What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Last minute decision to pick up something for a late lunch, which I didn’t get to until right before leaving work yesterday since I had to run out and drop off my AD somewhere. … OMAD, Rotisserie Chicken.



OMAD… I made some Burger Pizzas tonight, basically using Hamburger to form the crust. … But after making the Wife & Son one, I was getting tired, so just threw mine in the pan and flattened it some with the spatula. So it wasn’t as round and neat looking as theirs. I actually rolled theirs out with a rolling pin, got it quite thin to fit the pan and completely Pizza looking. … But while I was cooking, the Wife asked if I wanted a couple slices of Deli Meat. - Which was a bit more than a couple. :smile: But it was good.




Good idea. That’s what I will do with my ground beef tonight. :+1:


They are pretty good. … I usually just make burgers and top with the sauce, cheese, etc. but decided to actually try rolling it out real thin last night. (At least for my Wife and Son’s) Funny how 2 - 6 oz. burgers seem like much more when used together. But putting it between parchment paper helps to get it rolled out nicely, but getting it into a pan afterwards was a bit tricky. So mine was a bit thicker than the others.


I took a pie pan and flattened the beef into that. Added an egg to make it moist and easy to mold into the pan. Baked it til barely done and topped with spices, cheese and tomato. It was good.


Lunch… Made the Wife and Son Chicken Fritters, but I ended up just eating some Hamburger that was left from last night. Made me a couple Bacon Cheeseburger Chaffles and had some Deviled Eggs.


(Jane) #3961

Fresh from the garden for salad

Ribeye. Yum

(Jane) #3962

Spicy kale chips. These are so crispy they melt in your mouth!

A bunch of kale from my garden. One of the few I bought locally as plants instead of starting from seed. We didn’t finish my greenhouse in time so next year will try seeds.

Stripped veins and tore into small pieces. Tossed in a mixture of 2 Tbl olive oil, 1 Tbl sriracha sauce, 2 tsp lime juice and 1/4 tsp salt. Spread out on cookie sheet.

Bake at 300 F for 15 minutes. Give them a stir with a spatula to kinda turn them over and bake another 5 minutes.



Stopped working in the basement and fixing brake lights to make some lunch… Taco Omelette. Bit sloppy this time, since I was rushing and doing other things, but it was good all the same.



Dinner… Wife made BBQ Chicken Quarters (I had two), plus some Cauli-Egg Salad. She also picked up one of the Banana Peanut Butter Chip Rebels to try, so we will be splitting it.


(Tracy) #3965

The Rebel ice cream sandwiches are really good. I also just tried the Keto ice cream bars from Costco. Both are dangerous for me to have in the house.


Me too. Too good and too many calories.

(Butter Withaspoon) #3967

Lamb shanks broth and butter soup with greens from the garden including the last of the basil leaves


Lunch… BBQ Chicken Quarter, Ribs, Cauli-Egg Salad and Extra Sharp Cheddar. Also picked up some more salted Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. So just split the two and ate 16 g of each.


(Candy Lind) #3969

I made another “toss-together soup” yesterday. At the rate I’m going I’ll have to go buy more broth! No picture.

Reuben wraps on collard leaves. There is Thousand-Island dressing underneath there, made with SF ketchup, Avocado oil Mayo, and a smudge of SF sweet relish. What I was really jonesing for was the kraut. I may go back for another serving later. (I know, good luck actually eating as a wrap! LOL)


Dinner… Just some Meats. - Took off early to pick up parts and replace the taillight assemblies and bulbs on the Wife’s vehicle, and then jumping into the Garden to weed it some.


(Jane) #3971

Mushroom swiss burger patty, cauli-egg salad and coleslaw

(Butter Withaspoon) #3972

Candy, fermented foods are so compelling! I’ve just finished my first batch again after 6 months off at least. It’s tied to what the garden produces.
Dave, i do love a bit of weeding- very therapeutic and good to add to the compost heap. I do keep some patches of weeds though, to confuse the bugs :joy:

A salty tangy salad of goat cheese, tuna, avocado, cashews, fermented sunchokes (how I’ve missed you!), garden greens and vinegar. I was out of olive oil so had to eat some butter with a spoon to make this very light meal work. Then I went to Yoga class.


Well, guess a better way of putting it would have been ‘4 hours of me in the Sun’ hoe-ing the hell out of the soil that is quickly hardening like concrete with the seasonal sunlight. :slight_smile: But I do enjoy the workout most the time. It was just nearly dark when I finally finished last night. I actually try to stay on top of mine, and keep it weed free for best results. Besides, I have a 3-acre field directly behind me that the :bug: and :bird: and, :snake:, and other critters can play in. Though they do come in and visit from time to time.

Lunch… Last of the meats. Olive loaf, Hard Salami, Pepperoni, Corned beef, Cheddar and Swiss Cheese. Also had some Pork Rinds, and 32 g of Salted Sunflower Seeds and Salted Pumpkin Seeds.


(Jane) #3974

Low carb wrap pizza