What did you NOT eat today?


(Little Miss Scare-All) #972

Your face will still be visible. So then, there. #WINNERISME


Hey those guys with face tattoos are TOUGH!

Maybe that just what I need, so people will take me seriously.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #974

Okay, a bit of a weird one - to give you some context, I have a long history of nibbling while cooking and doing food prep, and I get really frustrated when a) I gain weight, b) I’m too full and c) my blood glucose monitor shows me a number above 7mmol/l or - worse - a line on my graph that is not straight…

I go particularly mad for anything in the brassica family - I LOVE THIS STUFF*.

Today I have started a new batch of sauerkraut and I DID NOT EAT THE CABBAGE STALKS, nor nibble the tiniest morsel of shredded cabbage. This is a big deal as normally I’ll get through a quarter of the cabbage while I’m shredding it, and then feel really bad about my blood sugar numbers.

SO: I did NOT eat this:

Am saving the stalks for part of a meal. Yum!

*no I don’t get gas. Honest. :wink:


I didn’t even know cabbage stalks were something you could eat! :astonished:

Good job Rebecca! You’re nibbling your way to success, wait I mean…

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #976

Best bit, Darren! Try grating it in coleslaw, or to bulk up a stew.

Speaking of brassica wastage, TV chefs who throw away cauliflower leaves are a major bugbear of mine! I shred them finely and use them in place of spaghetti - the leaves, that is, not the chefs.

Although having said that…

No, maybe not! :rofl: #notacannibal yet…

(Elizabeth ) #977

I did not eat a fancy gummy candy shaped like a rose. It arrived on my desk and I had a wild moment of temptation. I don’t even like gummy candies!

(The Lackadaisical Ketologist ) #978

I didn’t scissor kick my daughter and steal & devour the neapolitan ice cream sandwich which she felt obligated to slowly consume in front of me on this 90+ degree day. Although I could have because I am much stronger than she is, plus it would have provided a valuable life lesson, but just the same I didn’t. Mostly because she is very sneaky and would probably come after me in my sleep. Just like I taught her. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and containing 3 different flavors of ice cream sandwiched between two elongated cookies.


I applaud your self-control.

(Mame) #980

I did not cut a piece of the cheesecake in the work fridge. True I probably wouldn’t have liked it but still it wasn’t easy at 47 hours fasted.

I was so happy to see that someone took it home later! It won’t be there tomorrow.


Those bygone desserts are the best, when you’ve realized you dodged a bullet, and came out on top!


(Susan) #982

I bought a birthday cake for my son’s 23rd and it was sitting in the fridge after his bday for days (because I didn’t have any ofcourse) and 2 of our daughters are still in Australia until Sunday, hubby finished it off tonight, so it is gone now.

Pre-Keto I would have made sure it was gone the next day…


Here, Susan, you have have this cake :cake: for a job well done!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #984

You’re evil.

(BostonterrierLvr) #985

This week my family has visited from out of state and I took them to the boardwalk since they enjoy it and I LOVE the beach. I resisted the boardwalk fries everybody else ate, the ice cream, funnel cakes, etc.
I had beef & cheese sticks and Keto fat bombs instead and silently repeated the mantra “Keep calm and Keto on” :laughing:


Hey! That’s keto forum approved, keto cake. Guaranteed to not spike your insulin one bit!


Great job, @BostonterrierLvr!

That’s super impressive. :+1:

(Susan) #988

Hehe, thanks =) .


You did amazing, well done =))


The road to hell is paved with good intentions…in teaching her, you stabbed yourself in the back :joy:
ah yes, cookie sandwich ice cream was my favorite…

(The Lackadaisical Ketologist ) #990

Dear Satan,

Thank for you for inspiring a part-time good-natured employee to reach deep into the kindness of her heart and bring several dozen donuts into the office this morning. I noticed that they were not only freshly made, but were also the large deep fried gourmet variety with numerous sugary coatings and toppings. It is unclear to me at this time if you were using trickery and deceit to force me out of ketosis, to goat me into relieving a young woman of her employment, or if you were attempting to establish the ground work for a prison term based on a potential manslaughter charge. Well the joke is on you because I banished the sweet smelling pastries to the main conference room and sent all of the giggling donut consumers off to enjoy their crusted carbs and cups full of burnt bean water in another part of the building. You may be the ruler of hell but around here I am the Assistant to the Regional Manager and what I say is law (once approved by the Regional Manager and ratified by human resources).



(Mame) #991

yummy guacamole surrounded by corn chips, although I may have licked the guacamole off of a few I did not eat even one!