What did you learn today?


I learned that I might be smarter than the average bear, but not smarter than @FrankoBear.


:smile::smile:I think yogis have it together better than me. I’m just accumulative curious about things.

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How about endurance? The next time you get grumpy for having to spend an hour at the market shopping for meat, remember this man who spent 8 hours chasing down his dinner:


Just as Graham Hancock would say-worst comes to worst, we would all flock to hunter-gatherers and beg them to take us in :wink:

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It would be quite a burden for those ~400,000 people, taking all 7,699,615,000 of us in. :smile:


I doubt that many of us would survive to flock… i need glasses or contacts, -6.5 on both eyes, i’m probably in the first line of “natural selection, only the fit survive” :wink:

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That’s why we’re hairless, bipedal and carry fat the way we do!?

Also… very carnivorous like whales and dolphins :smiley: … had to throw that in

The omega 3 probably accelerated our brain development too. :slight_smile:


I’ve learnt that even one hour of good excrercise has made a difference in my butt muscles and legs and i can feel the tone and firmness already. Its motivating at the least.

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What I learned from the above video that Karim posted…

There is such a thing as Obesogenic Rat Chow! LOL! And it has the same proportions as the SAD! Yikes!

Also, you can tell if you are fat adapted by how much CO2 you exhale compared to how much oxygen you inhale. Does this mean it is “greener” to be fat adapted? Can I get some kind of tax break from this?

Also, the mitochondria in a 70 kilo person make 70 kilos of energy daily. Things that make me go hm. I wouldn’t mind someone explaining that further.

Nice video, great speaker. Thanks.


I learned today that putting grated Parmesan cheese on a George Foreman grill and frying it is the most amazing thing ever, and is a very fast way to eat almost an entire container of cheese…I’m going to feel that later, not regrets though :rofl:


Yep. And then they have the nerve to report that as “high fat”.

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Sometimes, we just need a hand

Not to help us, or pick us up, but just to be there - the power of human contact (physical or virtual) is amazing


Severe IR can create insulin levels of 1000. :dizzy_face:

And a couple of fructose related tidbits.

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forward 11 minutes in… wow!

some people have a muted GIP (gastrointestinal peptide), so eating sugar doesn’t cause as significant an insulin effect! Eating glucose increases insulin MORE than taking intravenous glucose - and this is why.

19 minutes in… high basal insulin (fasting insulin) can stop weight loss, even with keto (in the beginning) since it’s not diet based.

33 minutes in… lean mass loss with fasting (increasing and then decreasing)

35 minutes in… metabolism increases for the first three days of fasting, and then drops…

37 minutes in… the “furnace” model

40 minutes in… protein sparing modified fast (0.7g / lb of total mass)

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I’ve learned that I probably should stick to OMAD. I decided to try to do some lunch because I was a bit hungry (I could have just not eaten)…

Its surprising how easily carbs (from coconut/almond flour) can add up. Also, protein.

My macros:
Net Carbs: 10g
Fat: 65g
Protein: 31g
Calories: 779

I had 2 beef hot dogs (2g carbs) and a home-made “bun” that was basically a small amount of fat head pizza dough. I was surprised at how quickly it added up. This was at around noon.

Pre-meal readings:
BG 97, BK 0.9

4-hour post-meal (after running to the grocery store):
BG 101, BK 0.4

15m later (or so, after drinking it)
BG 121, BK 1.3
30m after drinking (or so)
BG 114, BK 1.2
Probably won’t test again until supper
Need to find a way to keep BG low again

After testing I had some water w/ MCT powder, so interesting to see what my readings will be.

Recently my BG has been higher than my average, and I’m not really sure why. I think I also need to make sure that I’m drinking enough water (and iced green tea w/ peppermint tea).


This is how some gastric bypass surgeries ‘cure’ diabetes within a few days.

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I hadn’t heard that. I have friends who have had the surgery and some can eat sugar and others it practically sends them into a coma from the sugar crash, so insulin has to be high for them or something else is going on.


Depends on the type of surgery. Some bypass parts of the stomach with the incretin sensors.

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These are all RNY patients. Are you saying there are different ways to perform the RNY procedure? Not arguing - just wanting to understand more about it all.