What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Lunch… Wife made a Ham late last night, so brought some for lunch, along with Boiled Eggs, Pepperoni and Cheese. Also had Tea, a Cream Soda Zevia and 1 oz. Habanera BBQ Almonds.



Last night
Pictured: one of two rounds of eggs mixed with zucchini and some dollops of blue cheese dressing. Far too delicious, kept confusing my brain that I was eating hash browns.

Not pictured: a helping of sashimi from the local Korean grocery store.


Dinner… Top Sirloin


(Butter Withaspoon) #3774

Digital Dave, that looks So simple, so simply satisfying. I should be in marketing!

For dinner today I discovered REAL sausages. Found a different brand and it had all the right words on the wrapper (grass fed, processed on site) and a nice short list of ingredients. The flavour was more different that I expected, the after effect was they were more satisfying. I had a second bowl after this.

Afterwards I had a bit of fruit and the nicest cup of tea. I do like a good cup of tea aaaaah


Food wise, Easter is my holiday! No photo about the boiled eggs with mustard and horseradish but here is the boiled ham:

I always loved ham but somehow I didn’t really eat it in the last 1.5 years and I was almost or for many years, truly a vegetarian for decades.
But now it’s a proper Easter! We just need to be careful not to eat this tender lovely thing up until Monday :wink: It would be too easy, 3 pounds of tender ham is nothing for us, it seems.
If it was some hard smoked raw stuff, that would be a very different story. That’s nice too.

Happy Easter! :egg::cut_of_meat::egg: (It’s only Saturday but it’s Easter to me. Look, we made the ham. it’s Easter. I don’t like rules too much anyway, every day is potentially Halloween to me. I should have put some decoration and flowers next to the ham, oh well, I just took a quick shot before tasting. I had to go outside again, my terrace table is… rustic but it works this time I guess. I started to read about photography tips, maybe it will have a tiny influence on my food pics too but I focus on nature as usual.)


Quick lunch break from working in the basement… Bacon, Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Sausage Links


Didn’t eat all the Bacon, leaving 3, and gave the Girls 1/4 of the Eggs/Ham mix to snack on.

(Jane) #3777

Quiche with ham, mushrooms, onion and swiss cheese.


Dinner… Couple Ham and Cheese Chaffles. Almond Milk and 1 oz. Habanero BBQ Almonds.


(Butter Withaspoon) #3779

That quiche is to die for! Delicious looking. I really wish my Good provenance sausages would hurry up and cook. It’s noon and I’ve walked over a hill for an hour and am looking forward to breakfast.
And I really don’t want to fill up on slices of cheese while I’m waiting.


Filling up on cheese while waiting is always a danger! :slight_smile:

(Butter Withaspoon) #3781

I seem to have left enough space for this. Sausages aren’t exactly tender because I didn’t thaw properly, but sometimes I’m happy just to eat. Chewing is good exercise :laughing:. I had the rest of the fried onion while waiting as well as the cheese. This looks very small so I might need chicken soup afterwards or some nuts.image


Quick Lunch… Bacon Cheese Burger Salad. Also had a few Habanero BBQ Almonds.



Dinner… Dungeness Crab, Shrimp and Steak. All bites dipped in butter.


IMG_7658 IMG_7659

(Bacon for the Win) #3784

First time I ever made this, will not be the last.

image image image

(Karen) #3785

This looks amazing


Pork ribs, cheesy tomato, extra hot horseradish and garlic chives in sour cream. Delicious!

(Butter Withaspoon) #3787

Yesterday’s breakfast was my best ever, probably partly due to the extensive exercise outdoors in the morning. Fatty lamb ribs pieces, 4 eggs, butter, garden veg including a few sorrel leaves, and salt. I was in heaven at 1pm after a bike-walk-run-walk-bike morning

Today for the breakfast at lunchtime meal I had a salad from the garden, then some tasty osso bucco stew, sort of. It will last me for days I hope
I’m fine with a larger amount of vegetables

I served all meals in my own pottery bowls. I’m happy the glaze is so blue


Broke a Fast just over 47 hrs. … Forgot I had 4 Clusters of Dungeness Crab from night before last & they tend to dry out after a few days. And I also did some Bacon & Eggs, 1/2 oz. Smoked Almonds.




OMAD… 2 Slices of Beef Liver, Fried Onions and a piece of Top Sirloin. 17.6 Carbs. Plus 12 Almonds.



Now I want liver with my steak tonight. I better thaw some out asap… just looking at me gives me a satisfied feeling.