What did you learn today?

(Cindy) #1360

I’ve learned that it annoys me when people say they’ve “fasted” for 20 hrs. LOL Or 24 hrs. No, you just skipped a meal or two. It’s really not a big deal (even though I know for some that it can be). It’s annoying to me because the language is making it “bigger” than it should be. Like someone who is just hungry saying “I’m STARVING.” No, you’re just hungry.

I’ve also learned that eating salted pistachios at night makes me have fat little sausage fingers in the am. Definitely wouldn’t want to step on a scale right now! :smiley:


Not to be anal retentive, but fasting is defined by obstaining from food. That’s it. If someone skipped a meal, they did extend their fasting time. Where in the line should it be drawn before someone is allowed to call it fasting?

(Keto girl living in a carby world) #1362

Today I learned that can’t drink like I used to pre-Keto :woozy_face: but I also learned that I bounce back much more quickly these days.

(Full Metal Keto) #1363

Fasting terminology is confusing. Is OMAD 23/1 IF, And if you wait one more hour to eat is that a 24 hr EF? Seems trivial.

Keto Crotch…ridiculous anti keto scare tactic.

(Heather Meyer) #1364

Nope…i am in a womens keto forum on facebook and “Keto Crotch” is apparently a real issue…just ask their husbands!:joy::rofl:



(I say this as someone who used to frequent the Keto forums on FB)

(Cindy) #1366

Really has nothing to do about being “allowed” to call it fasting. Anyone can call it what they want, when they want. :wink: I also have no intention of drawing any lines.

I thought I explained that it was just annoying to me. Yes, fasting is abstaining. So people can say “I FASTED all night long. Whoo-hoo!” But really, they were sleeping. Or I fasted for 12 hours (skipped lunch). LOL

The problem I see with it is that the language makes it bigger than it really is…and that sometimes makes people think it’s harder (or more important) than it is. Again, I know that for some people, skipping a meal is a BIG DEAL. But an 18 hr fast can be sleeping, then skipping breakfast, which can be as simple as someone woke up late and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1367

So Facebook makes women’s crotches smell bad? I’d love to see the research on that one! :grin::rofl:

(Eric - Less is more!) #1368

I learned today that people can be pedantic about negatives and their opposite positives. Is it TRF or is it IF? I don’t give a blur. I use the concept of both to help me with fixing my metabolic morbidity and that is what I care about.

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #1369

@Janie What happened to the old what I learned today thread?

(Susan) #1370

I learned that “Muting” a thread you find offensive only works if you don’t see it in other threads.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #1371

Fuck it - I can remain silent & swear free no more. Keto Crotch is not a thing. NOT A THING.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1372

I learned that @Regina doesn’t have to worry about keto crotch because she’s menopausal. I also learned that you don’t have a vagina anymore after menopause. Thanks Regina. :joy:

(Diane) #1373

This would surely be a problematic state of affairs!

(Karim Wassef) #1374

weight watchers ‘promotional’ science?

(Diane) #1375

Have a :purple_heart: (out of likes again).

And thanks for sharing this link!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #1376

How do you mute a thread in here? That is definitely something I would like to learn today.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #1377

At the bottom of the topic it says Tracking or Normal, click on that and you can change your status to anything from Watching to Muted.

(Jane) #1378

Apparently it got deleted by accident.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #1379

Cool! Thank you!