What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Laurie) #4451

Yum yum. I love my egg casserole, crustless quiche, or whatever you want to call it. I always make lots, so I have leftovers, and I don’t enjoy the leftovers so much. Maybe I could make a single serving instead …

I see you make it with sour cream. I used to make mine with mayo, and I considered that my secret ingredient. Same idea I think; probably the fat improves the texture.


So may have just put away a whole skirt steak with pico, guacamole, peppers and onions and some Mexican blend cheese and sour cream :grin::grin::grin::grin: I’m feeling every bit of it, WORTH IT!


Just got home from the woods, and glad to have at least seen some Deer today. Been really slow with the mess they made of the fields, so hopefully things will start to look up some… Sadly, I had to also get my boots returned that I just purchased. Darn things say water proof, but my soaked socks say different and now need to find something else, or use my other, older ones. :angry: I didn’t even walk through any water, creeks or anything. Just some open, freshly cut and tilled fields of sparse grass! Shame that things are made so cheap these days. More about money, than providing a quality product to folks.

Bacon, Eggs (with Hot Pepper Cheese) Sausage links and Patties. And a side of Toast. (Gave the Girls both one of the patties each) Also ate 2 squares of Intense Dark Chocolate and Sun Flower Seends.



(Ashley) #4454

Egg salad i threw in a wrap quickly with bacon, doesn’t look great but tastes nice!

(Sammy J Shuford) #4455

Smoked pork chops and Duke’s


Wife threw in some Italian Sausage and Chicken in the Slow Cooker, in what was left of the juice from last night. And had also put a Turkey Breast in the oven. Neither would be done for hours… So I took a few scoops out of the Slow Cooker and decided to speed some things up a bit…


Added some Mushrooms, and some Parmesan Cheese at the end…


And in a very short time, it was done… :slight_smile:


But felt bad since she already pulled out and thawed some Salmon instead. So I just ate that too…


(Laurie) #4457

Just 6 ounces (170 g) of liver cooked slowly in butter, with a bit of peri-peri sauce added near the end. Finished up with yummy cold pizza (not shown).

(Robin) #4458

Ah, finally someone with similar meal “presentation” as me!


After a long, cold and lonely morning just watching the winds blow… I ate some of the Wife’s Italian Sausage and Chicken Soup she had in the Slow Cooker. Almost warmed me up some too. :no_entry_sign: :cold_face: It was only 30°, and a balmy 42° When I came out around Noon. Still debating on an afternoon sit.


(Laurie) #4460

I made a lot of keto meatballs to put in the freezer for the next potluck offering.

I had the extras for supper. They turned out well. Now I just have to find a nice sauce recipe.


Ate some of the Turkey Breast the Wife made, and fried Brussel Sprouts. I actually ate a small wrap with Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato. But guess I’m more tired then I thought, and didn’t take a pic.


(Ashley) #4462

Lol, I’m chewing it and eating it, I don’t care what it looks like. Now if I’m at a fancy restaurant and I’m paying good money that’s different!

(Robin) #4463

Me too. So, the photos on here are like my porn. :wink:


Feeling a little under the weather today, but here’s my bucket of meat for lunch. Turkey Breast, Sausage Patties, Sausage Links, Italian Sausages and Hard Salami.


(Laurie) #4465

Get well soon. Blame the weather!

(Robin) #4466

When I say “I’m under the weather”, that’s code for
“I want to stay in my jammies and read all day”.


Thanks. Just wasn’t feeling too well, and ended up leaving a couple hours early. And yep, I’m thinking being out in the elements the last week was probably the culprit. But feeling a tad better, just laying on the recliner and resting… The Wife threw a wrench into my Fasting I started today, but letting me know she put a Top Sirloin in the Sous Vide for me last night. So I had her sear it up and it only delayed my start time a few hours. (I actually got her to eat about a 1/3 of it though, so all’s good.) :+1:


Don’t mind pushing back a Fast start time, for a nice 25oz. Top Sirloin. :smile: :yum:

(Butter Withaspoon) #4468

When I can eat, it looks like this. Lamb ribs, snow peas, salad


Broke a 43 hr. fast with a Turkey Wrap…



Got up a little while ago and made up another Soup variation. Chicken, Mushroom and Italian Sausage. Cooked it up in Chicken Broth, and added about one cup (8oz.) of Sour Cream to it. (after it was cooked completely and about 30 minutes before eating.) … Came out pretty nice. Wasn’t anything left, so that’s always a good sign. Plus, plan on getting back to work tomorrow too, especially since I’m off next week.