What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Back to work again today, and just brought the remainder of the Soup I made yesterday, and some of the Coleslaw I ended up making later last night You can really see the Butter and Oils up on top now.


(Robin) #4472

Yeah, I would totally slurp that buttery top layer.


And I did indeed do so… Though still not feeling 100%, (maybe 75%?) I was hoping it didn’t cause me any queasiness, knowing my stomach is still a bit unsettled, but so far so good. :slight_smile:

(Laurie) #4474

Just the box, ma’am. All that’s left of yesterday’s side dish, eaten with a supper of cold sliced beef.

Although I’m trying to cut back on dairy, I like having some Boursin around – for those times when I really want a tasty, low-carb (and non-sweet) treat that I didn’t have to make myself.

(Robin) #4475

Yum. I discovered Boursin on this forum!

(Jane) #4476

IP chuck roast with thin mushroom gravy. Fried houlimi cheese.

Eta: I used 2 1/2 Tbl flour in 2 cups liquid for the gravy, so 1/4 cup gravy is under 3 carbs. It was thin so no way did I pour 1/4 cup over the roast. Was delicious


Had some Shrimp, then some Haddock. Plus, the Wife gave me a small portion of the Steak and Broccoli she made today.



(Jane) #4478

I have to drive a 3-hr round trip (does not include the time to shop) to get Houlimi cheese so it is a real treat!!!

That Boursin looks mighty good… It is now on my list when we go to a real grocery store when we are in Houston next week LOL. Last time I was there I brought back more of the Cambozola cheese @islandlight put me onto. You are a cheese connoisseur !!! You can trust her recommendations :+1:


I’ve been wanting to try Halloumi cheese, but haven’t as of yet.

(Laurie) #4480

They don’t have Cambozola where I live now. Costco had some wonderful cheeses at good prices. I wasn’t crazy about Boursin at first, but it is nice occasionally. I haven’t tried halloumi.

I’m trying not to be such a cheese connoisseur now.

(Jane) #4481

Awww…… but your recommendations are spot on!

(Jane) #4482

Houlimi is a strange cheese. You can fry it up and it browns but doesn’t melt. Then when you chew it……… it squeaks. You would just have to try it to understand but it really does squeak when you chew it :laughing:

Best quote of the day, anyone?
(Laurie) #4483

Ham cubes (hot) and beef slices (cold). The ham was wonderful. I relaxed and enjoyed my supper for about an hour after I finished eating. This was the ham I got on sale for CAD 1.99 a pound.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4484

You people are making me SOOO hungry. Been off doing medical tests, although happily I’m starting to feel better yay! But that means I’m brewing a Big hunger. Have not had much appetite for the past week so I could do with a feast.
I used to LOVE Boursin! Ages since I’ve had any, must hunt it down. And halloumi is a regular fave here- I mean you can’t go past fried salty cheese :cheese: oh my!

Could go a lovely piece of fish I’m thinking…


Leftovers for breakfast today. This looks like a bland diet-food meal but I can assure you it’s actually drenched in melted butter. Cauliflower rice and salmon roasted in olive oil, asparagus and peas steamed in butter, then an easy sauce made of melted butter, lemon juice and pesto.

(Laurie) #4486

Melted butter, lemon juice, and pesto … Mmm.

(Laurie) #4487

@Hallie I’m glad you’re feeling better!

(Robin) #4488

Yay for feeling better!


Lunch… Small amount of Steak and Broccoli, Coleslaw and some Shrimp.


(Robin) #4490

Small amount meaning you took servings from these bowls and put them on your plate, or these bowls WERE your meal? Knowing you….