What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Bratwurst with Sauerkraut

Of course the brats were smoked in my wonderful smoker. :wink:


Forgot to post Dinner earlier… Left-over Hamburger with Mayo, and a chunk of Ribs. (Note: I only ate half of whats shown. Just didn’t feel like cutting it, so V ate the other half. She actually made a big slab yesterday, but I didn’t want much.



One of my favorites, heavy cream marinated beef liver, wrapped in bacon, with a medley of roasted mushrooms and heritage cherry tomatoes.

You may notice mushrooms being an ingredient in most dishes for some time - I love them and the farmer’s market has locally fresh grown ones that are just perfect.


Bacon and Eggs…



Dinner… Slow cooked Roast in the crock-pot, with onions, celery and Radishes. Wife brought my plate and I added butter, and she added some more of the onions and celery on top. Quite good…

IMG_4784 IMG_4785

(FRANK) #1935

Wow - a double case of the crabs!


Wurst salad (German Bologna, thin sliced onion, oil and vinegar, aged in fridge for at least 24 hours.) This pickles the bologna, and one can add hard boiled eggs or other finely sliced veggies. Refreshing on hot days. Also, some cantaloupe in whipped cream for desert.


Last minute decision to eat a lunch…



Woke up hungry for some reason, so there is a very rare breakfast of bacon and easy over eggs.


Dinner… Filet Mignon, and since it’s a bit small, threw in some Top Sirloin too. Plus some Shrimp.


(Candy Lind) #1940

Well, I’m approximately 1000 posts behind so here is one big
for all the lovely food porn I have missed out here on the road.

We continue to live dirty keto on the road. Every morning is fatty coffee. There are MANY MANY MANY Texas Steakburgers at Petro Stopping Centers (a 1-pound ground steak, normally smothered in onion and gravy, but we get it with cheddar cheese) because it’s the best buy out here (BTW DON’T EVER buy a steak at Petro/TA - these ground steaks are good but I’ve never gotten a steak above an “inferior” rating there.); or grilled whitefish or chicken, more broccoli and green beans than any human should eat, salads consisting of iceburg, grape tomatoes, and cucumber. BORING. All of the truck stop restaurants are serving a limited menu because they are so restricted on how many they can seat. We could get breakfast eaggs and meat, but getting them to sub vegetables for all the carby potatoes, pancakes and fruit is like pulling teeth. Sometimes we can find baked half chickens and caesar salads with (thank you) real romaine and parm as takeout in some Flying J’s. We take in our own butter and salad dressing when we’re able to dine in. When we can’t find those items, we eat summer sausage or beef sticks and cheddar, along with pickles here and there. I can’t wait to get home for Labor Day and get some ribs and chaffles going!

I am making a resolution to come in at least twice a week to look at the wonderful stuff you guys are cooking to get ideas for home time. I’ve been way too distracted for the last month.

(Candy Lind) #1941

What did you use to make it stick? Egg wash?


This was supposed to be four 1/4 pound Beef rolls stuffed with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and cheese. But, alas, it all fell apart when I moved it from my countertop grill to the plate. It still tasted great. I will attempt this again later, but I will either use eggs to bond the grass fed ground beef, or wrap the things in bacon or cabbage, which always works.

I had the eggs posted earlier for breakfast, 2 hot dogs with mustard later in the day, and this dinner. Way, way more food than I normally eat, it’s usually OMAD or a small lunch plus dinner, but I was hungry yesterday. Much to my surprise, I dropped another pound yesterday, now at 215 pounds, that’s 105 pounds lost. Slowly getting there … :smiley:


:+1: … Well done!

Lunch… 2 Iced Teas, 7 ounces Cherry Tomatoes, Pepperoni, Cheese, Pickles, Olives, Pickled Sausage, Potted Meat, Sardines and Smoked Vienna’s.


(Karen) #1944

I’m on a deviled egg kick. Although the other day and I made six eggs for deviled eggs in my Instapot only this time I force vented it. Turns out if you do that you end up with not hard boiled eggs but Soft boiled eggs. So for breakfast I had six lovely soft boiled eggs :roll_eyes:


Leftover steak with a microwaved omelet (hence the bowl shape) with baby Bella mushrooms and onion and sausage and shredded Mexican blend cheese, topped with chunky salsa and a cheddar jalapeno dip (essentially, a flavored sour cream).


(Jane) #1946

Yes, scrambled an egg and dipped the squash in it.


Dinner… Bacon-Wrapped Jalopena Poppers with Italian Sausage, Top Sirloin and Grilled Chicken bites.



Hi Candy. Nice to see you again!


My favorite recipe for HB IP eggs is 4,4,4. Perfect every time.