What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



A bit repetitive because these had almost the exact same ingredients (if we consider cooked and raw egg yolks not different, it’s the exact same) but it happens sometimes.

Rooster skin-egg flatbread and pancakes (3 pieces, all are different a bit). I had a carnivore-ish lunch. The ish part is due to my pickled eggs (and there is some dill on the sour cream on top of the flatbread but that’s carnivore enough for me).


The green background started to get a bit boring and I am elated my leander started to bloom in its usual not very generous way… :wink:

I started to have meatless carni meals now and then but it happens when I run out of normal meat and have lots of skin. At least when I get satiated quickly. It hard to imagine a big carni meal for me without meat.

I had theese too :slight_smile: One whole day in the beetroot pickle juice, that’s serious. I still find them funny. It’s not hard to entertain me… These are somewhat ugly, oh well, my not very hard-boiled eggs are against peeling but I am against eating very hard-boiled ones. They are pretty enough for me.

(Andrew Donaldson) #1911

Wow some amzing meals on this, im pretty new t this whole Keto thing, I started follwing plan really just cos they had a deal on , a couple month in now healthiest iv felt in a long time. Just owndering if any of you had experience with this plan and if its any good or am I better going with soemthing else.


I just use this. It’s a magnet on the refrigerator. Has all the permissible foods and their values.

(Andrew Donaldson) #1913

Thank you

(Kevin) #1914

Pickled eggs for the win. :sunglasses:

(Jane) #1915

Brats and mustard and a concoction from my garden harvest: tomatoes, squash, onions and a pepper. Only ingredients not from the garden were garlic and grated Parmesan cheese. A bit soupy from the tomatoes so had to use a bowl.


This may look like another of my bone broth and meat soups, but it’s not.

It’s a summer dish my mom used to make, and the ingredients may vary according to taste and availability. It is based on well jelled bone broth and/or powdered beef gelatin and vinegar. Meats, eggs and pickles (and/or other veggies, ) are layered and a sour vinegar and aspic liquid is poured over it. Then it sits in the fridge until jelled. This version has roast beef, hard boiled egg and pickles. The most common version has a smoked pork chop, boiled egg and pickles.

This is a super refreshing dish for hot days. First time I tried to do this - came out good but I should have used even more vinegar. It has a “pickled” taste…


Decided to have the Wife make me 3 Dungeness Crabs for today’s lunch, but she heard (‘plus a bunch more!’) :smile: So I’m loaded up with 5 different meetings today, so I only ended up doing half of what she prepared and will probably do the other half tomorrow. (For the crabs, Dungeness and Snow) I ate the Deviled Eggs and Cauli-Egg Salad, but since the meetings never stopped, I never did heat any of them up, so went cold Crabs, which I don’t mind at all. But no Butter was used today… Also had Cream Soda Zevia and 2 Bottles of Iced Tea and 25 Salt & Vinegar Almonds. (Still have one pail left for tomorrow)




Wasn’t really that hungry, but was quite thirsty for something other than water and Tea. So went ahead and had an Almond Milk with some Cherry Tomatoes, Greek Yogurt and Olives. And a couple Almonds



Leftovers from yesterday’s sour aspic (tastes even better today) with some Kimchi and Fromage Blanc.


Leftovers from yesterday’s Crab lunch… Dungeness and Snow, and I added some Vienna’s, Deviled Ham, Root Beer Zevia, Tea and an Almond Milk that was Camera shy. 25 Salt & Vinegar Almonds


(Jane) #1921

Squash casserole from garden squash and a sweet pepper Chicken croquettes. Subbed panko pork rinds for the bread crumbs


Looks good, Jane. … Did you do whole pieces of Chicken, or minced or shredded? I like making cakes or patties out of stuff, and also like using Pork Rinds for the crusts. But yours look like they came out nice.

Dinner was just a large Salad and Iced Tea. Feeling a bit blah. Just run down a bit…


Had to make some room in my freezer - so I was forced to eat shrimp, lots of shrimp… :smiley:


Delivered from the local Farmer’s market today(along with veggies and dairy): 2 Beef shanks (Osso Buco) and two New York steaks. These are HUGE! Can’t wait to taste some. I love that they now deliver, and that they have locally raised meats.

(Jane) #1925

I cooked 4 skiness boneless thighs in my instant pot for 25 minutes then shredded in the same mini food processor I use to make mayo.


Skipped lunch, and wasn’t sure if I was going to eat dinner, but decided to eat after-all…

Had 3 leftover Sausage, some Pickles and Olives. Then a Swiss Burger with Mayo and Mushrooms. (Saved some Mushrooms for the second one) Also had some Cauliflower in Butter.

IMG_4751 IMG_4752

IMG_4754 IMG_4756


Buttery salmon with roasted mixed mushrooms and zucchini.

And for desert: Raspberries in heavy cream. Unfortunately half of the raspberries mysteriously disappeared while I was fixing dinner… :smiley:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1928

Breakfast :fried_egg:



I don’t measure much overall, but do when I eat vegetables/produce, since they are the more carby and easier to overdo. But measured out some sliced Zucchini, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes and whole Blue Berries my Wife picked up. So I’m pretty much right at 20 carbs for the day with this. Tonight, if I eat, will be all meat, so getting in any carbs before getting to work on some things around the house…

Ate some Sausage (Links and Patties), along with the Cherry Tomatoes & Blue Berries, while the Wife fried up the Zucchini and Cucumber (Dipped in Egg first). Girls also got a couple of my Sausage Patties.
IMG_4762 IMG_4764

Zucchini on the left, Cucumbers right… Plus a few more Zucchini’s…
IMG_4766 IMG_4768