What Did You Keto Today? Part IV



Well, spent half the day down in DC, taking the Wife to see the surgeon that will be performing surgery on her in the next couple weeks… GOD DO I HATE DC!!! :angry:So when we got home, I made up a snack plate before making Hamburgers. (Sausage Links, Patties, Bacon & Cheese) 2 Chaffle Burgers.



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Chorizo and cheddar omelette, tomato, sausage, fried eggs, avocado.

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Whats the tip to cooking sunny side up eggs?


I like using a lid to help cook the top around the yolk… My wife usually flip hers, since she doesn’t like any part of them to be loose/wet. But I find the lid does this well and is easier to not over cook them.

From time to time I will shake the pan to test them for their ‘jiggle-bility’. You can usually tell when they are no longer too loose and have firmed up enough around the yolks, without over cooking the yolk. But my Son actually likes them where they tighten up, or as they call it, have a cakey texture to them. - Only time I like them that way, is when I cook them in Rao’s Sauce, they then resemble Ravioli’s that way.


I do them “easy over”. Like Dave’s wife, I flip them, but only for a second or five. I like my yolks runny.


Yep, I like mine runny too, and for some reason I’ve never liked the flipping. Always the chance it can break the yolk, which I hate, or over cook too easy. But like you said if it’s just a moment, it’s usually ok.

Lunch… Bacon Cheese Burger Chaffle and a slice of Scrapple I made for the Wife and Son.



I like my yolk runny too. My favorite boiled eggs has soft yolks too but they are impossible to peel so I enjoy my runny yolks as eggs in purgatory and poached eggs in soups… Sometimes as soft-boiled eggs.
I don’t like sunny side ups as I don’t like fried egg whites. Sometimes I eat it as it’s nice not to dirty a cup with eggs but I poke at the yolk at least to let is flow a bit so the yolk goes to places and break the boringness of whites… :smiley: (Maybe I should make only runny yolks, without much whites…)
But I am more like the scrambled eggs and poached eggs in some tasty liquid/sauce person.

My SO likes sunny side eggs, runny yolks and properly cooked whites, tough to do it right… He helps the white to flow… :smiley:

Only I am who is fine with runny fines and don’t find transparent ones gross. I don’t like those but I can deal with it if there’s an accident. I used to have “0 minute” boiled eggs. I mean I got them out when the water boiled.

I have no problem with raw eggs either but not in their normal form. It’s fine whipped or without the whites. Raw egg yolks are basic, I use them all the time. Raw egg whites are rare but they are irreplaceable in some desserts and are whipped as I already wrote.

Cold pork shoulders. My meat should be about this fatty.


Dinner… Top Sirloin, Fried Mushrooms and the Wife wanted me to try a 1/3 of a new Rebel Ice Cream. (Caramel Chocolate Chip) wasn’t bad, but went well after a meaty meal…



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I like my yolks runny too but constantly fail due to distraction. Oops.
Thanks for the liver tips!

Yesterday I enjoyed 4 eggs (past the runny stage) a slice slice of fried halloumi, and some cherry toms and greens from the garden for the first meal. On a day I don’t eat meat, doesn’t matter how many eggs and cheese I eat I feel hungry/snacky at night. Just a good observation for me. Can’t remember exactly what I ate last night.

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I’ve been eating slight variants on this as a primary meal type lately. Burger patty, homemade bluecheese dressing, and on either Friday or Saturday night, a bowl of chili con carne as well, and usually some scallions or some other small amount of fresh produce. Then I have a 20-24hr fast until Sunday late afternoon. I’m usually 2MAD.


I kind of know the feeling (though it’s pretty much impossible for me not to eat meat nowadays. it just finds its way into my day, at least as a piece of sausage). Fatty meat is my top satiating food too.
But I can get very well satiated on every fatty, protein rich diet, I just need to eat more in some cases. But what makes it impossible to test eggs vs meat that I can eat enough meat to get satiation for long but eating 20 eggs in a day (that’s a cute amount of energy. no matter how satiating is my food, I need enough calories from it. meat can get away with less but not way less)… Even I get bored of eggs earlier (but I will experiment with pancakes more. it adds not satiating items so it’s still not a clear test). Cheese doesn’t help as that can’t satiate me well.
Eggs, meat and some other things, it’s just perfect.


Today’s Lunch, and probably OMAD… Taco Omelette with Mushrooms, with some Sausage Links. Also had 1/3 of one of the new Rebels the Wife picked up the other day to try. Peanut-Butter Chocolate. Will also eat some Almonds and Sunflower Seeds in the next hour or so, and some Almond Milk.



The picture doesn’t do justice to just how large these damn things are! It’s quite large indeed.

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Ground some pork butt, seasoned and stuffed my own sausages yesterday. Used some spice mixes I picked up locally - Andouille and Kielbasa.

Smoked them today for dinner - liked both of them.


Well, wasn’t planning on eating any Dinner tonight, but we had realized a bit later we had taken some Haddock out yesterday morning to go with the Steak last night, but we never made it, so it had to be cooked today. Plus, I had also asked the Wife to boil some Eggs, and she did, 18 carton. … So I went ahead and ate some since I was planning on doing some Fasting here soon.

Haddock, some Deviled Eggs and some Cheese.



Last minute OMAD… Deviled Eggs, Hard Salami, Smoked Vienna’s, Pepperoni and Cheese. Some Bacon on the side and my Son gave me some of his Butter Pecan Rebel.


IMG_7475 IMG_7476


Today’s OMAD… Two plates of stuff the Wife made up today. - One was Chicken, Broccoli and Alfredo Cheese, and the other on the same, but with Beef Cubes instead of Chicken.

IMG_7493 IMG_7491


OMAD… Salmon, Califlower and Deviled Eggs. Also ate a snack plate afterwards. Smoked Vienna’s, Cheese and Pepperoni.

IMG_7500 IMG_7501

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For lunch I had the cold lamb chops leftover from yesterday. I really enjoy cold lamb, including the solid white fat imbued by the garden flavours I added the day before.
Dinner I had chicken soup, chicken soup then chicken soup. I think that’s the right number! Following that I gazed and grazed at the fridge, consuming tasty cheddar and macadamia nuts until I lost interest.
And! Just remembered I had a really good salad of garden things with cheese, nuts and olive oil somewhere in the afternoon.


OMAD… Salad with Grilled Chicken & Sous Vide Top Sirloin. Also had a Peanut Butter Caramel Rebel

IMG_7527 IMG_7528

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Made a special effort to decorate my fatty lamb ribs this evening. Still wasn’t enough so I had a couple more pieces after this.
Lunch was a tin of mussels - which I’m testing out as a possible long lasting hiking food - and cheese, nuts and a chicken soup, and other things I don’t remember. I need to test jerky/biltong next. Never tried it before