What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Mini keto cheesecakes. Extremely more-ish and very easy to make, so I try not to keep cream cheese in the house too often- since it’s Nearly impossible to stop at one!


DH was requesting Mexican so I dug into my new America’s Test Kitchen: Easy Everyday Keto for One-Pan Steak Fajitas. It was so simple to make. I roasted peppers, onions, and garlic in some Olive Oil, And salt and pepper. Flank steak was brushed with a marinade of olive oil, chili powder, salt and pepper. After it came out of the oven I gave it all a generous dousing of lime juice. The tortillas came from the same Book. I really liked how easy they were to make and didn’t have any strange starches. Just almond flour, flax seed meal, egg, salt and pepper. All came together in the food processor and was pressed/shaped using a ziplock bag and glass pie plate to press it flat. First time making my own!9FF21A55-09AD-41D5-8883-BC2681AE5245 9E03C771-F169-4F3E-ABF4-711D35DAAEC3

(Cathy) #1631

Last night’s dinner was Seoul chicken (Linda Sue’s recipe) done in my instant pot and under the broiler for 5 minutes per side. A side of bok choy. Red cup is extra sauce.


The chicken looks really delicious. I love using my IP and then finishing off under the broiler. I have an off market air fryer that works with my IP from Mealthy called the crisp lid that I find pretty handy. It’s like a Ninji foodi but without needing to purchase a whole new system.


Lunch… A few slices of Hard Salami, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni, Olives, Pickles and I had a Root Beer Zevia and a bottle of Iced Tea.


(Neil) #1634

Garni Yarikh: roasted baby eggplants stuffed with seasoned ground beef and then simmered in a hearty tomato sauce. Enjoying cooking my way through a Persian cookbook lately in between 5-day extended fasts.

(Neil) #1635

Also some simpler fare:

A late breakfast of “pancakes” made from eggs and cream cheese, topped with cinnamon, butter, berries, and avocado:

This was my first time making batter from eggs and cream cheese and I’m really pleased with how it turned out! Much better than my earlier failed experiments with the standard chaffle recipe of eggs and grated cheese. The recipe for this pancake batter also called for adding some sweetener (Swerve), but I skipped that and didn’t miss it.

And here’s a cheese board with four different years of Rogue River Blue, from Rogue Creamery in Portland, Oregon. The cheese on the right is their 2019 edition, aged for one year. Each cheese to the left of that is one year older: 2018, 2017 and 2016. So the cheese on the left has been aging for five years by now. Delicious, like a fine aged wine! (I don’t actually like wine, but I love cheese.)

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #1636

Cheese burgers and asparagus…washed down with homemade rhubarb vodka and skinny tonic, and wine (not in the same glass by the way!)


The pic didn’t come out very well. It’s a full slab of pork ribs, slow roasted in the oven. It was delicious, the meat falls right off the bones. I had one soft boiled egg for lunch, and I had a whole lot of pork for dinner.


Are the differences between the years a subtle change in flavor or texture? What differences can you taste?

(Neil) #1639

The older cheeses have a stronger taste and more calcium crystals. The 2018 is oddly the crumbliest of the bunch, much more so than both the older and newer cheeses. The 2019 cheese tastes somewhat moist, whereas the 2016 cheese is very dry.

(Jane) #1640

IP chicken keg quarters deboned and made i to a casserole I threw together. Yellow squash from last year’s garden and peas from this year.

Ended up tasting like a chicken pot pie w/o the crust.


Dinner was just a nice Double Swiss Chaffle Burger with Tomato, Lettuce and Mustard. … Need to get busy on building a new Garden Gate. Hoping to get it done tonight.

(Jody) #1642

Dinner tonight:

1 serving Cottage Cheese
5 x seasoned air fried chicken legs
1 can Heart of Palm
1 pint Rebel Mint Chip “Ice Cream”

(I posted the stats so you could see the pint of “ice cream” fit within ALL my macros)


Last night’s dinner: all leftovers. The broccoli-cheddar soup with chicken was originally just ok. It came from my new cookbook from ATK. As is, it was bland. But taking a page from Samin Nosrat’s book Salt Fat Acid Heat I added some ACV, chipotle powder, and lots more salt and pepper which all helped to elevate it. I think the ACV helped the most. The vegetable and sausage dish was fine, but much better when it was fresh. The garlic cloverleaf roll was tasty, but I’m still having difficulty baking with almond flour and having things turn out on the drier side. Going to use the leftover rolls this morning with some over easy eggs, and sausage EE962599-0AA2-4EE2-8A47-1FC2A82F0E53

(Cathy) #1644

That looks like a very handy addition to an Instant Pot!


4th carnivore day, ground beef patties topped with bacon for dinner. Had a couple of pork ribs for lunch. I’ll be dirtying up my carnivore now, I have half an avocado waiting in the fridge, and some other veggies including some really good mushrooms. Carnivore did it’s thing for me once again, I have not had any feelings of hunger. Let’s see how it goes from here. This is my longest plateau yet, just short of 100 pounds lost. I don’t want to push while actually hungry, I know from past experience that this messes up my metabolism. Let’s see what happens now.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #1646

@velvet Great progress, I hope the reset did it’s thing. Good luck. I use carnivore days off and on throughout the week, randomly. Vegetables are like a treat more than something I eat daily. I have about a gallon of sauerkraut that just passed the final stage of fermentation. Often I just use that as my vegetable. Enjoy them. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Mame) #1647

of course not! LOL :rofl:

yummy!! great idea


Lunch… Iced Tea, Deviled Ham, Sardines in Mustard, Swiss Cheese, Hard Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Smoked Vienna’s, Olives and Pickles. Also ate about 20 Salt & Vinegar Almonds.