What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto?

(Linda) #156

He lost me on all that fiber. My stomach hates fiber. My bowels hate fiber. What may be good for one person might be horrible for another.

(Omar) #157

my colon is sandpapered by any fiber.

The main stream medical establishment promote fiber as a way for healthy colon. many fiber supplements are sold under the name colon care are literally sandpaper from my colon point of view.

(Omar) #158

So our standards for a decent doctor is a doctor who does not sell supplements or for that sake does not make any income from the service he is providing.

and maybe a doctor that his advice will work for all people.

I ask my self one simple question

Did Dr Berg adds value or not?

This is how I am judging him.

(Keto Victory) #159

Hmm. To my feeble mind, Dr. Berg does not seem to be in Dr. Mercola’s league. Mercola’s book was pretty good…

(Shayne) #160

I can see your point. I have at least three of Dr. Mercola’s books on my shelf at the moment and would not buy anything written by Dr. Berg. I didn’t mean it from that perspective.

I meant it from a motivational perspective. They both want to help people but they both also need to make a living (just like everyone else), so the fact that they have something to sell isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Why am I not surprised by this, glad my spidey senses are in check.

(Brian) #162

Not really surprised at some of the more in-depth negative. Kinda figured he was more into “business” than health. The keto thing is his pathway to $$.

He hasn’t gotten a dime outta me, unless he somehow gets something for my clicking on a few of his YouTube videos, I don’t know how that works. (Haven’t actually watched one for months anyway.)

Many years ago, I got into commodities trading. I found a guru named Ken Roberts. And he thought he was all that and a bag of potato chips being the “world’s best commodities trader”. (He wasn’t, and what he taught wasn’t of much value.) Well, he did get me interested. He did get me started. He did teach me just a few things for way more money than they were worth. He taught me some wrong things that I had to later unlearn, too, but no matter how I look at it, he was what got me started. I ended up with a Series 3 brokers license and got a lot of experience analyzing futures markets, but that was way, way, way on down the road from ol’ Ken being left behind.

Dr. Berg is kinda my Ken Roberts of the keto world. He got me started. And then I got acquainted with the likes of a whole bunch of keto types… Hallberg, Naiman, Cummins, Feldman, Westman, Phinney, Fung, and quite a few others… who have continued to enlighten me to the keto lifestyle, not to mention a fine forum like this one where we can interact with others who are on the same journey.

Whether Berg is a sheister or not, I’m here. I feel like I’ve graduated to bigger and better things.

(Sharon) #163

It’s tough for me to wrap my head around the Scientology thing. Just part of what we humans are capable of, I guess.

(Casey Crisler) #164

“It’s tough for me to wrap my head around the Scientology thing”

Me too. I was unaware of his connections with sci-ology. That is a big red flag. Not necessarily a deal-breaker but worth keeping a skeptical eye out. I’ve put more money in Tom Cruise’s pocket than Dr. Berg’s.

(Troy) #165


(Michele) #166

Awful writing.

(Julie) #167

Is there any chance you could share what the alternative supplements were to his products? Not sure that is allowed. Thanks!

(Diane) #168

Here are a couple I’ve purchased that I thought might be helpful for my purposes.

After comparing several products and the ingredient lists, I bought this instead of Dr. Berg’s plant based trace minerals. It cost less than half the price for twice as much product. What I bought did not state that it was plant based.

I tried this for adrenal support after looking at several similar products and comparing the ingredients.

This for thyroid…

And this for liver support:

The only ones I continue to order are the trace minerals (which I use to make my own ketoaid) and the liver support.

I’ve been using these ginger capsules to help reduce my cortisol and support my adrenal function:

Hope this helps! :grin:

Edit: corrected to add the right liver support photo


I was never a huge fan of Dr. Berg, but the Scientology thing is very disappointing.

(Keto Victory) #170

He does seem to be the type of fellow who goes for doctrines hook, line, and sinker, as opposed to more nuanced approaches…

(Louise Caroline) #171

Completely lost me when he said serotonin was an adrenal hormone. At that point I looked up his quals and surprise, surprise, a chiro.

(bulkbiker) #172

I think that’s one of his strengths… he isn’t a pro speaker he’s a doctor… …right?

(Aimee Moisa) #173

Not a doctor, a chiropractor.

(bulkbiker) #174

I was talking about Dr Fung rather than Dr Berg.

(Aimee Moisa) #175

Oh dear, stick my foot in it didn’t I? Sorry! :slight_smile:

I tried to track back through the conversation to figure out who you were talking about and I must have missed a step.