I just eat almonds.

When I switched to the above temporary diet, the issue almost reduced by 90%.

So while I am not 100% confident (Because every time I feel confident about my health my body prove me wrong) but I think the more protein(and maybe salt) I take, the worse this issue gets .

This was not happening in the past so I am not sure if my kidneys getting less capable or what?


What happens to ingested saturated fat for non keto folks?
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Is your urine sweet? If so, get to the doctor.

According to the American Diabetes Association, these are the common symptoms of diabetes, Type I:

  • Urinating often
  • Feeling very thirsty
  • Feeling very hungry—even though you are eating
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal
  • Weight loss—even though you are eating more (type 1)

Type I used to be called “juvenile onset diabetes,” because it is seen most often in children. However, it is possible to develop the disease at any age. Unlike Type II, which is a problem of metabolic disregulation, Type I is an autoimmune disease.

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Thank you Paul for the reply

All the above symptoms are accurate

I think I have been too hard on eliminating carbs, that is why my a1c is 4.9

Actually when I start eating 3 dates or tea spoon of honey twice a day , my blood sugar goes to no more tghan130, and drop back quickly to 100/110. So I am not sure how different is that from normal people.

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I hope you find some answers here. I appreciate that you waited until you could define the issue over time. Has to be frustrating!

I have no answers, but trust you’ll find some good information here.

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As @PaulL notes, Type I onset is possible at any age. Some believe it is a result of certain viral infections, which may provide a clue in your situation.

In any event, the inability to produce insulin (Type I), as opposed to developing an insulin resistance (Type II) is an important distinction with vastly different treatment regimens. Regardless, I do not believe that eating carbs - especially raw sweets, like honey - is helpful regardless of whether it’s Type I or Type II.

Your body doesn’t need sweets/carbs, and pressing on an insulin disregulation concern sounds rather unwise - especially until you get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes and please do keep us posted. :vulcan_salute:

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I don’t know what causes this, but I have it too.

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Are you type II

What is your morning BG reading?

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@Alpha have you actually seen a doctor about this as was suggested in the other thread before it was removed?

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yes and no

About two months ago I had some lab tests done, the issue at that time was still there but not as severe as the last few weeks. All lab tests were ok. a1c was 4.9. HDL was very low. liver and kidney functions were ok.

I lost faith in doctors, they open the parachute after patients hit the ground.

But I will see a doctor as soon as possible.

Thanks for following this topic.

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Please keep us in the loop. Let us know what the docs say!

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I sure will

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I found this to be very interesting

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To keep you informed, I got blood work done yesterday. The doctor suspects the prostate. I did not want to interfere with his line of thinking. Anyway he asked for test for prostate cancer. It takes 21 days for the result.

I also had ultrasound for the prostate and the kidneys, the lab doctor said he cant see any anomality.

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Yay for tests! That’s. Long wait for results, but glad you’ll get some insight.

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See if you can search for posts by @Just_Juju. She went through hell with parathyroid problems.

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You have such a good memory!

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Thank you very much

She only created 2 topics, I did not see anything related to parathyroid

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I’ll see if I can find the thread. I couldn’t get links to work yesterday.

Here’s the link to her saga. You might want to DM her to get more about her symptoms besides bone loss if you think hypercalcemia is a possibility for you

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I visited the doctor today to review the results

He said everything seem to be fine.

61 lab tests and ultrasound, all OK. He shacked hands after reading all the result, then said any questions?.

I asked him then what causes my symptoms?
He said maybe stress :grinning:

He never asked me about my diet, so I thought I will tell him.

I said I have been eating lots of cheese, yoghurt, almonds for very long time. And this may have caused high calcium that maybe my parathyroid is not able to handle. He insisted that my diet has nothing to do with such symptoms.

I asked how can I check my parathyroid function, he said you have to make appointment with bone specialist.

I told him why when I quit dairy, and almonds the symptoms almost get way much lower. He said eating little high calcium foods does not cause such issue.

I told him it is not little, amount wise and time wise. I am living on such diet.

He start using his mobile and showing lack of interest.

One more sample for the prostate in 21 days. And for the time being, I will quit all dairy except goat ghee, quit any high calcium containing food such as almonds.

In earlier post I mentioned that almonds was OK. I talked too soon, it was not OK, but I only new by elimination. So first I eliminated cheese and yoghurt, and found lots of improvement but still there. Then I stopped almonds and almost symptoms free but not 100%. So I said I have to wait and see if I improve further because maybe the improvement is time limited.

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I really appreciate your support