What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Allie) #2612

This morning I start the day with six of my girls’ finest, scrambled in ghee with salt and pepper - and fatty coffee.

(Brandy) #2613

Those eggs are beautifully done.

(Jody) #2614

I did eat 100% raw ground beef (i eat raw liver at time as well) so I guess I would have to live “underground” if I lived in Canada :rofl:

That is EXACTLY what the cheese was. Good eye! :+1:

(Jody) #2615


That lamb looks AMAZING !! I have been on a bit of a lamb kick myself. When we go to Texas de Brazil, the “Lamb Guy”** knows me and will cook things specifically for me and bring them directly to the table.

** Every time we have been, and that’s a bunch, it’s the same guy that cooks/servers the lamb and that seems to be all he does.

(Jody) #2616

Last night, I had an invite from a vendor to see the Disney’s Lion King live action movie … for free. So we went but before we got there, we had 5 Guys **. I had 4 solo patties (7.60) which was 0.21 more than a regular bacon cheese burger ($7.39) … so not a bad deal.

** I have never been a fan of 5 Guys because I feel their meat is WAY to over cooked and dry. I stand by that, but since going Carnivore and eating just patties from various locations, I have discovered they aren’t really any worse than anywhere else.

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2617

I need to get me a Pyrex dish! The one I have is too big!

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #2618

Looks lovely! Can’t wait to make one when I get myself a proper Pyrex bowl!

(Jacqueline Porter) #2619

Mum and I went to our new favourite pub!

Had an amazing tapas starter! No to the bread of course! (will defo have as a main next time).
Then a burger with cheese and bacon, some crispy onions that I managed to resist, and salad. I couldn’t eat it all and honestly don’t know how I could have ever added a bun and fries to that meal!


That all looks fresh and delicious! Strangely, I think food somehow tastes better at an “Inn.”


I have never made poached eggs. Never really appealed to me but have become bored with my normal fried eggs and bacon. Thought I’d try it. And wouldn’t you know, the one egg I chose happened to be a double yolk egg. The poaching part was way easier than i thought it would be. I put it atop bacon slices. But when I went to cut into the middle to see my first poached egg yolk oozing out, I cut right between the two yolks. Haha!

It was wonderful and delicious! More poached eggs for me!

(Allie) #2622

I’ve never poached either… should try really.

(Susan) #2623

It is not illegal here, just people would freak out and tell you you will get reall really ill from eating it kind of thing…


Yep, we have and probably will this year too. V was just speaking about doing this the other day. Though, I do prefer eating them fresh of course, it is nice to have it later in the year though. :slight_smile:

It does indeed work quite well. :+1:


Well I took today off to make a longer weekend, and the Wife really likes when I’m home. :slight_smile: She went and made a real nice early-Midday meal. Even put it on a big ole’ platter. - Big Jumbo Cheese Burger with Bacon and fried Eggs on top, along with a couple 1/4 lb. Hotdogs, more Bacon and Eggs on the side. And some Cherry Tomatoes. Also had a glass of Almond Milk and 2 Squares Lindt’s 90%.

This plate is actually quite huge and the burger looks hidden…

You can see it a little better once I cleared some stuff out the way. :slight_smile:

(traci simpson) #2626

Chicken thighs, collards. Egg salad some pickles and my attempt at KETO Cheesecake!


How was the cheesecake?

(traci simpson) #2628

Not too bad. I forgot to make the topping!


Looks good though!

(traci simpson) #2630


(Jacqueline Porter) #2631

Wow! That looks amazing! I have also never poached an egg, well not successfully anyway😊.
I haven’t had a double yolk for years and years!