What did you learn today?


Nice @SecondBreakfast! That’s amazing!

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Do it!! I won’t need coconut flour for a good few months now!! :joy::joy:

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My food cupboards are full right now!!!

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Wow @SecondBreakfast, that is a good result in short period of time.

Ever since I went to the Carnivore con. in March, I have considered doing carnivore. But I love me some green things. But I could probably do a carnivore 72 hr. fast easily enough. Will have to give that idea a spin. Love the n=1 experiment ideas I get on the forums.


Honestly, I thought I was stalling out and was going to start trying to do a little more exercise. But, I was on another thread, pondering the idea of carnivore/mostly carnivore, requesting ideas for go-to carnivore foods - and decided to just give it a whirl.

I like greens tremendously too! I grow them, right along side my beef cattle. But, if eliminating the tiny bits of carbs from even those greens could produce results like this, I can live without greens every single day, like I was eating before. I might just try having greens on special occasions, rather than routinely.

The only thing non-carnivore that I’m not quite over yet are pecans and macadamia nuts. I have a few to munch on sometimes, and it kills off the craving for sweets and other garbage foods. But, I’ve gotten over the olives, pickles, salads, etc. for now. I feel spectacular! Give it a go! The veggies will still be growing in a week or so!


That’s crazy!
I’ve dropped 4 in 48 hours. Now I feel challenged to beat, or at least meet, your success. Yes, I’m very competitive, lol.

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I too have been considering carnivore.
I learned if i put butter and cinnamon on macadamia nuts and warm them up for a minute in the microwave I think I am eating dessert.



Meant to reply to your post, not my reply. Oops!

Well, never got close to matching your 72 hour loss. I needed 2.8, but only managed 1.8. Still, I have 45 minutes left to orchestrate a 1 pound :poop: to pull it off. :grin: Maybe I’ll eat straight coffee grounds to get things moving!

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Or drink salt water!


Hmmmmmm… :thinking:
How much do I need, do you think?

Nm, found a recipe.

I’ve drank 2 cups so far (half the recipe). I feel like I’m drowning in the ocean.

I’m feeling some rumblings but I don’t think it’s gonna happen in the next 5 minutes. Oh well!


Lol!! I’ve been drinking Dr. Berry’s Keto-ade, and wonder if that’s not a big part of how the weightloss happened.
Here’s the recipe, if you want to try it:
Fizzy water, like Perrier
1/2 tsp no salt(potassium chloride)
1/2 tsp good salt
5+ drops liquid stevia
1 ounce ACV
drop or so of essential oil. I use orange oil, and use more like 5-10 drops to erase the ACV taste.
So, put all that in a large drinking container, top off with fizzy water and ice.
Not bad.


Right now I’m just drinking a gallon of lemon water a day, sucking on big chunks of pink salt washed down with coffee (yum), and twice a day I pour some Lite Salt into the palm of my hand, lick it up and wash down with the lemon water. If I ever get behind in supplementing usually my first symptom is lightheadedness, which I rectify by drinking pickle juice.

My stomach is grumbling from all that salt water earlier. That what I get for trying to game the system. I’m afraid to fart.

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Been there (other causes though)!

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All you need is a tot of tequilla for a Keto
friendly slammer😀


I can’t stand tequila, it smells like rotting death to me. :nauseated_face:


I knew already I can’t stand hot weather in summer. Long summers. Today and these days in central Europe I learnt I will put all my effort to reach a goal - not having to live in this heat. As much as I will be trying to stay healthy and lose weight and look nice and all that, I do not want having to put up with these awful, scorching, depressing, unwholesome, damaging heats for half of the year. Won’t be better with ageing, but i swear it didn’t use to be like this before. I also hate all people that venerate what they call “summer” and how beneficial it is.
I’m losing my willingness to do absolutely anything in these temperatures, physically, mentally…
Sticky, sweaty, flaunting season of show-offs and pretense happiness. Take me to cold countries, I’ll be good!


That’s what you’re supposed to do when it’s hot! Siesta in the afternoon like people who live around the Mediterranean. People in the American South sit on their porches in the shade and drink iced tea and don’t do anything active. Spring and Fall and seasons for activity. Summer mornings maybe. Summer afternoons are for being languid. I hate people who ruin lovely warm days by complaining about the heat and refusing to live like it’s hot. :grin:


No, no. I will chose hot when I want to - I reserve it for holidays. I do not otherwise function - I mean it, including brain, metabolism, digestion - in the heat. I feel to sit 12 hours since the sun rise till sun set and do nothing a waste of my life. I need to do things before I die.
And besides, spring and fall are so reduced here, and no one talks about them anyway. I don’t remember when I heard anyone (esp.younger person) say the word “autumn”. Climate is changing and I am saddened that people just put up with it.

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Oh dear :roll_eyes: All the more for me then :smiley:


I don’t know what I did wrong. It’s been 6 hours and nothing is happening other than a pissed-off tummy. I’m afraid to take a nap in case I shart in my sleep!

I’ll try anything once. Don’t think I’ll be doing this again :upside_down_face: