What do folks eat for snacks

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So true. Is there any study analyzing if sugar “distorts the mind”, making us forget about stopping eating sugars?

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It’s not ‘just’ sugar - sweet distorts the mind and apparently a lot of other sensory receptors.


:smiley: I soooooooo can’t do that! I usually eat without proper hunger. I so want to try not to but I forget or just have a too good reason for it (like I NEED food to function well. I am just not hungry).

I personally have zero problem with snacking, it may feel nice. I am bad with tiny meals myself so if I snack, that’s part of my substantial meal, not a separate meal. But if others like it and they are fine with it, why not?

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I find this to be true in my case. Sweet, of any kind, creates cravings and/or overeating

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I have the standard snacks “nuts, cheese, liverwurst on pork rinds, mini smoothie, berries and FF yogurt” when I really can not make it to my meal time. But it normally will be less than 2 hours away from my dinner time, which 4 out of 7 days is my first meal and only of the day.
But in saying that, since I am pretty much on maintenance I have 1/2 of an thinly sliced apple with 2-3 tablespoon of peanut butter, twice a week with no issues. Very satisfying!

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When I joined these forums, the standard advice was that if it was necessary to snack, it meant we weren’t eating enough at meals.


But we can’t always eat enough at meals… OMAD with a few bites before/after makes perfect sense to me sometimes for various reasons (as I can’t eat a tiny meal far from my bigger ones unless it’s super tiny, a few kcals only). 2 meals are almost always overeating for me but one meal may be not enough unless I plan it very well or eat a smaller meal very soon.
And there is the thing when one WANTS to snack, hunger has nothing to do with that. Like a few rosehips, I never eat them at a meal, only during walks :slight_smile: Sweetness is fine and it’s very little carbs and calories so it’s just a mostly harmless joyful mini-snack if the fancy hits. I don’t eat it if I take my carnivore(-ish) seriously, though. I have a 7 month long fruit season, that’s way more than enough for me, it keeps me from doing carnivore for longer periods (like 1-2 weeks).
A medlar is too big, I can’t use that as a separate snack but 1-2 rosehips or raspberries (okay, maybe 5-10 raspberries :smiley: I love them and no way I only eat them once a day when there is raspberry season!) are fine.

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I thought this in the beginning of my journey, however, I’m satisfied after I eat so I don’t feel the need to snack. If I do, I’ll just eat more the next meal. When I’m traveling, I might have like a beef stick or something on the plain if it’s a long flight or if I have an early flight where I have to be up and at the airport before 7 am, which means sitting there two hours before that 7am flight, and I know that I won’t be able to have a meal before like noon.

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It is better not to snack, but if a person is still getting used to keto, or just wants a snack, cold bacon is a good emergency food for those times when the urge strikes. Personally, my snack is black coffee.

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Keep a hard boiled egg ready to go in the fridge at all times. If you think you are hungry, eat the egg. If you don’t fancy the egg, you are not really hungry. You are bored.

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How do you add lawyers to the keto smoothies? Don’t they kick up a fuss?

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Being one that has a pantry full of old non-keto fat loss products, I created this creamy nightcap drink with my leftover manshake powder.

1 scoop Manshake powder (Not sure if it works with other protein shake powders)
50 grams of butter
in 250ml hot water and stick blend it

Wasn’t intending to buy any more manshake butter but it tastes so nice and hits the spot when the rest of the family is sitting down to their warm sugary hot chocolates

(Oliver ) #56

Right I also don’t *want to snack. That said sometimes I kind of find it necessary to eat something other then a *salad as dinner. On those occasions I sometime like to eat a small keto style bar or drink a well composed smoothie. Other options for me are coffee with milk, nuts or some dark chocolate. Everything in moderation of course.

*note that the salad would be my only real “meal”.