What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jane) #3892

Grabbed a bunch of kale from the garden and made spicy kale chips. They are so light and crispy!

De-veined with the cute leaf tool in the first pic, then mixed 2 Tbl olive oil, 1 Tbl sriracha sauce, 2 tsp lime juice and 1/4 tsp salt and tossed the kale leaves in it until all were coated

Then baked at 300 F for 15 minutes, tossed them then baked another 5 minutes. Perfect.

(Laurie) #3893

@PortHardy Heather, I read on the Rebel website that it isn’t financially feasible to sell Rebel in Canada because milk prices are controlled by the government.


Decided to eat early today, so I can get back to working in the basement. Plus I wanted to take some Advil, since I’m a bit sore from working all day and into late night yesterday. … Italian Chaffle, with an stupid amount of meat. - Ham, Cheese (Provolone & Swiss) Turkey, Hard Salami, Olive Loaf, Bologna, Tomato, Mayo and Sub Dressing. (Ended up cutting it up for easier eating like a meat salad)


Forgot about the Coleslaw, so ate half of what was left to use it up. Rest will be later today/tonight.


(Jane) #3895

A rare breakfast for us

(Ashley) #3896

I call this meat mountain. Petite steak wrapped in bacon with some herbs and spices. I cooked it to 145f let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Cut it up into bites for me and the doggies. No sauce needed.


Stopped working in the yard to sear up some Top Sirloin for Dinner. Been in the Sous Vide since last night. Wanted to get it out of the way and plus it’s a nice break from the heat for a few.


Forgot I wanted to finish off the Coleslaw, and decided to grab a Rebel, since I might Fast for a bit.


(Butter Withaspoon) #3898

Satiety is interesting. I just finished 5 fried eggs 15 minutes ago and none of your pictures look appealing at all. With my body signaling FULL I can’t even look at pictures if food. Yay for this way of eating!

Yesterday I ran out of good food, went to a friend’s place for a “healthy “ but low protein dinner, then came home and felt urges to eat until 11pm (which I gave into). Think multiple serves of unprocessed fruit and grains and dairy- so it would have been MUCH worse in the old days. And I remember I had dark chocolate. And I had french toast and bacon with the neighbours for brekkie.
The day before was not much better because I was travelling for nearly 9 hours- exhausting!

So this morning was a 5 egg breakfast at noon, and I’m going to buy MEAT for tonight. Feeling normal again aaaaaah! I added many nice flavourings from my veggie patch too. I’m lucky there’s still food in the garden after so long away


Wife asked if I wouldn’t mind delaying Fasting for a day or two, to help use up some left-overs, not to mention some things we just purchased. … Lunch… BBQ Drum-Sticks, Ham, Hard Salami, Pepperoni, Cheese, Olive Loaf, Bologna. Along with some Greek Yogurt and some Habanero BBQ Almonds.


(Jane) #3900

Instant pot chuck roast falling apart tender and frozen green beans fried in bacon grease.

(Jody) #3902

Please … How was the Banana PB Chip Ice Cream?!? I am going to start looking for it ASAP!!


Overall It was pretty damn good! :smile: In a word, powerful. I found the flavor quite strong, but oddly I can’t say which stood out the most? It’s like they compliment and compete with each other the entire time. If you like Banana flavor, you’ll like it. If you like Peanut Butter flavor, you’ll like it. … But this may have been enhanced some, since it was not kept frozen as it should have been, since my mini-fridge freezer wasn’t shut all the way. So put it in the full sized fridge to tighten it back up. But I can’t think it would have had too much enhancement to the flavor, so pretty sure it will be the same kept froze.

I will be picking another one up here soon. Told the Wife to let me know when they go back on sale, and I will stop passed the Food Lion that is closer to my work. The one near us hasn’t had them, yet. But it is an hour ride to work, so if I pick some up after work, I should be able to get them home in 35 to 40 minutes, so it should be too bad. - Actually checked a site for them and they have other flavors I haven’t seen yet, but will post a couple images of what they show to have. And the site link too…


Here’s what they list on the site link shown above…

Some I haven’t tried… I’m thinking the Orange Cream might be nice. Not sure on Birthday Cake? Snickerdoodle could be good too. Coconut Almond Swirl has me wondering how good that one might be. Also Black Raspberry, could be nice. I’m not sure, but might like Coffee Chip? Since I used to drink Coffee all the time. Peanut Butter Fudge is probably a no-brainer. And Strawberry would be the last I haven’t tried.

The above mentioned types are those I haven’t tried. But they apparently sell a bunch of other things I haven’t seen in stores before either, but this is the first time I actually checked out their site.


Here’s what they carry at the Food Lion down near my work…


The one nearer to our house in Southern MD, carries quite a few as well, but there are one or two that this stores carries, that the closer one doesn’t. … Happy Hunting! :ice_cream: :smile:


I’ve been doing OMAD, and brought some stuff for lunch today, since I didn’t eat last night. Wife made a Turkey Breast, so made a couple Chaffles at 5am, but decided to eat early today to get it out of the way since I’m working on a few things at work I would like to get done. … Also 1/2 ounce of Habanero BBQ Almonds and 1 ounce of Sunflower Seeds. (Also brought Two Ice Teas and a Black Cherry Zevia.)


(Jody) #3907

we have a local store called Rouses and they carry a large selection as well … I just haven’t been in that section in a while … but that changes tomorrow!


I love these, but they sure add calories to my day.


Yep, that they will do. :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #3910

They also carry the bars which are good too, don’t forget…lol


Yep, that they do… Since we just spoke, you already know, but just adding it here that I actually found out that Target down the road from my office carries the Birthday Cake Rebel. And since I don’t recall ever seeing anyone trying them, I drove over and picked some up. Now just need to get them back to the house without them becoming shakes. So will bring my cooler to work tomorrow, keep them in the fridge and hopefully with some added ice, get them home still somewhat frozen. It is an hour ride.

Also decided to try one of course, especially since it’s +90° and they haven’t switched over our building yet to A/C. :angry: Should happen this month though, at least I hope. It’s hot as hell presently.

11 l

Have to say it reminded me of maybe the Cookie Dough one, with a lite Strawberry flavoring. … it’s ok.


Storming pretty bad, and decided to eat something for Dinner… Chaffle with Bologna, Ham, Hard Salami, Turkey, Swiss, Provolone. Also ate a few slices of London Broil.

IMG_8354 IMG_8355