What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Dinner… After sweating like crazy in the Garden, picking a load of stuff, decided to eat something when I got back in. Wife was making some Burgers, before coming out to try & help pull some of the Cherry Tomatoes since there were so many. I had pulled a load of Cucumbers, Squash and Zucchini. … Took the large Wraps and made Burger Wraps for one, and the other I ate plain w/ Sour Cream, Lettuce and Tomato, etc. But I really just wanted to see how the wraps did in the toaster with Burgers. - Not bad.





Yesterday’s meals…

Lunch… Just made a Chicken, Bacon Wrap with Lettuce and Tomato.

Dinner… Salad with cut up Chicken Breast meat.

Still dealing with not having Hot Water, waiting on parts… But then lost all electric yesterday, after some dingbat ran into a telephone pole, taking out about 600,000 people yesterday. Luckily, it wasn’t too long and we got power back an hour and something later, after they repaired the pole and lines.


Oh I put it here too, it was something NEW! Pork tongue using a popular method, even the butcher advised that and it’s really great indeed. It was slowly cooked in water with some bay leaves, whole pepper seeds and garlic. Then got covered with paprika, of course :smiley:
I always knew tongue is tasty proper meat but I never bought and prepared ones myself. And I never ate them this way, only had them in aspic (like in head cheese).

I had a not keto birthday cake a few days ago but I will make some keto and possibly carnivore ones later. I am in no hurry, I am still bored of cakes, my old keto times made the trick, I ate the most cake (by far) in my life during those years and I had enough. But it’s fun to bake some here and there. I actually bake cakes very often (simple and low-carb ones, I probably couldn’t bake a really carby cake if I wanted, I learned to make cakes after I went low-carb), just not for myself. My SO eats them for breakfast (and for anything. he actually made his usual simple cake right after eating a few slices of my birthday cake. but breakfast is almost the only meal of his when the meal is only cake. he has such type small dinners sometimes).

I went back to strict carnivore now so the contrast between our diets is even greater :smiley: But he can eat carni food and I can make carby food using a few minutes work so it’s fine.

This was my dinner. And I went crazy for my second dinner but let’s not talk about that. it was very much keto, at least. I was insatiably hungry, I should never eat this little for dinner if my lunch was light…

Fried lean pork (thigh, IDK how to call it in English), eggs and bresaola, a very usual meal for me except I usually eat fatty pork (chuck or shoulders). And dry sausage is better for boiled eggs than bresaola. But I need something for bresaola as it’s very salty. Almost all processed stuff is too salty for me but eggs help a little (not very much as they are almost perfectly salty all alone).

I haven’t eaten any pancakes since… Maybe 4 days? I obviously miss them but I have other plans for today.


Lunch… Egg Salad, 4 Boiled Eggs, Bacon and Sardines. Also picked up a Grilled Chicken Club, and 2 regular Chicken sandwiches from Chic-Fil-A. I asked for no buns, but got 1 on the club, and they didn’t give me my Pickles on the other two either! :angry: And I even mentioned that I still wanted the Pickles.



Dinner… Didn’t know if I was going to eat tonight or not, but I got a bad headache and left work an hour early. Head all clogged up. The headache didn’t appear it was going anywhere, so the Wife ran out and picked me up 2 McDonalds Double Cheese Burgers and 2 McChickens. Also had a Mint Chip Rebel.



Not a pretty pic (but what’s new) and I obviously didn’t eat this… It was merely the plan.

Pork, eggs, pancakes filled with head cheese, jelly (the stuff from below the roast enriched with eggs, meat, head cheese), bresaola, coffee with egg and a tad butter.
I ate about half and some more pancakes for lunch but I probably will have dinner too.

And I quickly realized it’s impossible and pointless to avoid blackberries (I pick them 2-3 times every day, we have a lot)… Not even one of my fav fruits but it’s very pleasant nowadays, in moderation.
I will go super strict in the first half of August :slight_smile:
I can’t avoid dairy either but I don’t eat cheese now.




(Jane) #4188

Quesadillas made from low carb wraps.

Since it takes 2 tortillas (4 net g each) that is 8 g in the pic. Hubby had 2 , so 16 but he can go up to 50 g carbs and stay in ketosis. He never dieted and trashed his metabolism like I did (for years).


Last night’s dinner… Couple Cheese Burgers and some Steak. NY Strip and Top Sirloin. Only ate half of what’s shown, saving the other half for tonight.



(Jane) #4190

Mahi mahi with a lemon garlic butter sauce. Brussels sprouts with bacon cream and cheese.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4191

The meals are looking so good up there. Yay I have a bowl of this in front of me now. It was an experiment with the leftover beef and in spite of looking unexciting it’s the most delicious breakfast I’ve had in weeks! Or it could be yesterday’s long snow hike making me hungry!

(Jane) #4192

IP pulled pork for green chili enchiladas tonight made with low carbs wraps


Actually went off Keto some this weekend, purposely… basically wanting to carb up some. But haven’t posted stuff either that was Keto…

Last Friday’s Dinner… Couple Cheese Burgers, Steak and some Egg Salad…


Saturday Lunch… Fried Eggs, Fried Onions and Chopped Steak…


Yesterday’s OMAD… Sliced Cucumber with Salt/Pepper, Pumpkin Seeds, Shrimp and Haddock, Turkey Wrap with Cheese and Tomato and some Sausage Links Cheese Mini-Wraps.






Today’s lunch… Roast Beef, Rotisserie Flavored Turkey, Pepper Jack Cheese & Hot Pepper Cheese, Pepperoni. Also Sardines in Mustard (Only ate one can) and some Salted Pumpkin Seeds.


(Jane) #4195

I thought I posted my pulled pork enchiladas - fished product - guess not. These were as good as any I’ve had in a restaurant!

(Jane) #4196

Blackened mahi mahi (not shown lemon garlic butter sauce) with cauliflower rice with heavy cream


Beef Liver (only ate 2, Girls got the other 2) Deviled Eggs and Knockwurst. Then took two Knockwurst and made a Cheesy-Wrap with them, with Pepper Jack Cheese.



(Ashley) #4199

(Butter Withaspoon) #4200

The little salad I made to go with my lamb dinner is so good I decided to share it:
Avocado, fermented sunchokes, olives, halloumi, parsley, lime pieces and ferment liquid dressing, some things are from my garden. So tangy!

(Jane) #4202

Tri-tip sous vide all day and finished on the grill.

Front side:

Back side with a layer of fat

Dinner with garden pepper poppers made with “yogurt cheese” instead of cream cheese and a bit of leftover riced cauliflower

Damn we eat good on keto!!!