What if Omega 6's from whole foods are superior while in ketosis and the majority are mistaken?


I’ve had a problem with insufficient thermogenesis since the temperature has dropped regardless of sufficient Vitamin D for sufficient thyroid hormone production and avoidance of goitrogens and other thyroid suppressing foods for a long time now.

The other day I had about 150g of unsalted roasted pistachios with my one meal and I woke up feeling hot with very strong morning wood. Skipped a day without pistachios and felt just warm in the morning. Then in the evening had 150g of pistachios and felt hot in the morning with the same strong morning wood which I believe is an indication of hormone production.

This is an interesting piece of research: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26253311

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Hope this is not too neuro-nerdy for you, enjoy:


Cold Thermogenesis 5: Biologic magnetism: Excerpt: “… It is not that the omega six content itself is pathologic, because we need to use them for life daily in the proper ratios. Where it becomes a problem is when we do not rid our cell membranes of excessive PUFA content once winter ends. The reason is because we never face winters any longer because of our brain has created warm clothing and housing for us to use. This is a mismatch. this allows us to concentrate omega sixes slowly over time. We see this in excessive 06/3 ratios in younger people and it eventually increases their HS CRP. It will further cause other hormonal decay with time. I am no longer surprised that I rarely see normal hormone panels in my patients. Modern human behavior is built upon these mismatches because our neolithic thoughts are not congruent to any circadian cycle. Normal mammalian biochemistry is based upon timing from circadian cycles and food signals. As I said in the Leptin Rx and the FAQ’s blog timing is as important to us as what we eat. This is why. to regain control you first have to know how fast your chemical clocks are running in you. This gives you insight to how much your modern life is hurting your cellular biology.

When dietary carbs show up in our diet normally, we begin to normally upload our PUFA’s to our cell membranes because our cell membrane need to be more flexible in the cold of winter. For modern humans winter never comes because we cover our bodies in modern life. The other mismatch is our diet. We eat a 24/7 diet of carbohydrates and PUFA’s while winter never comes. We eat this because we “feel” better doing this. That “feeling” might be slowly killing you. Wild mammals might have feelings, but they can not act upon them because their are no supermarkets in the middle of Yellowstone park catering to their needs and wants year round. Our brain created all of modern life. This creates huge problems for our cells. Our cells get over run with omega 6’s and become pro inflammatory over time as our cells are recycled in sleep with autophagy. This is where the cytokine storms and leptin resistance comes from that shorten our telomeres and age us faster. These cytokines are the fuels that speed our chemical clocks up and shorten our telomeres. We remain unaware of this when we are young and have a large supply of stem cells to replace the ones we are destroying, but it catches up to us eventually. It is clear that there is a mechanism to replenish stem cells but it appears it does not work optimally when our chemical clocks are working too fast. We deplete more than we make. It is also clear that organ have their own individual chemical clocks so we see differential aging in organs because of this.

The only known way to reverse this process is cold thermogenesis while eating a diet that optimizes our Ferrari engines given to us by Mother Nature. What else do we do to keep ourselves in the dark about mismatches? Humans protect themselves from the cold by clothing and heating. We no longer hibernate because our brain extinguished that need. We do not have a lot of surface hair either to warm ourselves because we no longer needed it when we evolved into a warm environment and began able to control it with clothing. Mammals became able to compensate for a slowed growth rate in cold, by speeding up epigenetic expression of our genome to eventually create our species whose brain power far outstrips its somatic genes. We are still prisoners to many parts of our mammalian biochemistry and we seem blind to this as well. The brain is so advanced that it puts our genes constantly at risk, while we remain blind to it as we deplete our life force within us slowly. We, as a species have not realized this until we found out about telomere biology and what it means.

We can now see if this theory is correct for ourselves by checking our cellular age against our real age. So far, not one person I have checked has a lower biologic age then a chronologic age on telomere assays. This implies that much of modern life is a mismatch. It also implies we need to question every aspect of our behavior to understand the mismatch and how it might harms us. This is how an optimal human thinks. This is also how thoughts can change our DNA. This is why I gave you the banana analogy in the Paleo Summit talk. It is an easy way to show you how blind you really are to this situation. Most people found it fascinating because they never thought about it before I said it. I can not stop thinking about this since I realized it was true for our species 6.5 years ago. When I saw my own mismatch for the first time it was sobering. Much like the video I showed you in the Holy Trinity blog. I have been studying human mismatches, and the inflammation cascades they cause for the last 6.5 years. I spend many days and nights thinking about ways to use this evolutionary medicine to help treat and often reversing disease in my family and in my patients. It is critical to a healthy lifespan. …” - Dr. Jack Kruse


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  1. Cold Thermogenesis Easy Start Guide - Dr. Jeff Banas
    Note: If you develop cold urticaria at this time, this is a sign you have high levels of tissue and serum omega six content . Stop the experiment and adjust your diet until you have a blood omega six to three ratio that is below 10 to 1 using a ketogenic paleolithic diet. - Dr. Jeff Banas
  1. Interview with Dr. Jack Kruse: Neurosurgeon, Cold Thermogenesis, and Leptin Reset: “…Jack does extreme biohacks… He has been known to write blog posts outside in below-freezing temperatures buck naked, inject himself with staph infections, and pack himself in ice for hours. This is not a normal man. And that’s one of the things I like about him. I even heard him sloshing around in the background during the interview. I don’t want to know what was going on the other end, although I’m guessing nakedness, an icy bathtub, and shrinkage might have been involved. …”
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    “…Tim Ferriss describes generally the benefits of ice baths and contrast therapy on Joe Rogan’s podcast. …”
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I’m not sure that the cited study even talks about omega-6’s so much as NSAIDs, like ibuprofen.

Pistachios have a lot more monounsaturated fat than polyunsaturated. Like almost 2:1 MUFA:PUFA.

They’re also really rich in B6 and niacin. I think likely to be one of those.