What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jane) #1950

I use 6-6-6 for “deviled” eggs because easy to remember LOL. Works also. Peel perfectly and hard boiled.

(Bacon for the Win) #1951

What is 6-6-6? I do 6 minutes, manual release, then ice bath. The only time it didn’t work was when the eggs were huge, but they were perfectly soft.


6,6,6 means 6 minutes under pressure, 6 minutes before you manually release the pressure, then 6 minutes in an ice bath.

(Bacon for the Win) #1953

huh. and they’re not over-cooked with the 6 min before release? I usually do manual release right after the 6 minute cook. Guess I’ll have to try it and see. Lately the size of the eggs has been sporadic, huge one week, tiny the next. I should find a local source.


Nelle, I should clarify that I answered for Janie. It’s her recipe, not mine. I was simply answering your question what the additional 6 meant in her instructions. Hopefully she will be around to answer your question whether or not they would be overdone.


I think different pressure cookers have different working times. I have an off-brand (Yedi) and 3 minutes and fast release makes soft boiled eggs, 4 minutes and fast release makes hard boiled. Works like a charm for the eggs I buy (local farm).


I was going to grill some salmon, but postponed it due to excessive heat. So I made a smorgasbord of meats and mini salads: Salami, German Bologna, smoked ham. Mixed greens as base for the salads, one with heirloom tomato and Feta cheese, one with mixed kraut, one with avocado and Feta…


Similar to yesterday, but 8 oz. of Cherry T’s, instead of 7, two cans Vienna’s and added Chocolate.


(Candy Lind) #1958

You can find as many ways to do eggs in the IP as you can for boiling on the stove top. Start from cold water? Take them off and let them continue to cook? Toss them in ice? How many minutes do they boil?

I like my yolks to be good and hard, so I do the 6-6-6 method. Others prefer 5-5-5, some change it up and cook on low, there are all kinds of methods. I remember seeing (I think it was on the “two sleevers“ website) a comparison of a bunch of different methods and what the eggs look like when you finish each one. I thought that was the most helpful because it shows the result, when the other places say “the best way is this” and you don’t know if their favorite way is the same as yours!


Dinner… Salmon, Cauliflower in Butter and some Cheese, Pickles and Olives.


(Jane) #1960

Yes, @Athena61 is correct on the recipe I use and they aren’t overcooked for my tastes and peel like a dream!

(Jane) #1961

Spaghetti with meat sauce (Rao) and angel hair cabbage for “noodles”


Buttery salmon, zucchini, heirloom tomato and shitake mushrooms. Not pictured, lemon and a tall glass of sparkling water with a shot of Vodka and a little lemon juice.


Lunch on a very busy day… Couple Teas, Vienna’s, Deviled Ham, Sardines, Sauerkraut, Pepperoni, Cherry Tomatoes, Swiss and Cheddar Cheese. Also had 1 oz. Salt & Vinegar Almonds.



A vaguely pizza like thing yesterday :smiley:

“Everything I have” (not completely but close, I used near every options I have now). Egg, pork skin, tuna, sour cream and cheese.

People talks about (not eaten) ice cream in a carnivore topic… So I made some and ate it.

Carnivore-ish day #4 because I need it for various reasons.


The crust looks nice and crispy - was it?

(Jane) #1966

Egg cauli salad and cucumber (garden)/avocado/feta salad

Soup from leftover roast and misc garden veggies


No, it was firm enough to hold a slice but somewhat soft as the main ingredient was egg, I don’t know if a different preparation could change it but I probably should add something that makes it firmer, harder to begin with… And still wouldn’t be crispy, probably. I am bad at crispy in general. But it tasted good and it’s usually enough for me. But I probably will experiment a little in the future.

(Amy the Bunyip vadáz 🤺 🦄) #1968

@Shinita Mmmmmmmm looks great :wink:


Late, late lunch today. Spent half the day training 1/2 dozen folks out at the pumping stations, but after one of the stations was struck by lightning last week, we are having major power issues… with more storms coming tomorrow and then possibly Tuesday with Hurricane Isaias heading up the East Coast.

Cooked 5 Italian Sausages last night. Added some Red and Green Peppers, 1 onion and a little Rao’s Marinara Sauce & topped with Mozzarella Cheese. Cherry Tomatoes, and Deviled Ham. + 2 Iced Teas


Skipped Dinner last night, and will probably do the same tonight, since just getting done. … Top Sirloin in the Sous Vide since 5am, but will be find with some Fried Eggs tomorrow.