What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jane) #4081

Peppers from my garden stuffed and green and yellow beans steamed and tossed in garlic herb butter. SO GOOD!

For the pepper stuffing I browned some hamburger and Italian sausage along with some onion and garlic. Added just enough Rao Arriabata sauce to get it to stick together and then cubed up some Cambozola cheese and stirred in. Sprinkled some Parmesean cheese on top after baking.

(Jane) #4082

First yellow squash of the season from my garden. Peas running out of my ears so will likely shell and freeze for soup in the winter.

Faux spaghetti with shredded cabbage


Broke a Fast with… Fried Eggs, Bacon, Sausage Links and Patties. Also had a couple Brazil Nuts and some Habanero BBQ Almonds.


(Jody) #4084

Tuesday OMAD:

Chuck Eye / Butter on the side
Crawfish / Pork Sausage
Cauliflower Rice w/ Cheese and Butter

Protein Shake w/ Cashew Milk before bed


Lunch… 1/2 lb. Bruschetta Turkey Breast, 1/2 lb. Black Forest Ham and 1/4 lb. Smoked Gouda Cheese. Also had some Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Ginger Ale Zevia.


(Jody) #4086

that’s my kind of plate!!

I think it was you that had it … but I am looking for that Cream Root Beer Zevia. Haven’t found it yet.


I finger-test my steaks, but I have never found a good way to explain it. Just came across this explanation, and it is exactly right.


Yeah, I do Cream Soda more than any of them really, but did pick up some today. Anytime I see them on sale I will pick up a few to have at the office. (Currently they’re on sale $3.99) … Picked up Cream Soda, Root Beer, Black Cherry, Grape and Ginger Ale. But don’t try to do but one or sometimes two a day, so they last. But can’t say that I find the elusive Cream Root Beer either. :+1:

(Jody) #4089

I usually get the ginger root beer and Dr. Zevia. I keep mine to 1 a day or every other day. Did you find that the cream root beer was like a combo of root beer and cream soda? In my mind, that is what it is … but I don’t know yet. lol


Dinner… Turkey Gizzards, Chicken Quarters and Sausage Links. … I gave the girls, 1/2 the Turkey Gizzards, since they’re so big, and only ate one of the Chicken Quarters. Got my Son to eat the other one, and I got a Banana Peanut Butter Chip Rebel. Chicken was good, but lunch was pretty filling still.




Spent 1/2 the day training folks, so ate lunch a little late, probably making it a OMAD. … Went back to the meat plate like the other day, but they went over just a tad on all three. - .74 lb. Black Forest Ham, .55 lb. Roast Beef and .43 lb. Muenster Cheese. Asked for 1/2 lb. on the meats and 1/4 on Cheese, but that’s ok, I made do. Plus, I had a Root Beer Zevia and 32g of Sunflower Seeds & Macadamia Nuts.



(Doug) #4092

B & E

Not ‘Breaking and Entering,’ but Bacon and Eggs.


That’s one B&E no one should go to jail for! :+1: … If criminals only knew. :laughing:

(Ashley) #4094

Smoked chicken and smoked tenderloin steaks wrapped in bacon. I didn’t even end up using the bbq sauce because it was just good as it was.

(Jody) #4095

Thursday OMAD:
90/10 Ground Beef w/ EVOO Mayo and SF Ketchup
Butter Browned Shredded Cabbage
Salad w/ Greek Yogurt base Blue Cheese dressing
Alligator / Pork Sausage

Protein shake (before bed)


Well, I thought todays’ lunch was an OMAD… but when I got home, the Wife said she was just checking out the Garden and saw two nice Squash, so picked them to make me some Egg Fried slices. Since it was the first of the season, I did partake and ate two plates of them. Son had some too.

IMG_9176 IMG_9178


Lunch, before Garden… Fried Eggs, Bacon, Sausage Links and Patties, piece of Ham Steak and I did eat one slice of Scrapple (Not shown) We were actually planning on picking up some Texas Roadhouse Porterhouses for dinner, but the Wife & Son decided they were only eating OMAD, meaning this lunch, so I joined in and had a Butter Pecan Rebel too, since this would be an OMAD for me as well today.

Tomorrow, TR… :yum:


Edit to add… Only ate half the Rebel, saving the other half for tomorrow.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4098

Jody, your meals always look delicious! Dave those squash slices look great! Happy summer gardening, I am on the opposite side of the world so I’m lucky to pick a few leaves.

Hearty eggy first meal of the day, cooked while listening to an excellent Low Carb MD poscast on food addiction/ junk food addiction. Nothing addictive about eggs with some fried cabbage, butter, fermented sunchokes and juice, pepper and green garden garnish of unknown name. All served in a blue bowl I threw when I used to do pottery!



Hmm, yabbut- I think I am addicted to eggs. :upside_down_face:

(Jane) #4100

Ribeye and grilled asparagus

Edited to add: spoiled dog gets some cubed steak. Spoiled old man cat gets his cut into tiny pieces. :slightly_smiling_face: