What did you NOT eat today?



Today at work they had tacos, I just ate the meat and skipped the tortillas… then they had cheesecake and I declined.

(Susan) #1013

Awesome, Nebulous, you did great, especially as you just got back on track!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1014

Nah, it’s my problem. She really enjoys being generous and sharing. We’re all staying strong in our own ways. But damn it, they are calling me like a siren song! :rofl:

(Susan) #1015

Aww =( I am sorry that you have to be tormented by them daily.


Thanks, saying no to the cheesecake was easy since I make a pretty good keto version. I can make that if I really have a hankering for some cheesecake.

(Mame) #1017

LOL all the leftovers from the work parties yesterday are right outside my office area. I hear people discussing it constantly … more good avoiding practice I guess!? someone just said “all the cake is gone(?)” thank goodness I think.

I am firmly telling myself that the food is all ‘old’ and would not taste good at all. And considering ear plugs. :innocent:

(Susan) #1018

It is all Toxic Carbage!! You got this, you are a Ketonian!!

(Mame) #1019

:rofl: I am really trying to not eat food that doesn’t love me back!

(Old Baconian) #1020

:notes: Peta! :notes: Peta! :notes: Peeeeeeeeeetaaaaaaaa! :notes:

Have some virtual bacon and stay strong: :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Wendy) #1021

Nothing. Well I’m hungry but it’s almost eleven o’clock here so I’m skipping dinner and going to bed. Some days it’s just easier to fast or skip some meals.
I Do have these bags of Bugles that keep tempting me at work lately. I don’t know what’s up with that. I can taste them, but I haven’t bought any and don’t plan to.


The past year (year-and-a-half really) hasn’t been that great. There have been some ups and downs, and some struggle with my health. As far as my diet is concerned, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I fell off the wagon, more like I stepped off and then climbed back on a few times over the past year. Just recently I had one of my stepping off moments, when we went on a trip for a three-day weekend. Well, you know how it goes, one meal turns into two, then one day turns into a week, etc. Finally decided last month was a bust and would recommit September 1st.

Wouldn’t you know it, some lovely person decided to bring a cherry pie to the office, today. That’s when I knew I was reviving this old thread to share with you what I abstained from.

No, I didn’t eat that pie, I just took a picture of it. :slight_smile:

In case you’re wondering, “Why in the heck is someone posting a picture of a cherry pie on the ketogenic forum website?”, refer to this original post to understand the genesis of this thread.

And feel free to join in. All submissions are welcome!

(Laurie) #1023

Thank you so much, @dlc96_darren , for reviving this thread. Today I FAILED at not eating yogurt with stevia-sweetened “Water Drops.” High-fat yogurt is mostly okay, but it’s something I can eat addictively. Next time I’m tempted, I’ll come here instead.


Thank you for resurrect this topic, I didn’t know about its existence and sounds interesting. YAY I can bring so nice things here I can’t to the keto and carnivore threads :smiley:

I can eat anything on keto (let’s not count store-bought treats I simply don’t buy) but not on my own carnivore-ish though I am quite relaxed with it too…
It took years but now I can truly eat anything on keto. I had items I couldn’t eat in tiny amounts but I got good at these things. When I was a lil newbie, I couldn’t even eat 10g apple or 5g peanuts :smiley: I even ate more than 10g chocolate at a time! How much I changed… 10g is plenty, I usually am way lower on the rare days I still eat it, I lost interest after I tried carnivore. It’s my own low-carb kind-of-chocolate, by the way, I ate huge amounts of it on keto, like on my 2900 kcal days, that was quite chocolate-y :D.

The cherry pie doesn’t look tempting, flour taste and oversweetened sugar taste for sure. MY cakes must be almost 100% eggs nowadays… If I buy Stroh80 rum, I will make a wonderful carnivore-ish ice cream cake… Even if I feel no desire towards cakes since I ate cakes all the time on keto for a long time and my cake desires couldn’t recovered in years since, carnivore just made it “worse”, I don’t even want sweets while on it.

Sorry, next time there will be less texts and more photos! Grape season is coming and when they are on their vines(?), it’s more like Nature shot, not food shot… I am way better with the former!

It’s only 1pm so I wasn’t tempted yet… But 2 days ago I didn’t put sour cream to my slightly oversalted biscuits. I call them biscuits because it’s my food and they are thin, oven-baked things (egg and pork). Or into my deviled eggs with salmon. This no dairy (except a few grams of butter sometimes because I forgot and I never considered it really dairy, it’s fat to me) carnivore-ish phase won’t last for long I suppose but I consider it very useful now. Since I started, I don’t have temptations. Maybe baby ones (so, tiny, I could resist them but I don’t want to) but I simply use the -ISH part and eat a little. I don’t desire the stuff, I just want to taste it as an exotic, rare item. I talk about spherical plums now, photo will come later! 6g plum, these things are perfectly normal in my world. I ate 1g from my SO’s keto dessert too. He is right, I need to add more xylitol next time…

Oh but I cooked pasta today! And had to try it as I just can’t figure out when it’s ready (it’s a guess anyway, my SO likes it not fully done while I am different and even fully done ones taste like raw flour to me from this wholemeal thing), I almost never even make pasta. I make bread and that’s fine.
It was way below 1g I suppose (dry weight) and I spit it out as I totally hate it.
Carnivore make things so, so easy. Except when not but I have the usual blissful chill times now.

Maybe I will test if I can avoid tasting angel food cake (I plan to make it for reasons), this thread surely would help to resist. But I dislike angel cake so it should be easy. I just… like to try my creations to figure out if it’s right. My SO doesn’t give perfect feedback…

And I was a hero to eat 8g pork belly last night when I was still hungry a bit. 8g…!!! I could eat up the whole 200g thing! I came a really long way, I was the type who could only eat a ton of everything nice…

(Laurie) #1026

I didn’t eat yogurt with a spoon. (Yogurt dip is fine, but eating yogurt with a spoon – especially if sweetened – is gratuitous.)

(Butter Withaspoon) #1027

What a great thread! Thanks for reviving.

We are in lockdown here so I’ve buddied up with the neighbours. Unfortunately they’ve slipped into dessert and chocolate habits. I try to resist and often fail, partly because I’m healthy This text will be blurredenough to withstand a bit of this… then a bit turns into more and then I wake up with a sugar/carbs hangover.

For the thread- last night I watched tv with my neighbours and had no dessert or chocolate. Yay! That’s what I didn’t eat!

(Laurie) #1028

Still not eating yogurt with a spoon.


Good, wouldn’t want you to be gratuitous. :slight_smile:


That randomly blurred words is real!

(Butter Withaspoon) #1031

Hahahaha yeh I know I should’ve edited it a second time. I don’t know how that happened probably aliens woowooooo but I’ll try to get it right this time