What do you all put butter on?

(Laura) #1

I like butter but am not up to eating it plain.

I dislike processed “keto” snacks like keto crackers, “keto” bread et c. Yucky to me. Cardboard.

Besides cooking with it, what do you put it on that’s a tasty combination? All I’ve come up with is almonds. Ideas?

(UsedToBeT2D) #2

Butter and bacon are my best friends.

(bulkbiker) #3

Nothing… I sometimes have a thin slice when cooking but rarely if ever eat it these days.

(Jane) #4

I put a small pat in my morning coffee. On vegetables, sometimes saute with it.


Only things it would normally go on that I still eat. I don’t do the forced fat thing.

(Laurie) #6

Now that I no longer eat vegetables, I find I use almost zero butter.

(Jane) #7

If we stopped eating vegetables we would be in the same boat and eat a lot less butter.

Hard to beat scrambled eggs with cream, cooked in butter, though. If I fry bacon I use the grease but if no bacon, then butter.

Speaking of scrambled eggs. Our local butcher carries a chorizo that is really good! Going to fry it up tomorrow and scramble some of my hens eggs in it. Store-bought is too greasy and too many other additives. I know…… when it is too greasy for a ketoan it is bad LOL.

Before he opened up a few months ago we had no butcher shop within a 2-hr drive that I could find. Once he gets his USDA approval he can butcher his own cattle and sell it.

I bought a tri-tip, 2.5 lbs hamburger, 1.25 lbs chorizo and a ribeye for $35. That is at least 6 or 7 meals for the two of us.




(Butter Withaspoon) #9

For cooking, in soups, in stews, in eggs, on any hot vegetable. Also I eat it as a snack because sometimes I want some food but haven’t cooked a meal yet or I’m busy. I actually like it as a snack :joy:

(Old Baconian) #10

I sometimes put butter on my chicken or my steak.

(Laurie) #11

Thank you @Janie for the reminder about scrambled eggs, which I haven’t made for quite some time (until today!).

The way I make them, I skip the cream and just use lots of butter. Why use cream (35% fat) when you can use butter (80% fat, and more flavor)?

I melt a largish amount of butter over medium-low heat, then add the eggs. Stir constantly (or almost constantly) until done. If you want them really custardy, use low heat – but this takes a long time.

Recently I read a post or comment somewhere, where someone complained that their stove didn’t get “hot enough” to make scrambled eggs. I can’t imagine how they make scrambled eggs.

(Jane) #12

Whaaaa…. ???

If your stove can’t cook eggs something is seriously wrong with your stove or you don’t know how to cook eggs.

(Laura) #13

Eggs— good call. I just found that if I make a quiche with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and 10 eggs, it’s fluffy and some semi melted butter is very good on that.

I make it with homemade pie crust because my son eats it but I just cut the crust off of mine.

Butter is one of the few things causing me to still sometimes want carbs — just because I will want bread or crackers for butter.


Have you tried bulletproof coffee? I was extremely sceptical, as a lifelong milk enthusiast, but I was surprised to discover it’s absolutely delicious. I use 1 Tab butter, 1 Tab coconut oil and a plunger of hot coffee - blend until pale and frothy. I also find it digests easier first thing in the morning than cream, YMMV but sometimes loads of cream first thing feels a little nauseating in my stomach. The bulletproof coffee never does. Highly recommended!

(Scott) #15

I put four pats on each steak and then eat a slice off the stick just in case it all runs off the steak!

(Laura) #16

Food for thought! I am a coffee enthusiast, I often roast my own and will do things like visit barista chat rooms. I like it black and I like it before I’m ready for food. Lately I’ve been making cold brew and steaming it. But on weekends, if I drink the coffee later in the morning, heavy whipped cream is excellent in it. I can see how the butter would be yummy also.

I just I’m not crazy about eating so early in the morning. By the time I’m ready to eat, I am beyond highly caffeinated!

Possibly, some afternoon decaf is the answer.


I dislike my coffee with fat (even if it’s butter so it resembles to cream more) but butter and egg works in a pinch (when I don’t have cream or I do nearly dairy free carnivore)… But that’s a tiny amount, it’s fine, I try to use as little added fat as possible. But some butter as snack is nice too.
That’s it as I don’t need it for my meat (if I have leaner meat, I eat it with a fattier meat) and I mostly ate it on bread. I have a great carnivore bread replacement but it’s not for bread, it works for meaty spreads (liver, fish). Just like Laura, butter says bread to me :smiley: But I don’t really know a really tasty and not very carby bread (my tastebuds only like some not very carby but still too carby versions) so I eat bread on butter on my off days. I prefer my butter where it can shine, on top of things, alone or in coffee (at least I think it helps there too).
I just remember I had some keto fried things with garlic ages ago… They were good with butter on top! They were like toast just totally different :smiley: But the role was the same.

But certain things are nice fried in butter too. Probably some vegetables are okay with butter (fried in or put on top) but I never did that.

(Jane) #18

We roast our own coffee beans also. We get the green beans from Sweet Maria’s or Burman’s
:coffee: :heart:


I do well on butter and love it but do I go crazy, nope.
I am like Scott, I butter my steaks when cooking or sautee with chicken or pork meat in a fry pan. Do I eat it alone, nope, but I might lick the knife when I cut it off or lick my fingers if I see it on me LOL but I don’t ‘over butter’ ever in my life. It has a purpose that suits my exact meal prep and eating style that works for me. Being carnivore I never use butter is some recipes etc as another plan might making their plan food would use :sunny:

(Laura) #20

Nice! What do you use to roast? I always use a cast-iron pot and wire whisk but my brother uses converted old popcorn maker.

For cold coffee extract I find that robusta works, even though it is almost undrinkable as hot brew. It also has less acid and more caffeine…And far cheaper…