What do you eat in 1 day?

(Veronica) #1

Hi everyone from exerperienced keto-eaters to newbies like myself. What do you eat in 1 day? I’d really appreciate some examples. Today my menu:

Breakfast: 10 almonds. 4 slices of cheese.

Lunch: Fried minced beef with melted cheese-topped zucchini slices.

Snack: Cheese. Coffee with cream.

Dinner: Bacon rashers with a few cherry tomatoes and zucchini slices.

And that’s it. Probably looks quite dull. I normally have a 3-egg cheesy omelette every day, but I’ve run out of eggs, and now also cheese lol. I think my main problem in coming up with more varied and exciting dishes is I’m a lousy cook.

(Laurie) #2

I have a problem digesting vegetables, and also swallowing some meats. I’m cutting back on dairy because it’s addictive (for me) and I eat too much.

So a typical day might be something like this:

Lunch: 4 scrambled eggs.

Supper: 1 pound (450 g) of seasoned ground beef, 3 ounces (100 g) of ham.

(Veronica) #3

I definitely find dairy addictive, I ate a whole packet of Edam cheese slices today as a snack lol, I just love cheese and butter. But since I went totally mad on cheese, I didn’t have any of my yogurt. It’s hard to know about food intolerances, and I think we have to eat intuitively there and follow our experiences, what we know makes our bodies feel good. Five staples I can’t be without: eggs, beef, bacon, cheese and cream. It looks like you’re getting plenty good protein in your day. Do you cook with any fats at all?

(Laurie) #4

Yes, lard and butter, as needed.


That enough food to keep you going? Sounds like a couple snacks minus lunch.

Today I did a breakfast sandwich with 2 fried eggs, cheese and sausage on 647 bread

Lunch was a chocolate protein bowl with Lily’s chocolate chips and whipped cream, BBQ chicken breast with some.mashed cauliflower and a salad.

Dinner for now is going to be chicken parm casserole :grin:

(Veronica) #6

You’re a lot more adventurous than I am. Is it proper bread you eat or some kind of replacement? I gave up gluten and any type of bread. I do usually do a 3-egg omelette for breakfast rich with cream and cheese, but I had run out of eggs. But I eat quite a lot of meat, as well as cheese, I love beef, pork, chicken thighs etc, and I do find that with a decent amount of meat, fried in butter and with melted cheese, it is really filling. But I’m working on expanding my repertoire, whilst also tracking carbs for now. I don’t bother tracking protein or fibre.


No, its a low carb one, but taste wise is 95% the real thing, and normal sized slices. Only one I’ve found that can fool people that didn’t know otherwise, they also do burger and hot dog buns which is cool, and I bread stuff with pork rinds.

I could swear I had a Gluten issue for a while, it seemed to fit but food sensitivity testing showed no immune response to it. Gut was still screwed, but it wasn’t that getting me.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #8

For me, breakfast (2 p.m.) is usually a quarter-pound or so (±113 g) of the meat from the night before. Supper (7 or 8 p.m.) is 10 oz. (284 g) of meat, plus either salad with blue cheese dressing or a vegetable (usually cauliflower or broccoli) with cheese sauce. If the meat is a particularly lean cut, I may put butter on it.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #9

Check out our Recipes forum for some ideas. There is also a Boring Keto thread that has some scrumptious meals in its various incarnations.

I find I value ease of cooking over variety and excitement. A roast is dead easy to do. It’s preparing the vegetables and making the gravy and/or cheese sauce that takes all the time. One of my favourite cuts of meat is a pork picnic (shoulder joint), which comes with a cap of fat, so it’s self-basting and comes out of the oven all tender and juicy. Not to mention that one joint yields 10 or 12 meals, plus the skin is also delicious as snacks. Pork chops, steaks, and roast beef are also quite easy to make.

(Veronica) #10

I’m not entirely sure it’s gluten that is the culprit though the way I ate before made me feel lousy, I am still awaiting a coeliac test results but it may just be I don’t tolerate gluten well, I do miss bread though, how it tasted and smelled, but not how it made my body feel. Food intolerances I find are difficult to figure out and involves a lot of trial and error and is also of course highly individual. I think the reason I’m so strict with the diet is because I’m just starting and don’t yet really know what I can get away with so am just really keeping it simple. Your menu though sounded great.


Agreed, that’s why I went with the food sensitivity test. I’ve done elimination diets, problem is it takes a long time sometimes after pulling something to notice that it made a difference, then there’s adding stuff back slowly enough (and) giving it enough time to make a reliable call on any one specific thing being the cause. Nothing wrong with doing that, but we have the ability to see if we have either an allergic or antibody response to something now, which IMO is far superior to eating weird for long periods of time just to very likely make the wrong call on the culprit food.

On seeing what you can get away with, ya, playing with stuff is the only way there. But that can be fun and usually doesn’t backfire very often unless you go off the rails and start binging on stuff (which I’m great at)!

(Veronica) #12

Thanks for the tip, I will check out those threads :slight_smile: I find all those meat suggestions you just shared delicious, but a bit complicated, as I am not joking, I’m a hopeless cook. I can grill pork chops, bacon, sausages, or fry some minced meat, and always add a ton of butter and do a couple veggies on the side. But the last time I tried to cook anything larger than that was last Christmas when I tried to cook a turkey, and accidentally left the plastic bag with the giblets inside the bird whilst cooking, so suffice to say it was a total disaster and noone ate it. Perhaps I could practice on a roast, but I like to keep things very simple.

(Allie) #13

Today, breakfast was three eggs and a can of sardines with mayo.

Five plain chicken thighs with mayo for lunch.

Usually that would be plenty for me in a day but today is a hungry day, so I went on to make a chocolate mug cake topped with sugar free syrup.

Couple hours later I was hungry again so had three eggs with mayo.

My body doesn’t ask for this much food often but when it does, I listen and go with it.


It doesn’t look dull to me and anyway, it doesn’t matter. Some people only eat beef and that’s it :smiley: As long as you get all nutrients and you are fine with your food, it doesn’t matter if it’s not the most exciting menu or not. I personally need variety but eating pork roast and eggs most of the time is the best I can do and no problem with it.

I could look up some days if you are very interested but if I am lazy and don’t do it now, I still can say what I eat on a good day.
1-12 eggs (it varies, nowadays it’s just a few but if I make sponge cakes - at least 99.7% eggs. the rest is the optional salt :wink: - , it easily reaches 8 even when I don’t fancy eggs much), around 1 pound of pork, little dairy (almost every day), little processed day (not every day). Sometimes I have some turkey too but it’s not substantial to me so it can’t be my main meat.
A good simple day would be, hmmm…
Lunch (or first dinner. usually 3pm for lunch, 5-6pm for dinner): A pound of pork, a few eggs, a slice of cheese or a bit quark with sour cream if I fancy dessert or just need something different. 1300 kcal with 100-110g protein is a cute first meal if I don’t do OMAD.
Dinner (or second dinner): some meat (leftover pork, maybe a sausage), 1-2 eggs, maybe a slice of cheese… A few hundreds of calories, more if more than 2-3 hours passed since my last meal.

If I do OMAD, it’s the same just everything at once. If I have too easy satiation, I have many meals 1 hour apart but it’s not my menu but my timing and I write too much.
I am not into cheese lately so several days easily pass without it but it’s a nice “different” thing and we always have it at home so if I have no other dairy option, I often use it but not very much.
My food is quite varied in my eyes, not the meat part as I usually eat pork roast or fried pork but I have a few other options here and there… But eggs? You can do zillion things with eggs!
And even for meat… I eat chicken liver or pork tongue maybe once in 2 weeks? Similar for turkey, meat soup, homemade sausage patties… Very rarely some fish and super rarely some luxury stuff like ruminant meat. But I can imagine eating pork roast for almost every meal for a quite long time (I think I already do that). Not only that, of course, I have a very hard time not to eat multi-course meals… And it’s nearly impossible for me to skip eggs for a whole day (the easiest way to do it might be not eating at all and I don’t do that if possible). But skipping meat is pretty hard too, my two pillars are eggs and meat on carnivore. Everything else is optional if it’s just a few days and happens in small amounts if it’s longer term.

On my original keto I ate very differently. No meat, LOTS of sweets (if cake and ice cream is considered sweets), very little but 25g net carbs worth of vegs, banana with chocolate, lots of nuts… :smiley: I did the best I could at that time but I evolved since :slight_smile:
This is better. Especially the simplicity but I actually get benefits with this style…

I can relate though I don’t miss bread, I just can’t always resist in my off times (I never stay on keto for long, maybe this winter but it must be near carnivore), I bake bread very, very often and it has some effect on me sometimes. And I don’t get really unwell but it’s still like having rocks in my belly so it’s a stupid thing to eat bread but my mind has these bad decisions sometimes…
But I have low-carb breads and carnivore “bread” too (my sponge cakes. it works as a great, tasty soft bread but I love crunchiness, toast, crunchy sticks, twice-baked bread… I can’t do that with eggs :frowning: I do have carnivore biscuit experiments but they aren’t fully crunchy yet). And I lived without bread for years with zero problem when I went low-carb, it’s easy when we don’t have homemade bread around nearly all the time.

Roast is tossing some meat into the oven, salt it if you want and bake it for a long while… Okay I turn it at some point too and some cuts in some amounts may need a tiny water but mine usually don’t. And voila, I have my base food for several days with basically no work… Roasts are the easiest things ever. Well fine, a soup or boiled eggs are even easier as that is only putting stuff into water and cook it :smiley:
I actually like to cook but I prefer having the easy option when I am not in the mood.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #15

Ouch! At least over here, they put the giblets in paper, so if you left them in, it wouldn’t be such a problem.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #16

That’s not a weird taste? (Not a criticism, just a question.) How are the eggs cooked?

(Allie) #17

Not at all, fried eggs with mayo is amazing :grin:


I always thought of eggs and mayo as a very classic combination : ) I guess that’s not universal then ; )

(Allie) #19

Goes well mixed with scrambled eggs too, if you’ve not already tried that. Cook them first then mix it in after.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #20

Guess I’ll have to try it, then!