What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jody) #3934

Found the Banana Chip and it was AMAZING! It didn’t have a fake banana flavor … it tasted like a nice ripe banana. My wife HATES fake banana and she even liked it. I am only eating a spoon or two every couple of nights as it doesn’t really fit into my current diet, but it was 100% worth trying!

*ok … I might, if i can find it, have to try the birthday cake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad the :banana: Rebel was a hit. … I do think it’s unique, but very good/strong favoring too.


Decided to make a Pizza for lunch. We haven’t had it in a while. … Sausage, Bacon and Pepperoni. Wife didn’t have the larger sized parchment paper, so I had to use a square sheet, since the round one would require two sheets to cover the bottom, and didn’t feel like wrestling with all that. But it worked.


While making the Pizza, I threw some stuff on a side dish…

Coleslaw, Olives and Cheese…
IMG_8425 IMG_8424

Pizza was good, and quite filling…
IMG_8431 IMG_8428

Not sure if we will be having dinner after all this, but I did drop some NY Strips into the Sous Vide this morning before starting the Pizza. But will always have them for later. - Oh, the Wife gave me an Apple sized Strawberry she picked up yesterday. Quite large, but also quite sweet. Almost like sugar coated.


(Mame) #3937

Yep. Isn’t amazing how sweet the seasonal strawberries are! I had a huge one cut up in a spinach, feta, pepita salad last night. Amazing. Seasonal eating is such a joy and I know soon you will be showing off all your yummy summer squash and my mouth will be watering!


Yeah, really helps when one isn’t eating all sorts of sugary stuff, to actually taste the natural sweetness of things. I started tasting more sweetness to things such as Strawberries shortly after switching to this WOE three years ago. But these were like extra, extra sweet, and very large. But quite good too. I had another one today with lunch. - Even though I didn’t finish part of the lunch itself.

And yep, Garden is up and running. But only half planted presently. Wife is actually in route as I type this to check on what plants are in. (She is also seeding some, but wanted to pick up some already started.) The place we go to were low in supply couple weeks ago when she stopped in and picked up the first batch. … But do have Squash, Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes, and Regular Tomatoes in presently.

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Cheese, Bacon and Sausage Links. As mentioned, didn’t finish all the entire meal. - I left 3 of the Sausage Links and some of the Eggs and Mushrooms. Just wasn’t feeling it, and been slightly under the weather the past couple days. (Head congestion) Think this might be from all the work I’ve been doing in the basement, dealing w/ drywall dust. Plays havoc with Sinuses.



Decided to eat a bit early today. I actually put some NY Strips in the Sous Vide yesterday at 9am, but then none of us ate Dinner. So mine was in 30 hrs. (Other two are still in) … 16 oz. NY Strip Steak with some Mushroom and Onions on the side. Also ate some Habanero Almonds and Sunflower Seeds.


(Virginia ) #3940

The pizza was really good.


Yes, it was. And quite filling too. :slight_smile: Think we all were missing it, since we hadn’t had it in some time.


Lunch… Celery, with 4oz. Cream Cheese, Coleslaw, Strawberries, Hard Salami, Pepperoni & Cheddar Cheese. Iced Tea and a Ginger Ale Zevia.


(Jane) #3943

Do you make a fathead crust or use a different recipe?


For the one above, I just used the Fathead recipe this time. - Though since we didn’t have the larger parchment paper, I had to form it last minute into the smaller square pan. … The Wife actually likes it better than the other ones I do, since it doesn’t have such an Eggy taste. I just personally don’t like to use all that shredded Mozzarella for the crust, but am still working on an alternative at the moment too. I’ve been thinking of some other things I can try, so might be testing for a while to get it to work. - Plus, I’d like to use the dough for other things as well, such as maybe Calzones, wraps, etc. (I know there is already some other recipes out there that might work, but I do like to come up with recipes that’s more on the easy side as far as the recipe itself goes, and not a recipe that requires 30 or 40 ingredients to make it work. Not to mention calls for ingredients I don’t usually have or use regularly.) :slight_smile:

Of course, most will still be Egg based to a degree, so I’m also trying to work that out as well. Dialing back on the Eggy taste, I mean. One thought is to minimize the Yolks and see if I can dial back on the Egg taste some that way, and can always use the Yolks in stuff like the Egg Ravioli, etc. … Good thing about experimenting Keto-Style, I’ve yet to make a version that wasn’t editable. So that’s a plus. :smile:


My very first strawberries are halfway between flower and ripe fruit… I am curious if they finally will be sweet enough for me. I never felt strawberries and raspberries particularly sweet on my original keto… Some strawberries are fine but most are just not sweet enough. And frozen raspberries were mostly sour, definitely not sweet just sweetish but I liked them. Sweetness is overrated. Beetroots were sweet :smiley: Unfair comparison as I am more sensitive to sweetness if it’s a vegetable…

Carnivore changed things, I feel frozen raspberries sweet now. Not very sweet but sweet.
They feel sweeter fresh.
I am curious about the strawberries. Due to their not reliable sweetness, it’s not among my fav fruits but they are pretty and nice smelling…

But I will wait until the last moment as I really try do carnivore-ish now. I eat fruits as I am me but I try to limit it to some lemon juice, that’s useful :wink:

Yesterday I ate 2 boiled egg for lunch and a decent sized dinner where I ate these, among others:

A not-pizza-at-all with sour cream with garlic and cheese on top. Next time I just put the sour cream on it and won’t ruin it with heat and skip the cheese too. The base is pork and eggs, 50-50%. Probably not eggy enough but it was too soft already… But I could held the slices in hand, it’s something.
And scrambled eggs with grounded pork skin, a fried boiled egg (no big deal but I had to try) and some sour cream with garlic.
I ate some pancakes as well and another egg (in purgatory).

Today I made biscuits. I often want crunchy biscuits so I inevitably will eat them one way or another. Therefore I better make carnivore ones. And it was a success. I have some super lean pork chuck roast now (don’t ask how I managed it… pork chuck is usually wonderfully fatty and even if I cut off the visible fat before I put the rest into the freezer some weeks ago, it should be nice. but it’s way too lean and dry to me. I prefer love even fattier meat lately except some organs as they are perfect the way they are) and I struggled to eat it. So I had some super low-meat carnivore-ish day. But now I put some into these biscuits! The taste was good but they were a tad dry. Adding fat doesn’t help as it comes out, I probably will need pork belly or sausage. Or just eat them with sour cream but I should keep my sour cream mania in check. I have some very good 25% sour cream and I could eat them up so easily… Despite all my training to minimize my dairy intake :slight_smile: But I am fine now and it helped with calories, I need them.
I used just a wee bit of cheese (and now we are out of cheese until Tuesday) unlike the first time I made crunchy carni biscuits (and promptly forgot the recipe. this was my 2nd attempt). I never liked my dishes very cheesy (except maybe when melted cheese is on top of something) and I lost interest in cheese in the last months. I use them if I need variety and my other options are used up.

So, I am glad and try not to forget the best recipe (as they are at least 4 different kinds, probably more)!


Dinner… Had Fried Eggs, Ground Sausage and a slice of Scrapple. Plus, 3 - 1/4 lb. Hotdogs with Cheese and some Coleslaw. Might run down and grab a Halo Bar and Fast some now…

IMG_8450 IMG_8449


(Candy Lind) #3947

Hello, everyone! I’ve MISSED you. The truck has been crazy. I’m home for a few days for doctor’s appointments.

Feeling lazy, and I’m VERY happy that some rummaging around to find bits of fajita meat, squash with tomatoes & chiles, & green beans, added to broth, bouillon and some taco seasoning, resulted in a lovely bowl of chicken fajita vegetable soup. Very salty, because I think I need it today.

(Candy Lind) #3948

I like reading your posts - you are quite the experimenter!

(Candy Lind) #3949

:heart: :heart: :heart:

I GOTTA find me some of that. PB and banana sammiches were one of my high carb favorites. Right now I’m in an Enlightened Butter Pecan rut that I need to get out of. AND I need to learn to eat a half cup at a time.

Now I have to start checking Target? I see two-hour ice cream shopping trips in my future! :rofl:

(Doug) #3950

Wow, Jane - talk about ‘perfection…’ :slightly_smiling_face: Really looks amazing.


Yeah, the PB/Banana is pretty good indeed. And I see that Food Lions apparently started carrying the ‘Birthday Cake’ one as well. And I believe I saw that Safeways carries the ‘Coffee’ one. Can’t recall the full name, but also can’t say when the last time I was even in a Safeway. … But I’m temped to look at some of the variety cases they sell, and from what I read, their Orange Cream seems to be a huge favorite, but from anything I’ve read, it can only be purchased directly, and no stores are mentioned to carry them. They are usually described to be just like the old Orange Creamsicles a lot of folks grew up with, which also happens to be one of my Wife’s favorites from back in the day. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #3952

It was so tender and flavorful! I was a bit hesitant to go that rare but glad I did and will definitely cook at that temp and time again next time.

(Candy Lind) #3953

I went to the store hungry today. Spent $80-something on rotisserie chicken, deli meat & cheeses for wraps and breadless Reubens, and a big rack of spare ribs, which just came out of the oven. 13-1/2 big, meaty, falling-off-the-bone ribs, oven baked low and slow. Those were the cheapest of it all - under $12 for the rack. I said 13-1/2 because there’s always that tiny one on the end that you use for a “taste test.” :smiling_imp: Which I did …