What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Well, I can’t upload - again. It loads the image to 22 percent and then just stops. (yes, the pic is the correct size) It’s frustrating. And we did lose a lot of posters already. Are we on a new server yet? What’s going on? Inquiring minds want to know!


Well, I haven’t heard anything on that issue, so can’t answer either way unfortunately. As far as I can tell, the site hasn’t gone back down for quite a while now, but yeah, it is still warning/requesting that the images be no larger than 1024 on it’s largest side. This just helps by keeping the image’s overall size down to a reasonable size. (A lot of sites limit their images to this size as well)

Wanted something a little different, so threw together a Knockwurst, Mushroom Casserole…

Added some Ham and a some Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden…


My image is reduced size, the size I have been posting since that became a requirement. My internet is slow, but I can still stream and browse quickly, so that should not be the issue. I’ll try again later. Maybe it’s time for a managed server for us…they really are quite inexpensive these days. Lots of places offer them…

(Candy Lind) #1833

Happy 4th to my US friends! We have a few days off at the hacienda. I put in baby back ribs for us about 6 hours ago - nothing fancy, just a spice rub cooked low & slow, then crisped up at the end. I made myself some keto slaw and Wayne steamed broccoli and drowned it in queso, and I took some of that too. I didn’t even bother with a plate - I’m eating the ribs off the cutting board! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Jane) #1834

Flat iron steak cooked inside due to the rain with onions, mushrooms and pepper poppers. Peppers from the garden and were very mild. I planted some hotter varieties but these aren’t any of them.


Granola. Almonds chopped, flaked and ground, pecans, macadamias, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, coconut, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, salt, sugar-free maple syrup, butter, orange zest. Roasted for 40min in a low oven and the smell was divine. Apparently the “golden ratio” for granola is 6 parts dry ingredients to 1 part wet. When I get down to the dregs (if there are any) I might stick it in the food processor with some almond flour to make a sort of KFC style breadcrumb for baked chicken… it’s nice and crunchy!



Yesterday’s OMAD: Chicken livers and ground beef, wrapped in bacon. When will I get tired of bacon? Doesn’t look like ever!


Ok, it’s just that one picture I cannot upload. I have no idea why, it’s the same size as the one above, but much prettier. It was Salmon, mushrooms and zucchini, Friday night’s dinner. I’ll just give up on that one. It’s a mystery to me though.


I find the same at times myself, and I’m pretty sure it also has to do with the elements in the image too. … I deal with Photoshop for artwork, and find that simpler images will load better, faster and have less issues with limitations such as keeping it no more than 1024 for instance. So it you, say, have a meal on a solid color/pattern plate, the image may load ok… But if you place that same food on a decorative plate with a lot of patterns, etc. that image may not load if they are both over that set 1024 limitation. - Sounds strange, but I’ve had that happen too many times not to notice. And when some images won’t load, I can pull it into Photoshop and export the image for Web use, and simply make it 1024 manually.

Strange, but true… But it is a pain to have to do that, especially when I might be posting numerous pics for when I post a recipe in my recipe thread for instance. But if I send the image to my e-mail, I’m asked what size I want to export it at, so I just go with Medium, and it seems to load fine each and every time. … Air-dropping them directly to my computer is usually when I see these issues more often. :slight_smile:

Lunch… Made some Shrimp Egg Foo Young



Ok, that’s the max size it will accept for this pic. Nothing much in the background, same as the others. I reduced quality to 50% also. There is the salmon, mushrooms, zucchini, butter and lemon dinner from Friday.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1840

Chicken thighs, bacon and kale (sautéed in bacon grease)


Dinner after a very long day… I also think the Wife had a theme going tonight… The colors were so close it’s hard to see what’s what! :slight_smile: Creamy Chicken with Cream Cheese, Roasted Garlic and Herb, Cali-Egg Salad and Deviled Eggs. It was very good indeed. :+1:


I found a work around by posting the image to postimage.org. This after over an hour of fiddling around with picture size and quality without success. You upload to postimage and it gives you a selection of links to use, I used the direct link. The picture showed up here in a second flat. Pork steak, mushrooms and asparagus. I also had a very late lunch not pictured - a bit of left over ground beef from the night before, and some Kimchi. It wasn’t much.


Decided to make Zucchini-Pizza Wedges and some Sausage-Stuffed Salami Poppers before starting on any work today… Ate 6 of the Zucchini-Pizza Wedges, plus 2 the Wife didn’t eat of hers. Not feeling too good this morning, so she only ate a couple. Then ate 3 of the Sausage-Stuffed Salami Poppers.

(Jane) #1844

McD’s in Walmart open to sit down so enjoying a bunless Big Mac before we do our shopping


I put my photos into multiple threads again… Fangs’ carni topic is the first one that gets these :smiley:
I had cute mushroom dishes though but I forget to make photos and anyway, they were more tasty than pretty… Except when raw (and toxic :)), we found some pretty ones! I still like good forest mushrooms and they compliment roasted meat well. We tried them with rooster.

Pork chop for now.
This is today’s dinner, I had litle light, a macro lens and not enough stability, it seems so it’s a bit blurry:

I didn’t eat all the meat, it’s too lean for me, we added lard but still. And wasn’t hungry anyway, I ate some more carbs until yesterday so I was very full and satiated for long, I am like that nowadays. Even my finally arriving hunger was odd, half-hearted but annoying enough for me to eat.

Tomorrow’s biggest meal probably will be very similar (maybe with scrambled eggs but I have pickled ones too) but I never can possibly know that before I finished my meal. And I probably will have pancakes as I have leftover boiled egg yolks and I haven’t eaten pancakes since ages. Like, a week?


Well, I’m pretty much done. Been working loads for weeks, and pretty much getting Sun-Burned every weekend and nearly most days. … I’m wiped. … Had some Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab and Shrimp. Actually had 3 Dungeness, 1 Snow and Shrimp. Also had Grape Zevia, Tea and Cali-Egg Salad.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #1847

Sousvide Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Cream Sauce, and Zoodles Puttanesca with Shrimp


Chocolate cheesecake. At least the original recipe was called that. I don’t do cheesecake crust, I do this tasty sponge cake like walnut thing.
My mascarpone reached its expiration date 5 days ago so I thought it’s time to start to use it (it never lasts long but I want a proper cheesecake too, not a chocolate one). It has no problem, of course, dairy doesn’t spoil that easily except proper, fresh, raw milk.

I ate a carnivore lunch (similar to yesterday just uglier and I had some smoked pork ribs too). But there is a slice waiting for me. No idea of the carb content yet but it can’t be much even with xylitol and honey (the recipe called for that and I agree, nothing tops that. I didn’t even make it for me). With erythritol it would be a very low-carb dessert. But amount matters the most anyway if it’s about carbs. And our other food.
I run out of erythritol maybe months ago. I will order some soon despite it has huge benefits using xylitol and honey as sweeteners. But I don’t worry about overusing erythritol just because I have it, for multiple reasons.

(Jane) #1849

Cabbage spaghetti and tried out my new air fryer on some squash from the garden. Some have crushed pork rinds and I did a couple with flour to compare. Sprayed with olive oil and air fried.

The pork rind ones were better! Squash is sweet - I plant this variety every year - Early Prolific Straight Neck.