What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Been a long day, after a longer, stormy night… Lunch was Chicken Fritters, since the Wife wanted them again today. (She’s going to turn into a Chicken Fritter, me thinks. :smile:) … 4 Chicken Fritters myself, along with the rest of the Dungeness and Snow from last night. And a Cream Soda and Tea…

Came back in for a quick Dinner… The leftover Sausage dish I made the other night, along with some Strip Steak and Broccoli. - Also another Cream Soda, since I forgotten I had one earlier.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1851

Ya know, every time you post this I tell myself I need to make it!

(Jane) #1852

It is one of my go-to dinners. So much quicker and easier than cooking pasta!!!

This is what I use from Walmart - shredded finely (mostly) and no carrots.

(Karen) #1853

Me too! Love cabbage. Had a good fast yesterday. My guts are Squirrley today. That’s always so annoying. I’m having a little coffee, and then will have some broth later. I have some ground beef that I’m going to sauté up with my cabbage. Maybe some onion powder


Well, I have been trying like crazy for two days to upload an image - any image - I can’t even upload thumbnail size. I may be old, but I have been online since Commodore first came out with a PC and consider myself fairly computer savvy. I now will check on this with my service provider, I am on an upgraded DSL and have a slow connection, but no slower than it was when I uploaded all those dozens of pics here…it is a mystery to me. Anyway, I made a pot roast in the crock pot function of the instapot off-brand I have, and it was very good. The next day I turned the leftovers into a stew, which was even better. Some things just taste better after sitting and melding flavors for a day or two. I have been hungry lately, and if and when I eat more than one meal, I have been keeping the additional food pure carnivore.


Have you tried running a speed-test to check your current connection rate? … A couple months ago my connection at home was running extremely slow for everything, including computers, TV, etc. and so I wasn’t sure if the number of folks being/staying at home due to the epidemic might be part of the cause having even more traffic than the norm? So I called my provider and asked if they could check into it for me, and they did confirm it was indeed running on the slower side. So I asked them to do a reset and it seemed to help quite a bit. - I also confirmed this on my end, running a speed-test using speedtest.net For being so far down in the country, I actually get pretty good connection speeds but still wish it was nearly as fast as I get here at work. It’s crazy fast compared to my home connection, but has it’s own issues with all the safety protocols/programs they have running in the background. But it’s still much quicker overall. But I definitely saw a better upload of images once I had them do this.

Could be worth checking into?


That’s why I plan to contact my service provider, I just upgraded to a faster speed, but the opposite seems to have happened.


So a reset might just help indeed, especially if your recent upgrade didn’t take properly? I hope it does work for ya, because I know it’s a pain, but even more so when you’re paying for it. (They may even request you to run a speed test, but if not, you could always do so yourself before and after and see if the numbers tell the tale.)

And speaking of that, I’ve always wondered about this as well…

I mean, sure, I also pay for the fastest service they claim too, but still makes ya wonder why they can’t just have one connection speed and rate it across the board? … Like a certain company delaying and holding back orders in the hope some folks will join up for their ‘premium’ delivery service. :smile:

(Jane) #1858

I hated being on DSL but until AT&T started providing wireless internet that was my only choice. Sometimes pics wouldn’t upload at all from my phone so I turned off my wireless and uploaded on LTE.


Yeah, being off the grid some does have it limitations. I think I only have two providers where I’m at? … Now if I can just get them to switch-out those hamster wheels for some wheels large enough for some draft horses, I could be rockin’ some true power! :smile: :horse:

Decided to also eat a late lunch today… Just wanted something salty to be honest.

Deviled Ham, Potted Meat, Vienna’s (Smoked and Original) Pickled Sausages and Pickles.



I am stuck with DSL unless I want to go satellite, and that is faster but more intermittent. The good thing about my DSL is that there is no limit as far as my online time goes, and I do spend a lot of time online. I only use my PC, and am the only user on this line. There is one more upgrade I can do to get more speed, the lowest rate is for just browsing and email. I did upload and download and stream on that and thought to improve performance, but the old speed did work and the new one doesn’t seem to.


Yeah, I agree with ya on that. The other provider besides the one I am currently using is also satellite based, and those around me using them complain at times about their service being intermittent.

(Jane) #1862

Yeah, that was our only options until last year also and we chose DSL over satellite. The AT&T is an antenna they installed on our house that picks up the nearest cell phone tower but operates on a different frequency/band than cell phones.

There is a limit to the GB usage but we’ve never hit it and extra GB is cheap.

Anyway, I hope you figure out your issue - frustrating to not be able to upload pics!


Dinner a little while ago, got stuck in the yard working… Top Sirloin, Cauliflower with Butter, Sharp Cheese, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes and a Cream Soda Zevia.


Pot roast with various veggie remnants from the fridge. It was good.

Still don’t have my uploads fixed, but postimage.org helped this morning.


Decided to eat a little earlier today than the norm, but I did wake up this morning at 3:45am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I guess it works out? … Scrambled Eggs with Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage and few Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden. Also had a small amount of Pepperoni and a couple Iced Tea’s.



Meals from the past few days…

Friday… lunch and Dinner…
IMG_4580 IMG_4582
IMG_4583 IMG_4586

Saturday meals…
IMG_4590 IMG_4588


Sundays meals…

Lunch and Dinner…
IMG_4593 IMG_4618

Yesterday’s OMAD…


I forgot the sequence of these meals, too many I didn’t post yet. This is cream marinated, bacon wrapped beef liver with zucchini and Shitake mushrooms.

Beef meatballs with Cremini mushrooms, chard, tomato, and broccoli, topped with some assorted sprouts and sour cream.


Buttery Salmon with red peppers and avocado.

Salmon/asparagus salad with avocado and olives


Today’s OMAD… Beef Liver, Pickles, Pickled Sausage, Yogurt, Sardines and 2 squares of Chocolate. Also had a Root Beer Zevia and a couple bottles of Iced Tea.