What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Lunch… Couple plates of Egg dipped fried Zucchini, and a few Sausages.



(Doug) #4142

Rather limited in contrast, I realize, but this is a frequent meal of mine. Big cup of coffee in the morning and then at some point in late morning or early afternoon, out come the eggs. It makes me feel absolutely great and energetic.

And no, that’s not sugar! :rage: :smile:


Dinner… Couple Cheese Burgers with Sour Cream, Scallions and Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden. Also had a couple more slices of Beef Liver. … And plan to eat a Halo Bar when I’m done.


(UsedToBeT2D) #4144

I just can’t compete with Digital Dave’s meals.


:smile: - Funny thing is, tonight was supposed to be Steak and Shrimp, but turned into Burgers & Liver.

But we left the Steaks in the Sous Vide until tomorrow, so should put them around 30 hrs or so. :+1:


Lunch… Sous Vide Top Sirloin and Jumbo Shrimp.


Was also able to get some more goodies out of the Garden and washed up before the heavy storm hit. (Just as it started)… But with all the torrent of rain we received, it will make access off-limits for a couple days at least. Plus, damn Squash Bugs have taken out 4 or 5 plants, so will be going after them shortly.



I used to keep some pea-fowl in the garden for that purpose. They cleaned up all the bugs. And gave me eggs to boot.


Yeah, that’s been spoken on, (as far as Chickens) but not sure I want to raise any. But the Wife has definitely brought it up more then a few times, speaking about the eggs thing as well. :smile: But then again, she also wants baby goats badly too, so… :flushed:


I’m on her side! :slight_smile:


I threw together a simple meal for Dinner… Just made 2 Bags small Shrimp, 4 Chicken Breast (cup up) and some Garlic and Herb Alfredo Cheese Sauce. Also had 2 pieces of 647 Toast with Butter.



Lunch… Egg dipped fried Zucchini, 4 plates. But they’re sliced thin, so only 7 carbs for the whole batch. Also took the leftover Egg dip and made a Brown Egg. All with plenty of Sea Salt.

IMG_9466 IMG_9464

IMG_9463 IMG_9462


Dinner was just a Ham, Swiss Cheese and Hard Salami on Toast with Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato. Also ate one of the Halo Bars and some Pumpkin Seeds.


Tried to limit cooking, since the hot water wouldn’t come on earlier. Calling to have the fuel checked first, then possibly the Boiler. But probably the fuel.

(Jane) #4152

Tri tip sous vide at 138 F for about 8 hours then browned on the grill.

Zucchini and onion from the garden sautéed in ghee with some yellow curry.

Yes, that is gravy thickened with 1 Tbl flour, 6 carbs and we only ate half between the two of us, so worth the 1.5 or so carbs!

(Jane) #4153

In Ohio on business and there was a Chipotle’s near the hotel.

Bowl, no rice, no beans, barbacoa, salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. Is yummy!

I won’t be able to finish this so will have the rest for breakfast in the morning. I rarely eat breakfast but I like to eat before I head out because I won’t get to eat until 3:00 pm or later if either of my flights are delayed. And airport food isn’t near as keto-friendly as this.


Wasn’t sure if I was going to break a Fast yesterday, but decided last minute to eat a late lunch shortly before leaving the office. Mostly since we still don’t have any hot water at the house and the Wife had already planned to eat cold Turkey sandwiches with my Son. It’s been out since last Sunday evening & the cold showers :cold_face: are getting old. But with temps ranging in the 90° to 100°+, it’s a necessity. Like yesterday after cutting grass. - But just ran out and picked up a Rotisserie Chicken, and some stuff for making some Wraps. Basically a breast to a wrap for two, and then ate the rest to finish it off.



Doesn’t look like Hot Water will be back until after the weekend, so still going cold and trying not to cook too much… Today’s lunch, was just some meats I picked up to make a couple wraps. Roast Beef, Ham, Cheeses and Lettuce/Tomato. Used some Mayonnaise, and Submarine dressing on them. Hard to get them to close once you add all the meats though. - Also some Pumpkin Seeds afterwards.

Lunch3 Lunch2


(Jane) #4156

I rarely snack but every once in a while I don’t eat enough for dinner due to the heat (chickens, garden, not-sitting-inside-soaking-up-AC) I have a late snack.

My old fav was to take 2 slices of bread, top with sliced chedder and nuke or broil for cheese toast. Now I take a low carb wrap, slap on some sliced cheese (not processed) and nuke until melted. Roll up and eat. Yummy.


Still going cold… Roast Beef, Ham some Cheeses and Lettuce & Tomato. Then toasted on a wrap. Also ate two Brazil Nuts, and some Oven Roasted Pecans with Sea Salt. And Zevia Cream Soda.


Also ate some nice Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden, with Sea Salt.


@Janie - We used to love eating a slice of cheese on a slice of bread and placed in the broiler of the stove growing up. Always better when the cheese got nice and brown, filling up and swelling with air.


Wife picked up a Rotisserie Chicken, and made me a wrap with Lettuce, Tomato and Scallions and then Toasted. Plus, 2 plates of Egg-Dipped and Fried Zucchini slices. Also had some Pumpkin Seeds.


IMG_9557 IMG_9556


Forgot to post yesterdays’ meals… Still having some wraps around, had the Wife fry me up some Egg-Dipped Zucchini, and she also made me a Turkey Wrap with Lettuce, Tomato and some Bacon, which started making it’s way to the plates during the Zucchini run. :yum: Large slices, so just three plates.

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Dinner, after working hours out in the Garden, was a couple Cheese Burgers. One on Toasted 647 Bread and one just on the plate with some Fried Onions and Cheese.


We’re also trying to keep from dirtying to many plates, so using paper plates for now.


Lunch… Couple Burgers w/ Cheddar Cheese. One Mayo, one Mustard. Some Cherries Tomatoes from the Garden, along with some Olives. Also a can of Potted Meat and two cans Smoked Vienna’s.