What did you Keto today?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #9253

Never tried making hard boiled eggs with the sous vide stick. Though I have done egg bites, which are great.
Hard boiled eggs work fantastic in the Instant Pot. 7-9 minutes, with the lower end giving a softer yellow. Easy peel, too.


Inside day waiting out Typhoon Mangkhut. Not super dangerous where I am, but we were told to stay inside and nonessential businesses are closed… so… egg loaf!


Salmon with Egg w/ bacon/sausage casserole, Cauliflower, pickles, olives and cheese.



(Lonnie Hedley) #9257

Well, I guess I won’t be replacing my egg cooker with a sous vide. :confused:

(Karen) #9258

Colorful and salty delicious! Where do you find the jalapeño crisps?

(zeranity) #9259

They are “Fresh Gourmet Crispy Jalapenos”. I found them at Smiths (Kroger for east coast) in the produce area.

I have also seen them at Walmart/Targets as well.


Bacon and cheese omelette :egg::egg::bacon::bacon:


Just a Salad tip: Get your crunch back! I’ve read where folks mention eating a salad, but holding the croutons. Keep in mind, if you miss your ‘crunch’ as I do when eating salads, you can always add some broken up Pork Rinds’ … Believe me, you won’t miss your hard bread crunchiness anymore. :slight_smile: I myself use the plain, but I guess you could use the flavored rinds as well?

(Nicole Silvia) #9262

My daughter had a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from McD’s, so made my own :slight_smile:

I also added a little Walden Farms Maple Syrup, (0 calorie, 0 sugar but freakishly tastes, smells and looks like syrup) to create a McGriddle.

I’m only 1 month in, so still using some sweeteners. Hoping to get off them long term.

(Karen) #9263

Your biscuit looks great!


(Mike W.) #9264

Parmesan whisps work great too.

(Mike W.) #9265

Decided to try carnivore today. It’s hard to beat a $5 Costco rotisserie chicken.

(Wendy) #9266

How do you add salt? Is it a heat sealed bag? It looks and sounds wonderful!

(Wendy) #9267

This afternoon for breakfast :blush: I had gyro meat with a little onion, a couple slices of tomatoes and am avocado. There was some cucumber sauce on there but not very much. :slightly_frowning_face: I enjoyed it very much though! I don’t even miss the pita. Sorry no picture, I was too hungry.
Tonight were having grilled ribeye! I am SO spoiled!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #9268

I just use heavy duty ziplock freezer bags, so I just popped the bags out, unzipped, and pulled the steaks out to salt and pepper. Then back in the bags and back in the bath. I use the water displacement to get the air or if the bag.

Easy peasy.

(Mic Cullen) #9269

12-hour sous vide rump steak, cheesy cauliflower and broccoli bake, and some wasabi paste.

Also bacon, as it was my only meal for the day and I was worried I wasn’t getting enough protein :slight_smile:


Back to Cheesy Taco’s tonight! … 3 Mexican Cheese Tacos with beef and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms, with some bacon slices (Not shown) … Then tried some home made Keto Ice Cream afterwards. :slight_smile:

(Eric) #9271

We love cheese taco shells.

This looks so delicious.

(Eric) #9272

Cauliflower steak with fresh grated parmesan cheese and garlic. Fried in avocado oil. Fresh avocado. Rib Eye steak with artisan smoked blue cheese and artisan smoked sea salt. We sear the steak, dip it in butter and grill it for like 2 minutes. Mushrooms cooked with a little onion in butter.

BTW - I’m the artesian that smokes the cheese and salt.