What did you NOT eat today?


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After much sugar struggle last weekend and beginning of this week, I abstained from the “caramel swirl” bit of my iced coffee treat this morning. Went with no sugar or sweetener, extra cream. The sugar thoughts did try to beguile me, because caramel swirl iced coffee is something that will often evoke a little nerdy dance out of me.

But the coffee is still tasty AF and I’m immensely enjoying it regardless.

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“Ayyyyy buy my cookies or swim with the fishes tonight.” - Girl Scout Mafia

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My son and I went to our local pet supplies plus on Monday and there were girl scouts screaming and singing out front with their cookies. I mentioned to my son in a “back in my day” sort of fashion that girl scouts used to have to work harder to sell the cookies. These girls even had a square payment option set up so people could use plastic money for cookies…

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@PetaMarie “sugar nuggets” :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Back in my day if you were a kid selling something you had to go door to door and bother people or your mom had to peddle them at work to help you meet your quota so you could get the best reward prize (boom box…never got it).

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Right!!! Those were the days lol. The holiday candy sales from the catalog!! There was the all-allusive prize of a trip to Disneyworld. Everyone wanted that.

I usually ended up with the dinosaur-shaped pencil eraser that didnt erase anything at all, a koosh ball, and a paperback copy of the cirrent year’s Guiness Book of World Records.

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I usually ended up with a decorated pencil and a tasseled book mark. If it was a good year, some slap bracelets!

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The extra Lead’y kind. Nothing but the best for us. The fabric would pull away from the edges leaving exposed metal. But we lived through it lol.


Enough, that’s what I didn’t eat today. I’m just reacting badly to what I ate yesterday, and carby cake is now the first item I put on a brand new list of things I don’t even want to taste again. This includes doughnuts, which now look like pure poison to me.

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Not keto - Burek - spicy meat wrapped in pastry dough. Here, it goes around and around - 1500 meters long or ~.93 mile. 650 kg of meat was used.

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I would also stay away from anything that had to be laid out on the ground, keto or not. :slight_smile:


Today I didn’t eat any of the coffee cake and sugary fruits offered at work as a “reward” for some hard work recently completed.

My employer wants to “reward” me with insulinogenic poison? No thanks!!

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A bunch of weak heathens we must be…

The thread is, afterall, what did you NOT eat today, meaning things we were able to abstain from that we may have felt tempted by. So is it really that odd to see burgers and donuts posted? :woman_shrugging:

Maybe I misunderstood the vibe of your post, and if I have, ignore me. Just sounds condescending and judgemental is all. But I mean afterall, you are a 9 day veteran who isnt even tempted by pretzels. I’ll go drag my knuckles back to my cave now.

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Make your own.

Even I cant follow this, and I make some pretty bizarre connections lol. What???

Some people here, like myself, deal with eating disorders, and while its an obvious thing to most of us to drop sugar, not everyone is blessed with the ability to just never eat sugar again and not be tempted by it. This is a place where we can come to and celebrate small victories of good, healthier choices over past habits and addictions, both eating disorder sufferers and non-disorders alike. So if someone posts about how coworkers brought donuts into the office and they were able to pass it up, that should get a little high five because good for them. I happen to think that’s great.

Maybe you didnt understand the point of the thread? I dont say that jackassedly, but as an honest misunderstanding on your part? Else, I dont really see why it’s interesting to see donuts here.

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But those are some fine looking donuts. Maybe someday when if you ever get tempted and win the battle, you can share it with us and we can be happy for you :metal:

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Well, here you go then🤔
Santa Monica, CA


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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@moebius I’m not sure I can better explain the point of this thread, than what I already said in the first post.

That post is a great example. I think it epitomizes why this thread exists! Did you read the comments?

Correct me if I’m wrong, @Tmdlkwd, but did you buy donuts that day?

(BTW, the correct answer is “NO”, otherwise I’m banning you from the forum. :slight_smile:)

Whether or not Troy bought donuts that day, the point is he was trying to hold himself accountable by taking a picture of the donuts and posting it here, instead of eating one.

Sorry you misunderstood the purpose of this thread, it’s not about what we’re eating, it’s about holding ourselves accountable.

We should be seeing all sorts of pictures of stuff we shouldn’t be eating. That’s why there’s a trigger warning in the first post.

@x-Dena-x said it best, “Maybe someday when if you ever get tempted and win the battle, you can share it with us and we can be happy for you :metal:

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Just bought a lovely black iced americano ( no Added frosting, no sprinkles, no glaze, no powdered sugar ):joy: