What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Robin) #4288

Low carb tortilla?


Yes Ma’am, they are the large Mission Wraps, which are just 5 net carbs each. And do well for quick Pizza’s. They are about the size of a dinner plate. They have the smaller version at 3 carbs, but they’re just slightly half the size. So I just keep the larger ones around the house for making a wrap or Pizza’s.


(Butter Withaspoon) #4290

Me right now as I read this. Except it’s dried meat and this packet is the LAST bit of protein in the house, bar a tiny cube of cheese. Heeeeeelp!!! :joy:

(Robin) #4291

Oh NO! That’s almost as scary as when my cat can see the bottom of her bowl. Panic! Alert the authorities!

(Robin) #4292

@Digital_Dave Thanks. I’ve seen those and just always assumed there was a catch. It’s funny how 5 carbs sounds like so much to me now! I come very close to zero now most days. I tend to look at all “bread” as just a delivery system, not worth the carbs. And dairy is only playing a minor role with no lines to speak. But these would liven things if I get bored! And that pizza looked killer! No sauce?


Yep, there’s definitely sauce, but I also put very little. Just enough to coat the bottom really. I find too much and it doesn’t allow the wrap to get crispy. I use the Rao’s sauce brands. The Marinara, Tomato Basil, Roasted Garlic, etc. They all work well, but each does provide a different taste. … I too don’t like using the wraps on a regular bases, so I do so when I want to toast or bake in the oven mostly. I feel the same about it just being an additive that is not really needed, but when you want to combine all the stuff in one, plus toast it and add say sauces, they work well.

As you say they can help for the occasional change, and does allow one to get a but more creative so your meals don’t start feeling mundane. … Such is the same with the 647 breads as well. At 6 carbs per slice, they too are not bad to have here and there. But overall I mostly don’t use them very often at all.



Crispy Sunny’s and Bacon



Wife went out yesterday and picked up a whole Top Sirloin for me. Since she was alone, I only got the one. But she did pick up a Roast while there, along with some Knockwurst. … Been a while since they ran any sales, this the TP was $4.99 @lb. and just over 17.5 lbs. for the piece.

We no longer have them slice it them, since they tend to trim too much of the fat. So I do them now…

Kept these a larger size, 15 to 30 oz/ each, since I only had one large roll left, and a couple smalls…

After I sealed them, the Wife weighs and labels them for the deep freezer…

The Roast she picked up was 6 lbs. Which has a date soon with the slow cooker, along with some Radishes, Onions and Celery.

(Cathy) #4296

Thanksgiving turkey!

(Jane) #4297

IP pulled pork

Enchiladas with low carb wraps

Low carb pita wedges to dip into cheese dip/spread. Was made with my homemade petit suisse cheese (similar to cream cheese) and my fermented peppers. I mostly ate the cheese dip with a spoon.


I’ve actually been wanting to try making some Enchiladas myself with the low carb wraps, but haven’t yet. The Wife always loved when I made them back in the day, so was thinking about trying to remake some Keto friendly. I just wasn’t sure if they would be as good, since I did always like the Corn tortillas.

Dinner… Steak Salad, and a couple Burgers.



(Butter Withaspoon) #4299

Oh NO! That’s almost as scary as when my cat can see the bottom of her bowl. Panic! Alert the authorities!
Haha that’s typical Cat!
Anyway, stop the emergency response, crisis is averted. I have the most enormous pieces of stewing steak bubbling away with some herbs, salt and tinned tomatoes. But I was so desperate (obviously, if you notice the timing gap since my no meat no eggs post) that I cut off a piece, barely cooked, still very chewy and got stuck in with strong jaw muscles! A little over a year ago when I joined here, I didn’t even cook red meat. Look at that blood coming out! I blame the good people here :smiley:
Managed to take a pic before the last few bites, then I drank that blood. Go me!

I sustained myself last night with a salty avocado salad. It was good; I was waiting until today to eat a proper meal because local shops were shut.
Oh yeah I just remembered that the neighbours gave me a small piece of cake last night; almond meal, no sugar, so I felt fine


I air fried chicken thighs for cauliflower prima Vera and ate the amazing skins as an appetizer.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4301

Cathy that turkey is very good looking!

(Robin) #4302

“… then I drank that blood. Go me!“ Best quote of the day! Do we need a vampire category?

(Jane) #4303

I prefer corn tortillas also for enchiladas and found a low carb corn tortilla but sadly not available here. Crazy expensive on Amazon so will just wait until I am in a civilized city and see if I can find them. (Mama Lupe’s)


Wasn’t planning on eating anything, but after walking levees most the day, I torqued my knee & wanted to take some Advil, so picked up a quick bite… Double Quarter Pounder, no Ketchup, no Bun. Plus two McChicken’s, no Buns. - Wife had offered to make some burgers last night for my lunch, but wasn’t sure I would be back at the office, or in the field most of the day, plus she’s still having some foot issues.



Prime Rib burgers


Still sore and tired, decided to eat something and then maybe Fast…

Didn’t want to pull anything out, but had enough for two Hamburgers. So split those with the Wife, had some Butter grilled Mushrooms and ate a small Pizza. Decided to also eat the Burger on 647 bread.



(Butter Withaspoon) #4307

Hope the knee gets better soon DDave, hang in there.

Had a couple of bowls of this chili beef for lunch and some halloumi and half an avocado