What did you NOT eat today?


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What a sacrifice! I wouldn’t have been that kind. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’re the BEST HOUSEMATE, EVER! :+1:

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Man, I was so thinking the same thing. “DUDE, your hangover is not my issue. Nor is the fact that you are choosing to hang out here near the kitchen. I’m cooking now, you can either listen or go elsewhere, but I NEED TO EAT” :slight_smile:


I took one for the team today. Tomorrow I’m going to carve and cook a piece of his body if he even looks at me sideways.

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Enjoy that bacon. You deserve it!


I found myself with family in a dim sum restaurant around lunchtime. Used to be one of my favourite places to find myself if hungry, as it’s a glutton’s dream. You get presented with food non-stop and it’s easy to make choices, so you can eat a ton.

Most of it is, however, carbage. I was slightly hungry so I did eat, but managed to avoid 99% of what was put on the table and instead had a few keto-friendly options. Everyone was satisfied and I still got to eat in a place I thought would be impossible keto-wise.


Oh, and later went to Pike Place Market (in Seattle). It’s full of nice vendors selling yummy treats, sweet and savoury, and a place I used to enjoy visiting just for that. Now I was firmly focused on the Christmas festivities there today, didn’t eat a thing, and picked up a few things for my wife and daughter who chomped away on them. Seven months in this is easy and I don’t even think about it any more, but this time last year I would seriously have gorged on everything there (excuse of time of the year, not every day we’re at the market etc). I still love keto for giving me that reset button and treating food again like a “normal” individual.


These peanuts that are covered with a crunchy sweet shell and sesame seeds and some soy sauce they were sitting there at work and I left them alone.
cause they are little it’s almost like you think you can get away with it. But I did not go there. I love myself!

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Same here, @Gaff. It was so liberating to eat only what I wanted this Thanksgiving, and not feel like I was deprived because I wasn’t eating any desserts.

I’m so glad you had a good experience at a place that means a lot to your family. 2x the pleasure. Maybe more!

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Great point! I’m gonna remember that.

“I’m not denying myself, I’m loving myself.”

Yeah, so are viruses. :wink:

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I made up boxes for the homeless with all of the food we had from thanksgiving dinner. I handed them out.



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Judy, I knew you were a beautiful lady, but now I know you’re an EXCEPTIONAL one!

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Thank you, it was a tough day but in my opinion, it was worth it. I’m glad my writing made you feel like that, my ambition is to become an author so it really makes my day to hear that. Thanks again, I very might well counter some temptations again as my sister finds it absolutely hilarious to tempt me with her treats every single day but the fact that ‘she’ is tempting me is what keeps me strong because in no way ever, will she get me kicked out of ketosis.

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I didn’t have the chance to wander off as I was stuck in the corner of the room surrounded by children eating and playing but if my best friend wasn’t part of that crowd, I would totally barge by every person in the room to leave, fortunately for them, I just stayed and talked a bit to my best friend about keto (since she became exceedingly curious about what is keeping me from eating the cake - no diet made me resist the temptation before).

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Way to go Judy, I bet they were very thankful.

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Thank you. It really was a win win. I did not do a keto thanksgiving because I had 18 for dinner. My hubby and I are down 50 pounds together and we did not need the temptation. It’s cold here and we have a lot of homeless people here. I know that everyone has a story. I wish I could sit over coffee and listen to them all. I am involved in 3 charity’s and I am VERY BLESSED that I do not have to struggle with my bills and mostly have a stress free life. I believe that everyone has a little something to give and we should give a little more every day. Your compliment means a lot to me. Thank you


What did you have for dim sum? I suspect I’m going to go this week, and I’m not in the mood for carbs.


I avoided most of the food on carts although did get some green beans and garlic, and chicken feet (no sauce) from a cart. Ate lots of the feet.

They had a menu so I picked up some pork belly, shrimp and pork ribs (again no sauce). And drank oolong tea.

It might’ve been harder if they didn’t have a menu you could book ad hoc choices off as well. I learned from a past experience that the sort of dumplings you get in those places must be avoided as well. Of course you don’t eat the wrapping but you might be tempted to eat some of the fillings. Unfortunately there’s a heavy use of starches to keep a nice form for everything which you don’t want to be eating.

I had my glucometer in the car and checked it after eating, an hour after, and two hours after just because I was curious if I managed to steer clear of major carbs. Hardly any increase at all.


I’m going to have to learn to be early (Ha!) so I can fend off friends kindly ordering for me.


Ah that’s tough. Technically they can help you with some of the more complex Chinese to really vet the food choices, but can also be awkward if they think they get what you can eat and order some stuff specially for you, then you get there and are starting at a plate of meat drowning in a starchy sauce (“it’s not sweet!”) and feel bad because they were only trying to help.

Best way is to either be specific (please order X and Y, anything else I’ll pick up when I arrive), or ask people not to order anything because you might not like everything and need to see it first.

Or get there a bit earlier :slight_smile: