What did you learn today?

(Jane) #1485

I learned my chickens LOVE yogurt! I had read about that and had some with a little mold on top, so I scooped that out and discarded and put the rest in a bowl for them.

Claudia was the first to try it (as usual) and she kept wiping her beak on the grass after every bite. So fun to watch them all!

(Kirk) #1486

I recently learned the rules have changed for blood donations in Canada. I was unceremoniously booted from the program five years ago after I had a heart attack. (Triggered by CO buildup thickening my blood from a fire attack). I challenged my ban recently at the provincial headquarters, and learned I could donate again if in good health with no heart issues. Keto has helped me get below my high school weight, and fitter than I’ve been in decades. I’m back, baby!


I have a pic somewhere of my chickens eating yogurt for the first time. They were going at it so fast and furious that it was flying everywhere. The pic shows it even on the top of their heads! Going to find the pic now…

(Ellen) #1488

Woot! That’s great :grin: Everyone that can, should; you might just help save a life.


Well, thought the pic was on my phone but I can’t find it. Oh well.

(Jane) #1490

Awww… thanks for looking.

Yesterday when I took them their first bowl Claudia walked right up to me, tilted her head and gave me the chicken eye, like “what’s this you are bringing us?”

She pecked all around the bowl w/o touching the yogurt then waited to see if it was still safe. Once she started eating it all 5 gathered round.

This morning I took their bowl out there and they came running out of the coop all excited. They cleaned that bowl in nothing flat! I had no idea it was such a treat for them.



Isn’t it adorable how excited they get?

(Carl Keller) #1492

20 Pounds Of Eggplant Equivalent To 1 Cigarette


(Jane) #1493

It is! This is my first flock and they are 15 weeks old now. I had no idea they would be so much fun to watch.

I also imitate their noises and they talk back to me.


They are drawn to anything red. Try throwing them some cherry tomatoes. They will lose their collective mind. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(KCKO, KCFO) #1495

I like eggplant but it would take me a LONG time to eat 20 lbs. of it.

Also the nicotine is not being inhaled into your lungs either. So I don’t think I will be removing eggplant from my veggies list, potatoes are off and tomatoes are a treat food only.

I am more concerned about the lectins in those veggies than the nicotine.

(Carl Keller) #1496

I thought it was interesting, not necessarily something that would keep me from eating eggplant. I’ve also read that nicotine can help lower insulin which explains why some people gain an obligatory 10-20 pounds when they quit smoking. It’s a neat paradox to eat something that helps lower your insulin. OTOH, smoking can increase triglycerides but I think we’re safe as long as we are not smoking the eggplant. :wink:

(Jane) #1497

I will! We should have more than we can eat in a few weeks looking at everything that has set so far.

(Troy) #1498

Cucumber Slice Masks
Eggplant Slice Nicotine Patches


(KCKO, KCFO) #1499

(Jane) #1500


Another Ancel Keys disciple who buried their data because it didn’t prove the diet-heart hypothesis. What a surprise.

(Eric - Less is more!) #1501


This just erks me off (I wanted to use stronger terms). Science is for answering questions not for confirming what we think we know.

My trust in nutrition science is so low now. I questions my doctors a lot, and I’m probably driving then crazy. I don’t give a damn anymore. N=1, my health, my life. I now ask what would my ancestors have done?

It is sad I guess when I can trust my twitter friends more than doctors with a decade of medical training. (except my doctor friends on twitter aka LCHF advocates) Yes I still go to doctors and I have worked mine into a place of understanding and agreement that what I’m doing is good for me. All 3 say fasting is good. Yes I’m lucky that way. But darn so many people have been led down some weird path of untruth.

I look around and so many people are obese and then there are the TOFI people just showing carbs and processed foods in their face.

There are bright spots. I’ll leave that for a later more positive post.

Sorry for so much negative energy. At 65yo I feel like I wasted so much lost energy and good times being sick and unhealthy. Ancel Keys go to ****.



Well, I’m 18 years behind you, but I can relate to the lost years (I’m sure most of us can!). If there had been more support for low-carb back when I was doing Atkins, I wouldn’t have spent the next 20+ years still obese. I feel kinda ripped off.

Doctors, by and large, are in the pocket of Big Pharma (thank you, Captain Obvious!), and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. All we can do is try to take charge of our own health, like you said. My health, my life. This is why I don’t go to doctors. I even buy antibiotics online to avoid doctors. Sometimes I feel like my vet is smarter than my doctor!

(Diane) #1503

It’s too bad that they included both butter and margarine in the saturated fat arm of the study. If they had excluded the margarine, it’s possible the conclusions might have been even clearer and stronger.

(Ashley) #1504

This is why I am glad I found Keto in my later 20’s rather than in my 50’s!