What did you learn today?

(Running from stupidity) #1

OK, this is a very simple thread premise - what did you learn today (keto or otherwise)?

Did you listen to a podcast? An audiobook? Watch a Youtube clip? Read a book? Read something on the web?

What did it say to YOU? Did you get anything from it? If you did, THIS is the place to put that pearl of wisdom.

Let’s crowdsource our learning, so we can all benefit from each other’s learning.

Don’t worry about whether someone else has mentioned something similar earlier. Who cares? Give YOUR take on it. Or just put the concept here again because it’s worth it to you. More people being impacted by the same thing speaks to the importance of that concept, so doubling up is GOOD, not bad.

Some examples of what you MIGHT want to do follow, but they are just examples. Do your thing. Tell us what spoke to you today, what hit you.

Individually we’re all pretty smart (being on keto shows that :slight_smile: But together, we’re FAR smarter.

Let’s increase our knowledge base exponentially. Let’s make this something we can dip in and out of in the future and get something gold out of.

What I Learned Today, The Sequel
(Running from stupidity) #2

Read this in The Obesity Code (Jason Fung) and found it really interesting.

The fundamental biological principle at work here is homeostasis. There
appears to be a “set point” for body weight and fatness, as first proposed in
1984 by Keesey and Corbett. Homeostatic mechanisms defend this body
set weight against changes, both up and down. If weight drops below body
set weight, compensatory mechanisms activate to raise it. If weight goes
above body set weight, compensatory mechanisms activate to lower it.

The problem in obesity is that the set point is too high.

Great book, BTW, everyone should read it.

(Running from stupidity) #3

Thought for the day (and hopefully for the rest of my life): I don’t need as much food as I think I do.

I’ve spent a lifetime being a big eater. I was raised by loving food-pushers to never really get hungry, and when eating, to make sure I always had eaten ‘enough’. Not a sparse ‘enough’, but frankly, all the way to full. And if any of us didn’t like what was served, we would get an alternative, acceptable item. Eating, being nourished, was paramount. It wasn’t just love, it was perceived survival. No one ever went hungry in my home of origin. This was an unspoken given. And going into adulthood, not only was it not questioned, it never reached any level of awareness. Eat. Eat ‘enough’. It was automatic, like cellular respiration. It just was.

So, 7 decades later (How did that happen???) I’m still eating ‘enough’. While I am adhering and losing weight, it is slowly. But the fantasy of one pound per week is intoxicating… So, while I find it somewhat frightening that someone is going to take my food away, I need to experiment again with eating somewhat less in a meal. We’ll see how that goes.


I grabbed this from Alexia’s accountability thread (with her permission) as I found it to be very profound, and a terrific example of the great material we have here, but might get missed.

(Running from stupidity) #4

When making Ghee, you have to watch it carefully, or you’ll end up with burned butter…

Not that’s a BAD thing, necessarily, but it might not be what you want.


(Eric - Less is more!) #5

Where did the learnings from Megan Ramos Diet Doctor podcast go? I was reading them and flash, gone. BTW - this is a good idea this thread.

(Running from stupidity) #6

They were a bit much for an example, I thought, so I took them away :slight_smile:

I’ll put them back tomorrow once the thread has a some more posts in it. They were a bit long and involved to have too close to the top. Didn’t want people to think that they had to write a damn thesis, just because I had :slight_smile:

(Ilana Rose) #7

This fact never ceases to amaze me. I’m OMAD most days but if I feel very hungry at midday I will do 2MAD. Every once in a while 2MAD goes for several days in a row. It’s AMAZING to me that I can literally double my food intake for 4 days and the scale WILL NOT BUDGE.

That is what is so dumb about the endless CICO vs not argument that I keep seeing. Almost no one here is denying that CI = CO is happening at some base physical level (even if some people insist that IS what people are saying). What they are saying is that it’s a completely useless concept for weight loss and yet it’s the DOMINANT weight loss theory. Eat less and move more just doesn’t work and that’s what people actually MEAN by CICO.

(Carl Keller) #8

This is true for me also. It felt wrong when I first tried it but my magic scale dispelled my worries.

@juice Great idea for a thread.

(Karen) #9

I’ve heard this set point theory before. I also heard that the only way to move your setpoint is by fasting.

(Karen) #10

One way to see if you can eat less, while still eating enough, might be to portion off a quarter of your food. Then eat 3/4 of your food and leave the other quarter on your plate to eat later. Psychologically you’re not being deprived because you can see the food is still there but you let your stomach rest for 20 minutes and see if you’re really hungry. If you are eat the last quarter. Just a thought I had. In this case it’s not about serving yourself 3/4 of the amount that you feel you might eat which might feel like deprivation. I know for me to feel full when I eat a meal I need bulk. Are used to get the bulking feeling from bread. I can sometimes get that stomach stretching feeling from leafy greens. Much of keto food is actually quite dense.

(Jane) #11

I believe this to be true.

(Karen) #12

This is what I actually learned in the early hours of today. I am not sleeping well because my wrist hurts, so I was listening to the carnivore cast podcasts, and this episode is about Dr. Nevada gray. She was doing some serious healing using carnivore. I’m going to have my bone set and pinned soon, and I would like to do what I can to promote healing. You might be interested in this podcast.

(Kate) #13

If you put bacon in the oven then go for a nice sit down with a cup of coffee and forget about it, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with charcoal. It goes from nicely crispy to black and inedible very quickly!

(Karen) #14



Today my 13-year old did something that I’ve been wanting him to do. I never nagged him to do it, but rather did it myself and asked him if he’d like to come along each time I did it. He always said no, until this morning. And, today, once it was done, “can we go next week?” :smiley:

Reminds me of the story of a man and his son trying to push the calf into the barn. No matter how hard they pushed and pushed, the calf wouldn’t budge. Then, the milkmaid came along, dipped her finger in some milk and led the calf into the barn with just her finger. Too often we think pushing as hard as we can is the best strategy, when sometimes leading with gentleness works so much better (and is easier!)

(Catherine) #16

Keep Calm and Keto On. I hear this over and over on the 2KD podcast but haven’t had to really put it into practice until these holidays rolled around. I learned that no matter what weight I am, someone is going to say I’m too big or too little. I have gotten better at shutting them down but when your family is telling you to eat something cause “you’re wasting away” not understanding how much you enjoy all the wonderful keto meals everyday, it gets tough. I eat better and more than ever before and feel great. I know that’s what really matters. So I’ll Keep Calm and Keto On.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #17

So a bit of math puts Alexia at being born about 1948ish, which means her parents were likely kids during the Great Depression. They possibly did not get enough food. We try so hard not to cause the next generation to suffer the pain we did. I see it here in China. Friends over 50 never speak of the past. But the imprint of the past is there in the way they pressure their kids to make money. Poverty is terrifying.

Love never fails, but sometimes we do.

On the other hand I’d rather be loved and overweight, and even diabetic, than be unloved.

But my preference is loved and healthy weight.

(Ilana Rose) #18

See, super powers! :smiley:

And yes, I too LOVE this thread idea. @juice

(Bacon is the new bacon) #19

(sob!) :scream:

Oh, and what I actually learned today is that alcohol isn’t a carbohydrate, by definition. Funny—I always thought it was. The things we learn! :bacon:

(ANNE ) #20

I guess I have learned a lot, not just today, but this whole last year where I found keto, and a way of eating that could help me shift my resistant middle age spread.
I have learned that I can fall off the horse, lose the wagon it was pulling and still hitch a ride back on, with some friendly posts and threads on this site.
A happy and successful year to you all.