What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jello_Baby) #4224

That looks nice. You’re a really talented chef.

(Christian Singer) #4225

Hey this is my first day of keto-diet. Any tips or recommandations?

(Butter Withaspoon) #4226

Welcome! Look on the Newbies section and look at getting started. Reading and getting familiar with the forum will help. You can scroll this thread for food inspiration, and you can search for recipes here too. The search function is good so do use it.

(Cathy) #4227

Homemade wrap with lettuce, turkey, mayo, avocado, tomatoes and onion - last week’s lunch

(Butter Withaspoon) #4228

A slice of bacon transformed my scrambled eggs. I can’t believe I’m lived without bacon until now. It was the tastiest breakfast egg dish I’ve ever had

Eggs, bacon, butter, parsley, onion, topped with Parmesan cheese

(Jane) #4229

You’ve never had bacon??? :scream:

Are you a former vegetarian?

(Butter Withaspoon) #4230

Lol shocking I know! We didn’t have bacon growing up, then I did the vego phase in my late teens and 20s, moving to a very low meat sort of diet.
I dunno, just didn’t have a bacon habit or any idea how to cook it. I have eaten a lot more meat and more variety since joining this forum, so you are all to blame for my well muscled arms! :muscle:

(Jane) #4231

I am glad you finally discovered bacon!

Even if you didn’t know how to cook it, I am still amazed you never tried bacon and eggs at a restaurant for breakfast.

(Jane) #4232

Sous vide London Broil and riced cauliflower with butter, cream and Parmesan cheese.

Eta: gravy made from drippings with a Tbl flour (6 carbs). Added maybe 1-2 carbs to the meal. The onion I added to the cauliflower has more carbs.

(Cathy) #4233

That looks really good and I am sure it was.

In respect to the flour, some people such as myself have issue with flour (wheat … any wheat no matter the amount). I have found that glucomannan powder if a great thickener and there are plenty of others to choose from. They are NOT exactly like flour but a good substitute in my humble opinion.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4235

My first meal today included garnishes of pond weed and pansies, that’s why I don’t track my food lol. My metabolism does ok with a larger amount of carbs than 20g, but I’ve hidden them for the comfort of people here. I had an avocado and some cheese and yoghurt after this.

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #4236

Breakfast out this morning

(Cathy) #4237

You appear to like pepper like I do!

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #4238

I love cooking with butter! Jalapeños sautéed in butter is almost as good as sex.

(Jane) #4239

Sous vide shrimp and riced cauliflower with butter and cream.

The shrimp were cooked for 15 min st 135 F and came out PERFECT. Not rubbery or mushy. Firm and tender.

Thanks for the idea @ctviggen !

(Butter Withaspoon) #4240

Those jalapeños do look delicious!
As do those shrimp and the cauli side dish Janie!

I’m posting my first meal today, having it now at 2pm and it’s delicious AND pretty so I have to share the beauty. I’d probably call it a pan quiche with no crust, or I could call it eggs with veg that is slow cooked.

I friend a bit of onion in salt and butter, with the following garden things- beet tops, garlic, sorrel, spring onions, pickled sunchoke, then I added halloumi pieces then poured on the eggs beaten with some yoghurt. I sprinkled grated cheddar on top then cooked on very low with lid on.

Garnish is more garden things and olives my neighbour preserved herself.

(Alex ) #4241

Couple of generously sized rump steaks and cheesy cauliflower mash cooked with ghee and coconut oil… few squirts of chilli infused olive oil

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #4242

Your right…it is pretty!

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #4243

How can you not love eggs and ground beef…

(Jane) #4244

Tri tip sous vide at 135 F for about 8 hrs. Tender and delicious.

Zoodles with onion, garlic and pepper paste sautéed in butter with tumeric. These were from a large garden zucchini my neighbor brought me so I spiralized and froze. Not as good as fresh, but not bad.