What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Today’s meal…

(Butter Withaspoon) #4269

So far today I’ve had chicken and veg soup I made and this delicious fried halloumi on a bed of avocado and lactofermented sunchokes with fresh lemon juice as dressing. Who needs electrolytes after a salad like that.


Broke a Fast at 58hrs. last night with Steak & Mushrooms. Also ate a Sweet Italian Sausage.


(Jane) #4271

Decided to use up some of my hen eggs since they are piling up!

Instant Pot 6-6-6. 6 min pressure cook, 6 min natural release then release manually, 6 min in ice water. Cooked perfectly and peel easily.

Made egg salad from them.

(Jane) #4272

Picked up a 7# pork butt marked down to $12 from $20.

Ready to season: spices not shown (salt, pepper, garlic and oregano)

Ready to grind:

Ready to stuff casings or freeze.

I cut off 1.5 # and froze for future pulled pork green chili enchiladas using low carb wraps.

That left me with 5# ground so will freeze some bulk for shredded cabbage spaghetti and smaller packages for low carb pizza. I will probably stuff 2 #’s into casing.

(Jane) #4273

I ended up freezing 3 pkgs of 12 oz for spaghetti, 3 pkgs of 5 oz for pizza topping, and 2# of link sausages. 8 meals for $12!

Not pretty but will be pretty tasty!!!

Software won’t let me post again until someone else replies, so tacking this onto this post:

Blackened mahi mahi with lemon/garlic/butter sauce. Cauliflower riced with butter, cream and Parmesan


Lunch… Bacon, Italian Sausage and Cheese. Smoked Vienna Sausages


Dinner… Grilled Chicken with a little Sour Cream.


(Butter Withaspoon) #4275

What a cook up! I’m impressed with anyone who can actually make sausages!

Lamb ribs with cabbage onion and sunchokes, well seasoned and herbed. A great breakfast-lunch


Pork Carnitas. Slow cooked pork shoulder, shredded, then grilled until crispy. Served with crumbled feta and homemade jalapeño salsa.

(Jane) #4277

A rare breakfast for us. Chorizo and eggs. I get the chorizo from my local butcher so no weird ingredients


The Wife picked up a store bought one a while back, and it seemed a bit carby to me, but we did end up trying it a while later. Wasn’t sure how it would best to use it, since I’ve never had it before. So just added it to some hamburger meat. (plus that would help thin out the carbs per serving.) And though it wasn’t bad, I just found it more of an additive that wasn’t really needed, but it was not bad though.

For adding flavors, I’ve found that Jenny-O has some nice flavorful rolls I use to add most times to enhance or change flavors of meat, eggs, etc. and these are all the zero carb turkey meats so that’s helpful. I use the Taco flavor a lot for both Taco’s and Taco Omelettes. But there is an Italian Roll and I think one other, but can’t recall the flavor?

This is the Taco flavor one I use most, and it is flavorful.


(Jane) #4279

I remember you posting that taco meat - wish I could get it around here.

Store-bought chorizo is really greasy and I don’t care for that much fat. I took a flyer on my butcher’s chorizo and it is lean and delicious. In fact I have to add butter after I brown the meat to cook the eggs in.


Yeah, I had heard of it before, but had no idea what its normally used for. I found the one V picked up a bit greasy myself, but also thought maybe the store bought ones weren’t as good? … But wouldn’t mind trying some as you mention, from a butcher. Its similar to Polish Sausages. I haven’t been able to locate any here where I live in some time now, and I’ve always enjoyed them.


Last night’s dinner…

Split the steak with my son, and had a Turkey breast wrap


Today’s lunch…

Made a Turkey Breast wrap with Mayo, Pepperoni, Lettuce, Tomato and Sea Salt

(Robin) #4282

Janie, your dishes never cease to inspire me! Not that I will follow suit and eat like a grown up, (I roll up meat and stuff it in my mouth. No one needs to see THAT photo!) But I sure do love your food and presentation. You are my cheaper version of buying cookbooks that gather dust! LOL

(Robin) #4283

Have mercy, that looks delicious!

(Robin) #4284

Lazy Lazy Lazy shopping for lazy keto. Boom.

(Jane) #4285


I read that to my husband and he said “tell them that is what I do when you are traveling for work - stuff meat in my mouth!”

LOL. Come to think of it…. sometimes the same dishes are in the dish drainer as when I left and only dirty coffee cups in the sink. :thinking:


I thought that was how one was supposed to eat? :smile: I do all the time myself. A lot of my lunches are rolled meats and cheeses.


Today’s meals…

Lunch… Salad, 3 - 1/4 lb. Hotdogs, and 2 Knockwurst added before finishing the dogs…

IMG_0054 IMG_0055

Dinner… Made a Pizza Wrap