What did you Keto today?

(Sophie) #8631

The extra yolks can also be used for mayo…just sayin. :smile: I’m just lazy that way!

(Jane) #8632

Shrimp Pad Thai using 2KD’s recipe for Chicken Pad Thai.


(Dave) #8633

All these cool recipes, and I’m about to fast this week. :upside_down_face:

@JustPeachy - Yep, there is that. Didn’t think of that, thanks.

@Janie That does look good, and I’ve always been partial to Asian dishes. I even made my own version of Stir-Fry, where I created a gravy instead of the liquid, and the wife wouldn’t eat it the other way after trying it. Always wanting extra gravy. … I eat quite a bit of sea food; crabs, shrimp, scallops, fried oysters, etc.

Tonight, split a 2" thick London Broil Steak with my son. Of course, topped with creamy mushrooms and sauce. Actually, I think I made too much sauce this time.

(Gabriel G.) #8634

What recipe is that?

(TJ Borden) #8635

(A Tabitha Ann Swanks) #8636

The stevia raw I read in the store said maltodexrin. The only thing I found that didn’t was the liquid.

(Jane) #8637

I’d like to try that next time I am home!

Can you stop after the 30 min in the smoker and refrigerate it? Then slice off what you need each meal and pan fry like you do store bacon?

It looks like the final product is fully cooked.

How do you do yours @Baytowvin? And how do you reheat when ready to eat it?

(Ernest) #8638

Balls everywhere…

(Laurie) #8639

Hi, I’m a new member returning to this way of eating. Happy to be here! These are the “meals” I ate today–a bit more dairy than I normally have:

  1. Cheese, bell peppers.

  2. Celery, hummus.

  3. Italian sausage, kale, cheese.

  4. Small amount of sour cream with stevia.

  5. Powdered greens, supplements.

(Ellie) #8640

Hummus is pretty high in carbs. Do you stick to less than 20g carbs per day?

(TJ Borden) #8641

I actually skip the oven and just bring it to temp in the smoker, so it generally ends up smoking for 3-4 hours.

(Jane) #8642

Ah, thanks. I wondered about that. Lots of trouble to soak to mesquite or hickory chips and fire up the smoker for only half an hour and then move it to the oven.

(Lonnie Hedley) #8643

(Doug) #8644

Disappointing picture; fluorescent lighting makes it look more green/yellow - in reality it’s more orange.

From a 2 lb/907g block of colby cheese. Warmed up some from refrigerator temperature - I’m guessing it’s halfway or a little more of the way to room temp. - still cool to the touch. It gets softer and more pliable, then, and it’s easy to grab a hunk and bend it, breaking it off the main chunk.

Vastly different than just cutting a piece of colder cheese with a knife - there is considerably more aroma, and the taste is magnified. There is also that visible “curd structure” and somehow this makes a big difference too - you put some in your mouth and don’t even have to chew it - magically, the essense is there.

Absolute Heaven.

(Laurie) #8645

Thanks, @Jacymac. Between the hummus and lots of veg and the powdered greens, plus 6 carbs in the sausage, I guess it added up to too much; pee stick didn’t show any color.

I do want to stay below 20 carbs daily. I am aware of the carb content of everything I eat. I think it’s more of a discipline problem, thinking I can get away with a bit of this or that. If I want hummus-like dip, I can make it out of canned black soybeans (no tahini). And cut back on vegetables and/or powdered greens.

Lesson learned!

(Sophie) #8646

All cheeses benefit from allowing to come to room temp. I always take mine out of the fridge an hour before dinner. It really does up the flavor factor! :+1:

(Lonnie Hedley) #8647

Mmm, fat.

(Carol M) #8648

yummy! I have been making creamy mushroom sauce after cooking a steak lately. THE BEST FOOD AROUND! I feel so deprived… ha.

(Doug) #8649

:smile: Lonnie, you can darn near just put that bowl back in the cupboard.

(Lonnie Hedley) #8650

Who said I didn’t? :joy::rofl: