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(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #1

I’ve had male pattern baldness since I was in my twenties. I’m 65 now. I just noticed that my gray (grey?) hair around the edges of the bald spot is turning back to my original hair color. [spoiler]WTH[/spoiler]

Can you say autophagy?

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Can keto reverse gray hair?
(Karen) #2

Seriously? I’m stunned! Not Quite sure why our hair turns anyway. Cool!!!

(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #3

I’ve read about this or heard about it on a podcast or two, but honestly I did not think it was possible. This especially because I don’t do EF (one 42 hr) and just do IF 18/6 20/4 and OMAD occasionally. But I have been pretty strict with <20g.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #4

I seem to be losing my Cruella De Vil streak as well & I only do OMAD a few days a week. I’m a bit bummed about it - I like looking scary :slightly_frowning_face:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #5

All of my uncles on my father’s side were grey by the time they were 30.
Unfortunately I have inherited that gene, and at 31 years old literally have greying roots.
Might kick this 4 dayer to a 7 dayer and see if I wake up young again :joy::joy::joy:

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(Karen) #7

Silver can be so stunning.

If I were able to get some A particular NSV From Keto it would be better looking upper arms. I’m still hoping autophagy will use up this extra skin.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #8

I agree - I think it’s elegant :slightly_smiling_face:

(Doug) #9

Eric, that’s friggin’ far out…

(Carl Keller) #10

Who knew the fountain of youth flowed saturated fat instead of water? Perhaps a second puberty is on the far horizon? :crazy_face:

Seriously congrats Eric, on another NSV. :wink:

Signs of autophagy?
(Thomas Louis Mueller) #11

I’m 62 and no such luck for me!!! I’m jealous

(Doug) #12

Heck yes, karen. Pretty much all silver or outright white for me now, and that’s fine - I’d just like a few more of the hairs…

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #13

If my beard stops being grey, I’m going to majorly pissed off, no doubt about it.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #14

Well for me since doing keto I started growing chest hair on a much more larger surface then before. I kind of like it.

(Raj Seth) #15

Are you male or female? :rofl:

(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #16

Make. Will post pic in a few days

(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #17

Here is a picture. The ring around the bald spot used to be gray. Notice further down it is gray.

(Have meat, will travel.) #18

Interesting. You hear of people going gray “overnight” from a stressful event, but modern medicine poo-poos this as apocryphal. If we take the “overnight” slightly less literally then it seems quite possible that a stress event, which would upset hormonal balance, could certainly accelerate graying. In that case, a diet that promotes hormonal balance could logically lead to pigment returning to new hair growth. I’ll have to inspect my roots more carefully.

I got my first gray at 17. Rather old in my family. But I maintained at about 5 grays for a long time. After 30 and more so 40 started getting a few more. Not so my sisters. They both have much more grey than I have. Especially my older sister (only 3 years older) who I hear tell is totally gray. Salon visits always precede my visits so I have no first hand evidence.

(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #19

My dad had an employee that was knocked off the top of as petro storage tank during WWII. His hair grew out gray from then on. I think he was a teenager at the time.