What did you NOT eat today?



That was my plan. Where else would it go? :man_shrugging:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #968

Do you really want me to open those floodgates?

I didn’t think so.


I don’t know where your dirty mind is going, but I only have one requirement for a tattoo. It’s got to be visible with ALL my clothes on.

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #970

But you always wear a beekeeper suit. How can I manage this?!?!?!


I think you answered your own question there. :slight_smile:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #972

Your face will still be visible. So then, there. #WINNERISME


Hey those guys with face tattoos are TOUGH!

Maybe that just what I need, so people will take me seriously.

(Rebecca) #974

Okay, a bit of a weird one - to give you some context, I have a long history of nibbling while cooking and doing food prep, and I get really frustrated when a) I gain weight, b) I’m too full and c) my blood glucose monitor shows me a number above 7mmol/l or - worse - a line on my graph that is not straight…

I go particularly mad for anything in the brassica family - I LOVE THIS STUFF*.

Today I have started a new batch of sauerkraut and I DID NOT EAT THE CABBAGE STALKS, nor nibble the tiniest morsel of shredded cabbage. This is a big deal as normally I’ll get through a quarter of the cabbage while I’m shredding it, and then feel really bad about my blood sugar numbers.

SO: I did NOT eat this:

Am saving the stalks for part of a meal. Yum!

*no I don’t get gas. Honest. :wink:


I didn’t even know cabbage stalks were something you could eat! :astonished:

Good job Rebecca! You’re nibbling your way to success, wait I mean…

(Rebecca) #976

Best bit, Darren! Try grating it in coleslaw, or to bulk up a stew.

Speaking of brassica wastage, TV chefs who throw away cauliflower leaves are a major bugbear of mine! I shred them finely and use them in place of spaghetti - the leaves, that is, not the chefs.

Although having said that…

No, maybe not! :rofl: #notacannibal yet…

(Elizabeth ) #977

I did not eat a fancy gummy candy shaped like a rose. It arrived on my desk and I had a wild moment of temptation. I don’t even like gummy candies!

(The Lackadaisical Ketologist ) #978

I didn’t scissor kick my daughter and steal & devour the neapolitan ice cream sandwich which she felt obligated to slowly consume in front of me on this 90+ degree day. Although I could have because I am much stronger than she is, plus it would have provided a valuable life lesson, but just the same I didn’t. Mostly because she is very sneaky and would probably come after me in my sleep. Just like I taught her. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and containing 3 different flavors of ice cream sandwiched between two elongated cookies.


I applaud your self-control.

(Mame) #980

I did not cut a piece of the cheesecake in the work fridge. True I probably wouldn’t have liked it but still it wasn’t easy at 47 hours fasted.

I was so happy to see that someone took it home later! It won’t be there tomorrow.


Those bygone desserts are the best, when you’ve realized you dodged a bullet, and came out on top!


(Susan) #982

I bought a birthday cake for my son’s 23rd and it was sitting in the fridge after his bday for days (because I didn’t have any ofcourse) and 2 of our daughters are still in Australia until Sunday, hubby finished it off tonight, so it is gone now.

Pre-Keto I would have made sure it was gone the next day…


Here, Susan, you have have this cake :cake: for a job well done!

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #984

You’re evil.

(BostonterrierLvr) #985

This week my family has visited from out of state and I took them to the boardwalk since they enjoy it and I LOVE the beach. I resisted the boardwalk fries everybody else ate, the ice cream, funnel cakes, etc.
I had beef & cheese sticks and Keto fat bombs instead and silently repeated the mantra “Keep calm and Keto on” :laughing:


Hey! That’s keto forum approved, keto cake. Guaranteed to not spike your insulin one bit!