What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Mackerel with soup(cooked carrots, half raw sweet onion, walnuts and hazelnuts).

Unfortunately I couldn’t finish it because of strong satiation signals.

(Jane) #4246

Pulled pork green chili enchiladas with low carb wraps.

(Doug) #4247

Jane, lately here I’ve been making chicken or pork with green enchilada sauce and “Mexican blend cheese,” or similar. Both my wife and I absolutely love that flavor combination, and really, few carbs required.

We tried "low-carb tortillas’ once, but they swelled up and were really ‘gluey,’ so now it’s just meat/cheese/green sauce, pretty much all good. I have to think it would be good with some savory beef as well.

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #4249

Doing BACON again!!!

(Doug) #4250

:metal: Hot Sauce :metal:

(Butter Withaspoon) #4251

Rusty that looks delicious! A meal like that is going to look fantastic when I’ve just finished a fabulous overnight fast and taken the trouble and time to make an awesome breakfast AND make it pretty. Just having my first bites of this beauty! There are 3 eggs in there as well as lemon juice, a little vinegar, salt and that’s a wedge of double cream Brie

(Jane) #4252

Brisket and creamed spinach

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #4253

Very nice smoke job on the brisket.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4255

Had a snack this morning before going out on my bike and now it’s after 3pm so I made this plate of goodness. Had some more meat after and some tasty cheddar cheese. I don’t track macros or cals so I have to listen to my hunger.
The flowers taste terrible but I eat them anyway :laughing:


I saw this picture and my first thought was to ask you how the flowers tasted.
Of course you beat me to the punch.

You do me proud, kid! :joy:

(Butter Withaspoon) #4257

This kind of makes me want to get down and graze directly on my potted pansies like a sheep, and take a pic :star_struck: but I know nobody wants to see that :laughing:

(Butter Withaspoon) #4258

No flowers today. There’s no entry for purple pansies in my tracking app* so I couldn’t possibly continue to eat them so here is a boring brown plate of lamb ribs. It represents only a small sample of what I ate yesterday and was very tasty and salty

*just joking I don’t track anything


I see you’re familiar with oxymorons, too.


I don’t even try to make shots of my whole meals, maybe I will at some point, I have OMADs now!
But I have some “fatty pork chop”… Talking about oxymorons… Pork chop is a super lean cut to me, I definitely never would buy it but I have a lean meat lover SO who found a huge piece for a great price - and with a cute fat layer on it. Whenever I see that cut in the shops as a kid, it never had a fat layer. But this one had. So I cut all the fat with some meat and it’s mine, my SO is perfectly fine with the super lean parts. It’s still not what I like but edible, even enjoyable for me after a 23 hour fast when I am not hungry but my body subtly starts its temper tantrum with taking away some services for a tiny while like my usually very good balance.
It was a pound (it was always a very little amount of meat visually but now it’s really little for a meal, never enough) and I left a very little part, lean, obviously.

It was the second course of my dinner. I had, like, 5 if we count everything. I still can’t eat only one thing or two. At least I have only one meal, that simplifies things a bit.

OMAD is wonderful now. I had problems with it in the past (it was great when I could do it but I rarely could) but it suddenly started to work. I expect TMAD days here and there (my meal is smaller every day as I get farther from my carbier times and Carnivore Satiation Effect is more noticeable, okay it was my meat becoming way leaner today, my previous roast was pork shoulders. that’s a whole other world and I ate more from that) but that’s fine.

(Jane) #4262

Chuck roast fork tender made in my IP.

A surprise second harvest from my yellow beans. Thought they were done like the green beans and was going to pull them up last month but then noticed flowers on them. So far just enough for one meal but may get more. So buttery delicious! Made a bacon/vinaigrette/tomato combo and mixed with the steamed beans.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4263

My tomato plants are tiny still and it’s definitely too cold for beans yet. Those yellow ones look pretty!

My heavenly chicken soup, probably gonna eat 3 bowls of it. The greens are homegrown, rest is shop bought. The chicken is carcasses which come cheap at the butcher. They are the only chicken I eat. Plenty of salt and a hiking appetite and I’m appreciating my meal more than usual!

KCKO all, and enjoy the serenity :heart:


Yesterday’s Meals…




Oh beans do that too? I saw this from my green peas. But my soil is still no good, I only grow tomatoes nowadays as they seem to be fine enough with it - and with the not very much sunlight (the fruit trees and other plants have no problem either).

I have no photo now or did anything interesting. Except mutton goulash but that’s carby - not too carby for my keto, though (too bad I need carnivore now). But it’s not nearly as good as my last mutton was last year, from a farm.

(Ivy) #4266

brisket point, skellig cheese, chuck roast, hwc coffee, chamomile tea
ground beef, brisket gelatinous gold, cream of mushroom soup, 2 Tbsp flaxmeal, butter,
HOMEMADE CLOTTED CREAM which actually [works?] with pasteurized hwc. [didnt know the right way to make it until after I started making it, but it worked anyway]
swiss cheese, avocado lard ‘lemon curd with egg yolk’


Yesterday’s meals…