What did you NOT eat today?


(Little Miss Scare-All) #912

Today, I didnt eat any of this huge box of chocolate that resides next to me 24/7.


Throw it out!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #914

But then I cant continue to post how I didn’t eat itttttt.

It was a get well present lol.


Are you feeling any better now, staring at this box of diabetes pellets?

(Little Miss Scare-All) #916

Stop having good points, Darren. :wink:



(Empress of the Unexpected) #918

Sadly, I got sick of bacon and sausage. If I had had the energy, I might have driven to Five Guys and MAYBE tried the fries. Just starving lately.

(John) #919

I did not have two fresh baked cookies at the Barnes and Noble cafe (Starbucks inside B&N) even though I had a buy-1 get 1-free coupon, nor did I have any of their Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, though I did buy two pieces for my wife which I brought home to her. (She is having outpatient surgery tomorrow so wanted a special treat).

I did buy two bags of coffee beans (with my B&N member discount) and picked up the books I had ordered online for store pickup.

Came home to sauteed skin-on chicken thighs and broccoli in parmesan sauce for dinner, though. Having a cup of that (decaf) coffee right now.

*By the way, no willpower or cravings were involved, because I have internalized rules that take care of it. I am a person who does not eat sugar. That is part of who I am now.
I can easily buy it and transport it, though.


Way to go, John!

Some of those things sound so good with a cup of coffee, but I’m proud of your resolve.

Even though they sound good, it’s hard to think of them that way, when you know what they’re doing to your body.


(Old Baconian) #921

Men are good for only one thing.

And how important is parallel parking, anyway?

(Old Baconian) #922

Good one, Darren! :+1:


Thanks, but I have to give @Screenack the credit for that. Cracks me up every time I read it. :laughing:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #924

miss string cheese and pretzles watching late night tv,

(Empress of the Unexpected) #925

One year on Keto. Hungry as always. Would kill for a pretzel.


I don’t think they serve pretzels in prison, so that probably wouldn’t help you any. :slight_smile:

('Jackie P') #927


(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #928

there is a really beautifully looking bakery chocolate cake on the office kitchen table


Well, did you make it?

(Mame) #930

orange sweet rolls at the mother’s day brunch. sigh.


Hang in there, Mame!
You can do it! :+1: