What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Lunch… Had Chaffles left over from last night, so the Wife me some Scrambled Eggs & Ground up some Sausage this morning before I left. Toasted the Chaffles first (Actually first time trying that.) But I made a sandwich and just tossed the rest on the side. So it might not appear like a sandwich now. :slight_smile: Also had a Cream Soda Zevia and an ounce of Habanero BBQ Almonds.



Dinner… Couple Burgers, Olives and Pickles.



Soon I’ll be posting pics again, I haven’t been due to lighting issues, they all come out yellow. Should get that fixed by the weekend.

Meanwhile we have left the cold season behind, and there will be less slow roasted things and more cold dinners and finger foods. So I just received bulk orders of olives and kimchi - love these as sides in the warm season. Tonight will be burgers and - olives and kimchi. Looking forward to it!


Yep, it’s the same here. It’s been getting in the high 80’s the past week or two, and hit the 90’s a couple times now. It’s been a nice change to a degree (no pun intended), but it does tend to change some food choices for sure. Plus, I’ve personally been working quite a bit here lately and that too can change one’s mind on what they might or might not be eating. … I’m holding off on Fasting, but just a short while.


Fortunately(? I am a food addict so maybe not) I don’t have this. I hardly can look at pictures when I dislike the food in question. Like, when I get bored of meat in general… It happens sometimes on carnivore but reached that level is rare. I like to look at photos - but they are slightly different when I am borderline hungry :smiley:

I fried chicken liver and heart yesterday. They are together at the butcher, connected and everything.
I realized I love chicken hearts. I always only ate a single one in soups, it was nice but nothing special. But fried heart, yay!!! It’s great.
I learned not to overfry liver :smiley: It only took 40 minutes now… But just because I used low power, I was in no mood to stand next to it while frying (it was cooking in the beginning, I used a lid as frying liver is very dangerous… sometimes they explode… and it had a lot of water! I had to get some out).
So it’s very very tender, the hearts has wet red insides… It’s very good just a bit bitter. My SO prefers chicken liver and only chicken and pig liver is easy to get here and we don’t like pig liver so much. I like beef liver but he doesn’t and it’s harder to get so I usually make chicken liver. It’s a weekly thing, liver is great. I just need a different recipe sometimes. I will try it with cream when I will have cream and liver at the same time. I have no cream at the moment.
Fried onions help with bitterness and they are flavorful too but not very carnivore :smiley: Not like it bothers me, carnivore-ish is fine with me but I only add so many plant carbs (maybe not so many, I can’t stand sweet vegetables in bigger amounts and fried onion is very sweet. but that’s why it helps with bitterness) only if they are really needed. So I search for alternatives. And anyway, I like variety, can’t make simple fried liver every week forever…

And now I start to get hungry. My stomach growls a bit but that has nothing to do with hunger and ignored (even my stomach hunger is ignored let alone the super rare growling). My appetite is still negative so no eating for me right now… These things are so complicated sometimes :slight_smile:


I looked up infos about ice creams. Sometimes I do that.
I don’t know if I liked Rebel, considering its ingredients and macros, who knows? My own ice cream has way more protein and fat, of course and I dislike most sweeteners but I saw interesting things in my life food wise too.
I found a table about other ice creams, they are horrible! But I already knew ice cream is often horribly watery and sugary. The good ones are better but since I eat my own, probably nothing can compare even though I still didn’t find the perfect recipe - it probably doesn’t exist. Perfect means I enjoy it even when I don’t want ice cream.

Weather and temperature does almost nothing to my food desires. Fatty pork roasts and eggs are the way (if we just consider main dishes and most snacks) all year round. I never had these seasonal changes so many people talk about. My body wants the same. Its needs are the same. I especially don’t understand the “I can only eat some fruit in hot weather” people, how they function? It makes zero sense to me. I get hungry and need my fatty protein in the hottes weather just the same. Maybe I don’t desire food so much when I am kind of dying (80C is enough for that even when I am used to it. I pretty much suffer above 70C now when I go out and at least walk) but if I do, I want meat. Maybe not hot :wink:
I love lots of liquid all year long too but it’s what a human body does, have a high water need…
So I don’t fully understand why would I change.

Roasted and cold aren’t mutually exclusive, by the way. But I prefer my fatty roasts warm, the fat is nicer that way, maybe even the meat. Mmm, roasts. I had no pork roast since about 3 days! So I fancy it now. But I will have turkey wings first. Roasted, of course.

We have 50-70F here lately. (I never will get used to Fahrenheit… Oh well. Google helps.)
It was a very cold April, we had heating all month! We never had that since we moved here maybe 9 years ago (I am bad with time).
But now we have nice sunny days (sometimes too hot in the car… or walking) and colder rainy days (my plants love it but the weeds went totally crazy).

Erm, sorry. I got carried away a bit. Maybe not a bit. But I do this ALL the time in the carni thread, multiple times a day. You are lucky I am sparse here. I just don’t have much photos. I can’t shot my meals as they aren’t definite until the last bite, not so interesting either… Liver isn’t interesting but I am happy it’s not dark gray in the photo this time due to 2 separate reasons!

When I make some prettier, more interesting thing, it’s often just borderline keto if that is a thing. IIFYM keto :slight_smile: With fruits. I cook and bake for a high-carber, after all. Not very carby things but still, fruits (he is into some quite sugary ones) and xylitol add quite a few carbs.

I will bring my next marshmallow and cheesecake though, they don’t need much carbs :slight_smile:
But I try to keep myself from sweets at the moment (I make some for my SO though). Carnivore(-ish) month before June arrives with its zillion great fruits (I have a small but very very thorough fruit garden. 5 different red fruits at the same time in June? Check. And I don’t count the slightly different kinds). I do some training until I can :wink:


Couple Burgers w/ Provolone Cheese and Mayo. Also sliced up some Extra Sharp Cheddar. A couple bottles of Iced Tea & an ounce of Habanero Almonds. Wanted a second opinion, again still mine, about the Banana/Peanut Butter Rebel, so I picked another one up while picking up drinks for the office.




Isn’t this a beauty? :smiley: It’s actually not my turkey wing, that was bigger (this is my biggest plate).
I ate half of it, it was a nice lunch. I wasn’t hungry but I was sitting at the kitchen table with this tempting thing… Still could resist, no problem, I am good at resisting food when well-fasted and not hungry yet but I do carnivore now and it’s very effective for satiation. If I wait until a soft but definite hunger, I end up eating in the evening and around midnight too and I don’t like that so much.
So it seemed a good idea. No regret, it felt right.

I never ate such a simple first meal since I tried beef and ended up eating only that for a day (and a yolk. I had a yolk now as well. A first meal without any egg? Nope, that can’t happen with me :D)…
I am used to have many-course lunches even if they aren’t all proper full-fledges dishes just little things. Carnivore helped but I still complicate my meals as I usually need that, I get bored too easily. But my days with much meat are a bit different. And very rarely, a lot different.

Yay for simplicity!

(My SO offered me a tiny gherkin and it sounded good but nope, I didn’t need that. Only about 330g turkey and a gram or less salt, nothing else. The fat content was right due to the skin. That I couldn’t make crunchy, it never happens unless I separate it from the meat. It was still good.)


Lunch… (Only eating a few of the Almonds)



Dinner… 24 hr. Sous Vide Top Sirloin, and some Fried Onions (8 oz.)


(Jane) #3924

Pizza made with low carb tortillas. Bake the tortillas at 400 F for 2 min, add Rao sauce, toppings and cheese, bake another 10 min at same temp. Crust is thin and crispy and so easy.

I made 2 for hubby, one for me. Carbs is 4 net per tortilla. Didn’t add up the toppings since I don’t count that close anymore.


They crisp quickly in the microwave.

Then I top them and put them under the broiler until the cheese melts. Doesn’t take long.

(Keto Koala 🐨) #3926

Hi guys tonight’s OMAD is Rump steak and aged cheese from ITALY!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Heading out to Lowes to pick up some door and wall trim, and a few other things. But decided to make a 5 Egg Italian Omelette first. … Ham, Olive Loaf, Hard Salami, Bologna, Pepperoni and Swiss Cheese. (Topped with some Cheddar and with Italian dressing) … Was real good, but the last few bites just didn’t go down too well? Not sure why? … So ran down and grabbed a HaloTop Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.




Looks nice! :slight_smile: I never bought or made tortilla… But this week I came up with pizza pancake… It needs way less pizza sauce than a pizza… It’s way thinner too (Hungarian pancakes are crepes but I don’t like that word for my pancakes and won’t search for that odd accent…), sure but even so! I am very glad with it. It’s good I only make carnivore-ish, a wee bit of pizza sauce is fine if I have a good reason to use it :slight_smile: Like, either this or some worse filling or I want to eat a pizza pancake and my other food just not good enough… I am not always in the mood for a 100% carnivore pancake, most of my borderline carnivore pancakes has much dairy (not ideal for me) but I love pizza sauce.

(Laurie) #3929

Dave, not sure what you mean by “didn’t go down too well.” If the problem was in the esophagus, it could be “steakhouse syndrome.” I get it sometimes with scrambled eggs, unless I put LOTS of butter in them.

I already knew I couldn’t eat solid meats like steaks or chops, and I was surprised when it happened with something soft like scrambled eggs. But there you go.

In your case, it was probably something else, but I thought I’d mention it.


Thanks, Laurie. But think it was probably more to do with just that the last few bites were more just egg, since the meat does have a tendency to pull out with other bites. So was more like eating a brown egg with italian dressing on it alone. (Which taste much better w/ the meats added) … But’s it all good, didn’t have any trouble getting it down per se, I guess I should have stated that it didn’t seem to be setting as well as the rest. :slight_smile: Almost like an aftertaste I didn’t want to keep with me. - The Halo-Bar fixed that. :+1:

Still working on remodeling the basement, so not sure if I will be eating tonight? The Wife pulled me out some Beef Liver for Dinner, but I could always use that tomorrow if need be? We’ll see…

But V actually has issues such as you mention from time to time, plus, she doesn’t seem to do too well with heavier meals most times, or should I say, ‘heavy’ meats. She said it sometimes feels like it lays on her chest, so will try to do lighter meals for this, such as Tuna Fish, Chicken, etc. But she has had some issues with swallowing at times, no matter the type of foods? Can’t say for sure what causes it?


Stopped working to have some Liver and fried Onions. (both Beef and Chicken Liver), along with Brussel Sprouts, Olives, pickles and Cheese.



Today’s meals… Lunch - Some Fried Eggs, Bacon and Uncured Knockwurst.


Dinner… Wife threw together Chicken, Bacon & Broccoli w/ Alfredo Sauce. Parmesan Topped. Cheese


(Jane) #3933

London Broil sous vide at 133 F for 7 hrs and thrown on the grill for a bit. First asparagus of the season from our garden. Melted in my mouth.