What do you eat in 1 day?

(Robin) #21

Allie… I agree. I used to make fried egg sandwiches with mayo. Nd of course egg salad has mayo. It is a great combo.

(Jane) #22

One of my go-to favs is faux spaghetti.

Walmart carries shredded angel hair cabbage (not cole slaw mix - just cabbage).

I brown some hamburger or sausage with some onion and garlic, add enough Rao spaghetti sauce (no sugar in Rao’s) to make the sauce, sprinkle a layer of cabbage on top and mix in. Cook until cabbage is wilted. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and enjoy.

Easy to make, one skillet to clean up. Sometimes I grate mozzarella over the top and put under the broiler to melt.

(Pete A) #23

@Live4Now your menu doesn’t sound dull or boring.

Breakfast 9:30am 5 pieces of bacon and it’s grease, 2 eggs, 2oz cheddar. Dark Choc.

Lunch 2pm Meat [chicken, pork, beef, fish, or turkey] veggies [mostly frozen] in butter. Blue Cheese!

Dinner 6pm Salad, almonds, strawberries, Parm or Mozz cheese, Apple Cider Vinegar

Morning coffee before breakfast, then after lunch with ghee or coconut oil…

(Veronica) #24

Your menu looks really good! :slight_smile: My menu most days have bacon and eggs on it, and beef, or chicken thigh, and either a square of dark chocolate for dessert, or berries although I limit the amount of them. My staples that I simply can’t be without: bacon, eggs, cheese, cream and ground beef. I have always been a carnivore so the ketogenic diet for me seems just full of delicious food, now I just have to hone my cooking skills.

My menu today:

Almonds. Blocks of cheese.
Coffee with cream.

Lunch: Bacon with cherry tomatoes and avocado.

Dinner: Beef with zucchini.

Snack: Cheese wrapped prosciutto.

(Pete A) #25

Someone mentioned to me that eating almonds and cheese together was “weird”.

Glad someone else does it too!

I do fruit daily but in small portions. I’ve been on the (4) strawberries for awhile but may at some point change that up…

Love that correctIy portioned cheese!


Bacon and eggs. Then beef steak or lamb. Salt to taste. Amounts vary based on hunger signals.

(Rebecca ) #27

:rofl: I did the same thing when I made our first married Thanksgiving!

(Rebecca ) #28

I chop hard boiled eggs and mix in mayo quite a bit!

(Rebecca ) #29

I’ll often have some macadamia nuts and cheese cubes while at work…they go great together!

(Pete A) #30


I love mayo. I could eat this jar.

For what that’s worth I only eat a teaspoon at a time. Not “quite a bit” !

(Christian Hirose Romeo Graham/廣瀬 グラハム クリスティン 路美男) #31

Mostly fatty meat or fish, with some cheese and vegetables to the side. But even the type of meat and vegetables often vary.

(Marcia T) #32

If the food sensitivity testing was done after you’d stopped eating gluten, you wouldn’t have an immune response to it. A nurse practitioner tested me and found no response so said gluten wasn’t a problem. Years (literally) later she said she’d made a mistake in telling me that since I hadn’t been eating gluten for months when tested. You need to eat it for about six weeks to test successfully - not something I’m willing to do. Good luck!


I ate everyrhing prior. I don’t so standard keto, I do a hybrid of CKD/TKD and don’t have my carbs at 20g, I pretty much have everything trickling in at some.point. strict keto for 4yrs had me lose all metabolic flexibility which I wasn’t OK with. Eating one “normal” meal shouldn’t make you feel lile you have the literal flu for 3 days.

(Becky S.) #34

Two eggs scrambled with the chunk of butter it is cooked in as well as a generous oz of cream cheese mixed in.

A whole avocado on two slices of (1 net carb per slice) keto toast with at least a tblsp of butter on each and salted over the top.

Coffee with coconut oil.

Steak on the grill with fried thinly sliced leaks on top (like frizzled onions, heard it on The Dudes) and down and dirty cream of spinach made by sauteing spinach in lots of butter and garlic and at the very end, just before serving a couple of tablespoons of keto friendly spinach dip mixed in.

I sometimes have Carl’s keto mousse or some other keto friendly desert but not always.