What Do You Do If You Plateau? Calling All Experienced Ketoians


(AJ) #1

Say you struggle to get started on the Keto diet, your buying “keto” bars, cereals, cookies and making lasagna’s, etc.

You loose 2 lbs here and the next day you gain 1 lbs. Are you in plateau? Or are you doing something wrong?

Your not working out, should you?

What should you do if you are in true plateau?

(Polly) #2

First thing I noticed is that your description of foods is very “substitute” based. I really thrive on real food cooked from basics with no [or at least very few] industrially processed ingredients.

Don’t buy the processed food industry’s “keto offerings” - they are after your money not wanting to give you health.

Eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cream and some leafy green veg. Eat as few carbs as you can with the max being 20g per day. Don’t be afraid of good fatty meats and avoid seed oils.

Watch the weight fall off.

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(AJ) #3

That’s great!

Thanks for your words of wisdom.

I figured that the problem had to be with all the process based foods or the pre-made bars, cookies, snacks, etc.

Do you loose doing so, without working out too?

(Polly) #4

I haven’t worked out for decades. My exercise is walking the dog, so we cover about 6 - 12 miles each day. Add in gardening/yard work, domestic chores and painting, decorating and maintenance and that is it for me. I have lost about 45 lbs in total and hover a little above the weight I would like to be at and make slow progress in that direction. I am a woman in my sixties, which makes a big difference in ease of fat loss.

Work out for strength and enjoyment for sure, but it probably doesn’t aid weightloss.


Definitely didn’t do either… I ate cakes galore but I made them… But it’s not important.

If not even 1-2 months passed, it’s not a plateau to me… But I didn’t care about such things until fat adaptation, I was hungry and ate as much as before. Lost nothing but felt a tiny bit better, I was pleased. And fat adaptation changed my hunger and appetite, it was so worth it!

If I don’t lose anything for a long time, I try to tweak my woe. (Don’t listen to me, by the way, I patiently waited while stalling for 8 years and did low-carb and later low-carb/keto. But I know the theory. And I could go down to a borderline normal weight just fine before keto and the idea is the same.)
Something must be done if I want success and it mostly lies in my woe. So I do my best to find it. I search for a woe what I immensely enjoy and where I find my food perfectly satiating. Many items may be problems, we are different, we need to figure out our personal problems. To me, it was carbs. I did keto but with more carbs as <20g was totally impossible (still is) with plants and I went into ketosis with more just fine, I am sure about it. My own solution is being as close to carnivore as often as I can. But it’s just me. Oh and I should avoid added fat and cream (the latter is sugary anyway) as best as I can or else I will overeat fat. But it’s me, again. And I hardly overeat fat on carnivore, I could do it on keto as I was a chocolate fan…
Sweets easily may be a problem. I have a sweet tooth and a dessert stomach. If I am full, I still can eat a lot of sweets, normally… It doesn’t work on carnivore (I never want desserts on it), another advantage :slight_smile:

Exercise is basic but I do it primarily for health and muscles - but it’s useful for fat-loss under certain circumstances. Many people thinks the opposite but I can’t ignore the long term experience in my family. It’s good for us. But we do it anyway, it’s important. One may lose fat without exercise, sure. Exercise is contraproductive for others, that’s true as well. Our woe is the key, usually, at least.

(bulkbiker) #6

Simply put… eat real food. If it comes in a packet from a factory then leave it on the shelf.

(Troy) #7

Like others said
Ditch the above
Eat real food

Side note…

Just about EVERY grocery store has a dedicated display or end cap now dedicated to the packaged keto packaged merchandise foods

Right next to the " celebrity keto " magazines :joy:

Stamp the word Keto…then sell and cash in
Marketing and Fads…yes I know


Rule of thumb: If it says “keto” or “ketogenic” on the label, it probably costs at least three times what it should.

(Troy) #9

Rule # 2
Usually has more than 7 ingredients listed :slightly_smiling_face:
To each their own

(AJ) #10

Thanks for the real advice on what I should and shouldn’t eat. Seems like true discipline and staying away from processed foods, especially the end caps of the grocery isle where they specifically say KETO, eat real simple fresh foods and then overall you’ll melt all that fat away.


Not necessarily, one can overeat using pretty good food too but it’s definitely harder and not everyone has that problem, far from it. If you find some trigger food you can’t stop eating, maybe avoid that. Sometimes even a bit dairy interferes, I heard such stories. Sometimes one can eat insane amounts of bacon or butter or cream… I focus on my satiating items, some perfectly normal keto foods do about nothing to my satiation so I can eat too much of them.