What did you NOT eat today?



Well that’s impressive @OldDoug, on BOTH counts! :+1:


Peeps donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts


Oh my, like they don’t come with enough sugar already. :weary:

(Diane) #895

I used to love those circus peanuts (the orange, sort of marshmellowy candy) and candy corn. And, similar to those peeps, the ingredients are sugar, sugar, chemical dyes and… more sugar. It makes me a little ill to think about what it did to my body.

Even when I do make keto friendly candies and deserts, they at least taste like something real and have a reasonable nutrient profile (including micronutrients).


That makes two of us.

(Christy) #897

Wow!! That is beautiful!!

(Doug) #898

:smile: Diane, what a perfect example. Indeed, to think of the past… :neutral_face:


More of those damn cookies at work. But not just the frosted ones, there were PB cookies too!

And, I’m happy to announce…there are FOUR of us Ketonians at work now! YAY!!!

One of the Ketos brought some jerky packs to me - I guess to evaluate. They were teriyaki flavored- which means SUGAR. So, I showed her she’d be eating a total of 18 grams of sugar if she bought them. She face palmed. I sent her back to find some meat snacks with no sugar…which she finally did.

I’m going to start a Keto-recipe box so we can swap recipes. Then we can bring OUR goodies to work, and share too.

(Jeff) #900

Today I didn’t eat my sons chocolate birthday cake. I didn’t even lick the cream off my fingers when I transferred some to a container to take to work. I was so very tempted, but I can’t afford to slip back on this.



You’re becoming quite the Keto Ambassador, @SecondBreakfast. :slight_smile:


Okay, that technically would have been excusable, but I’m SO PROUD of you for resisting!

(Britt) #903

I could leave the donuts but I love peeps SO much it’s insane but no Peeps for me this season :grin:


Awe I just love that Dunkin’ Donuts icing , before keto I would get their frosted donuts with sprinkles and just eat the icing off of it lol.


Some of the spices in the KFC crispy coating seem to burn my lips. I’ve hated that sensation since I was a little kid, so I avoid it anyways. I’d loved to have eaten the skin, but not with all that ick on it.


Someone had those drumstick ice cream cones at work today for a birthday celebration. Didn’t even touch one.

Another funny…one of my bosses said to me," I wish I could get my husband on Keto. Any ideas?"
Lol. I have to pull together recipes for her that he’d eat. And ones that she’d make. :wink:


Man, @SecondBreakfast, you need to come work in our office! :smile:

Everyone knows what I’m doing, but no one seems interested.


Ice cream. A dozen different flavours. With chocolate sugar cone.

I had a fruit tea instead.
And I had to pay for it myself, without an apology from boys dad either.



Tell me about it. :roll_eyes:


Make a massive batch of Garlic-Parmesan breadsticks out of Fathead dough, take them to work along with a jar of pizza sauce (found one with 1 NC.), leave them out on the break room table with a sign to “take one”.
That’ll help.

  • If you nuke the breadsticks for a few seconds, the aroma will draw them in. =)


Oh, see that’s the problem. I’m “lazy keto”.
No one’s that interested in my tin of sardines. :slight_smile: