What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Troy) #1809

Salmon, Eggs and Butter

(Jane) #1810

Waxed my gouda and Monterrey jack cheese today and put in my cheese cave to age.

Decidedly to make a fresh cheese that doesn’t have tp be aged so I could enjoy it right away.

Flavored with garlic and chives and is very mild


I know ya do. :slight_smile::+1: … I’ll have to see if I can upload a video for ya. I do mine similarly, but someone just sent me a video on how one place shows folks how to eat Blue Crab. :slight_smile:

Edit to add video? If it works… :smile: And they are some big crabs too!

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1812

Wow this is life changing! I always break the claws off first, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try it this way next time :grimacing:


I bought that one, and made Crack Slaw from Cooking Keto with Kristie - a long time ago. That stuff is flippin’ amazing!


Lunch… Egg Salad, Pepperoni, Hard Salami, Swiss, sliced Ham, Pickles, Olives, Smoked Vienna’s, Sardines, Grape Zevia, Iced Tea, (1/2 bottle Coconut Bai) and Some Salt & Vinegar Almonds.


(Jane) #1815

Chicken alfredo with mushrooms, onion and bacon with angel hair shredded cabbage. Doesn’t look like much, but delicious


Last night’s Dinner… Haddock and Shrimp



Sorry, no pics. I’ll get back into the habit now that the board seems to be back up. Pics would have been boring anyway, a couple of days of broth with stuff from the fridge: meatballs, chard, tomato, mushrooms, leeks, peppers and whatnot. It changes day to day and I have one more day of broth and fridge based dinners. I think after that I’ll go carnivore for a few days again. I do love my instapot for the broth (and other reasons, too).


Lunch… Big ole’ Steak and Bacon Salad, with Pepperoni, Olives, Eggs, etc. Also a few Chicken Wings I might get to? And a Zevia Cream Soda, Iced Tea and 2 Squares Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate.


EDIT: Did not get to the Wings, had a Managers Meeting, so wasn’t time. But the Salad did me fine.

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #1819

Hello all!
Hope everyone has been keeping safe!
I’ve been super busy as I moved last week…kept it keto though. Here’s my dinner from tonight…bacon and cheesy courgettes…on a Xmas plate as I don’t have any yet! :joy:


Using up the last of the broth: salt and pepper, coconut aminos, chives, parsley, Bragg’s sprinkle, ham, cremini and shitake mushrooms, chard, walnuts, 3 dried cranberries for a bit of tang (NOT the sugary snack ones, plain dried), leeks, cauliflower. Invigorating.


Skipped dinner last night and was also making Cheese Cakes for a weekend order. So ate today, but will be skipping again tonight… Scrambled Eggs with Ham, more Ham, Sausage patties, 3 Chicken wings, Pepperoni, Root Beer Zevia and Iced Tea. … Didn’t eat one of the Sausage and 2 of the wings. Had one of my staff come in and was speaking about some work and stuff, and just never went back to it. So just tossed it to the animals to have something to eat. Plenty of Foxes, Raccoons, etc. in the area.



Skipping Dinner again tonight and making another Cheese Cake. But I did first make the Girls some Fried up Yellow Squash with some Boiled Eggs added in. Then they had some Vienna’s afterwards.

(Jess) #1824

Wow! This is amazing. I love olives. Where do you get such a huge bag??


Amazon. There are a lot of different kinds, this one is a Greek mix. They are delicious, I always have some around.


Wife saw one of my pictures of the Tuna-Fish-melt patties I did a while back & said she would like some of the canned Chicken made up for lunch. (Something I’ve done before as well) So I made her and my Son some, then made a couple Cheesy-Chicken-Patties for myself, along with Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden and also some Fried Green Tomatoes with Parmesan Cheese toppings…


OMAD: roasted green pepper and tomato, pork steak wrapped in bacon. I am nuts about wrapping things in bacon, especially liver and pork. It adds flavor, and it keeps all the juices in, and I just love the taste and texture. Yum,!


She’s celebrating the 4th early - the dinosaur bone didn’t fit well in my fridge.


Dinner from a few hours ago. Forgot to post, since I went right back out to work in the yard. Out there all day. Filet Mignon, plus a piece of Top Sirloin I threw in, plus some Cauliflower in Butter.

Since I threw in a large Top Sirloin along with the Filet Mignon into the Sous Vide this morning, (In case anyone wanted a bit more meat) the Girls even got some of their own tonight, along with a couple Fried Eggs and some Lima Beans…